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Andrew Ward
September 30, 2021

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New Jersey saw medical cannabis signed into law in 2010 as one of then-Governor Jon Corzine's last acts in the position. The state has expanded its program incrementally in the years since, with more rapid growth occurring under current Governor Phil Murphy. While New Jersey appears poised to advance more cannabis reform laws, several towns remain opposed to medical and/or adult-use cannabis. 

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How to Become a Medical Cannabis Patient in New Jersey

Becoming a medical marijuana patient in New Jersey is a relatively straight forward process. All you need to do is:

1) Determine if you have on of the qualifying conditions for medical marijuana in the state of New Jersey. You can find the list of qualifying conditions on the New Jersey state medical marijuana website, or in the FAQs below.

2) Get a medical marijuana evaluation with a qualified New Jersey weed doctor. Physicians are required to be registered with the program before they can recommend marijuana, so be sure to confirm that your doctor is qualified before making an appointment. NuggMD's medical physicians are fully licensed in the state for which they provide recommendations and have obtained all state-required training and certifications.

3) Once you're approved, your physician will generate the attending healthcare provider statement through the state's registry website and email it to you.

4) You'll then complete your registration at The state has up to 30 days to approve or deny your application.

5) Upon approval, the state will send you an email with instructions for paying the state's $100 registration fee.

How to Register with the New Jersey Medical Marijuana Registry - Specific Steps

Registering to become a medical cannabis patient in New Jersey involves a few steps and some essential documents:  

  1. Visit the patient registration page on the state's website
  2. Enter the required information asked on the Attending Health Care Practitioner's Statement
  3. Answer the areas marked with a red asterisk
  4. Select your preferred alternative treatment center. You can go back and update your preference anytime. 
  5. Complete the patient certification, as well as any information for a caregiver, if needed 
  6. If applicable, upload any required documents 

The state requires every person to provide a photo taken within the last 60 days. The image must be against a white background, showing your full face without any hats or glasses on.  

A government-issued ID is also required. You can submit any of the following: 

  • A current state-issued driver's license
  • A current state Motor Vehicle Commission-issued non-driving license 
  • A county ID with patient name and address 

If your license is expired, the state requires two additional forms of verification from a list of options, including a recent utility bill and various forms of correspondence with different state, federal or local agencies.  

If approved, you will receive an email from the state with instructions on how to complete your registration. Completion includes a registration fee, totaling $100. The following individuals may qualify for a reduced fee of $20: 

  • Seniors aged 65 and over
  • Veterans (DD-214 Form required)
  • Individuals qualified for social security disability (SSD) or supplemental security income (SSI) (Verification of Benefits letter required)
  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) recipients
  • Medicaid recipients
  • Medicare recipients under the age of 65
  • Individuals receiving temporary disability benefits

Registration is valid for two years. 

How to find a New Jersey Weed Doctor for an MMJ Evaluation

cannabis doctors in NJ

Finding a doctor who's willing to talk about medical marijuana isn't necessarily an easy task. Thankfully, options are available for patients if their own family physician isn't willing to have this discussion. When seeking out a qualified doctor, you'll need to make sure that they're properly qualified and registered with the state.

NuggMD makes this process simple for all sides by helping patients connect with fully qualified state-licensed New Jersey weed doctors. All NuggMD physicians are knowledgeable about cannabis and its interactions with a variety of symptoms. They are fully licensed in the states for which they provide evaluations, and have received all necessary training and certifications.

It's a good idea to have your medical records available for your evaluation. This will help your doctor make the most accurate assessment of your condition and whether cannabis can help. In addition, you must let your doctor know about ALL of your medications. Medical marijuana can have very surprising interactions with many different types of pharmaceuticals and herbal remedies. Fully informing your doctor will help them to make accurate recommendations for dosage, method and frequency.

Can I Have an MMJ Caregiver in New Jersey?

Patients can designate a primary caregiver to provide them assistance if they choose to do so. As is the case with patients, caregivers must register for the state's Medicinal Marijuana Program, providing all the required information needed. A caregiver can be registered at any time. 

To register, a caregiver must meet the following criteria: 

  • A New Jersey resident
  • Over 18 years of age
  • They agree to assist the qualified patient
  • Must not be the patient's physician

Applicants must also submit a copy of their fingerprints and a background check. The background check form will be available once you make it into the state's registry. Instructions on how to properly submit your fingerprints will be included. You will receive email verification once the application is complete and all required documents have been uploaded. 

Once approved, a caregiver is permitted to provide you with help in obtaining medical marijuana from your designated Alternative Treatment Center. Keep in mind that you only have to register a caregiver if you need help getting your medicine from the dispensary. A person is not required to register if they are not entering the store (e.g., they're only driving you to the Alternative Treatment Center). 

Like a registering patient, caregiver applicants must submit an image of themselves along with proof of residency. Application fees are the same as a patient, with reduced $20 rates for similarly qualified individuals. Parents and legal guardians do not have to pay a registration fee. 

The NuggMD Process

You'll be asked to complete the following steps when applying with NuggMD:

  1. Visit to create your personal account
  2. Select the state you are registering with
  3. Enter all the needed information, including your name, date of birth and address
  4. Provide your medical history. Be sure to include as much information you can. Doing so lets the doctor know as much as they can about your condition before your evaluation.
  5. While waiting in our virtual waiting room, provide your payment information
  6. Soon, the physician will launch your evaluation through NuggMD's video-telemedicine platform. Take as much or as little time you need. Ask every question on your mind about your condition, the prognosis, how you should approach a cannabis treatment regimen, or any other questions that relate to why you're here.

Some of the more common questions patients like to ask include:

  • What about CBD? Should I take that as well?
  • Which is the ideal method of consumption for my condition?
  • Can I use various forms of ingestion? What are the effects?
  • What is the best dosage for me?
  • How many times a day do you recommend I consume?
  • How will other medications, supplements, herbs and other compounds affect my consumption? 
  • What health risks should I be aware of? What are the warning signs? 

During the evaluation, be sure to provide your doctor with a complete understanding of your medical situation. Tell them about the medicines, supplements and vitamins you're taking so that they can best understand your unique needs. 

New Jersey patients using NuggMD only pay $149 for their first evaluation, in addition to the cost of applying online. Once approved, you'll receive a notification via email. Yearly follow up evaluations cost only $99 per visit.

No worries if you need help during the process. NuggMD's expert customer service team will happily steer you through the process. 

What Cannabis Consumption Methods Are Available in New Jersey?

Qualified individuals can purchase flower, pre-rolls, topicals, lozenges, vape cartridges and edibles. 

Under previous versions of the law, the state only allowed minors to purchase edibles under the Jake Honig Compassionate Use Medical Cannabis Act. The rule changed in 2019 when bill A20 gave adults the right to use edibles as a medical treatment as well. 

What Does Cannabis Feel Like?

Each person experiences cannabis and its effects in a unique way. A myriad of factors play their part. These factors include what you've eaten to the type of consumption method used. 

Some feel happy and relaxed after consuming cannabis. Hunger and drowsiness can occur in particular strains as well. In some cases, individuals may report adverse effects, including delayed response time, confusion, anxiety, paranoia, increased heartbeat and psychosis. 

The onset time and its lasting effects can also vary by consumption method, with smoking and vaping having a near-instant onset and lasting two to three hours. Meanwhile, edibles can tend to have a 30 to 90 minute onset time, with effects lasting for six to eight hours in many cases.

Following the Law in New Jersey

Patients and caregivers both have to follow a particular set of rules to remain in compliance with New Jersey's medical marijuana program. They include: 

  • Always have ID on hand
  • Keep all medicine in its original packaging 
  • Keep medical cannabis at home, transporting it only when needed to avoid carrying any noticeable smells in public that may attract law enforcement
  • When transporting, keep possessions to a minimum 
  • Do not share or distribute medical marijuana in any fashion
  • Only possess paraphernalia needed for consuming medical marijuana
  • Home cultivation is not permitted
  • Medical marijuana must only come from a state Alternative Treatment Center
  • Operating a vehicle while under the influence in prohibited
  • Smoking in public or private vehicles is not permitted, as is consumption on school or other grounds where smoking is not allowed
  • Medical marijuana must stay in state and cannot travel outside of New Jersey
  • Return all unused medical cannabis to an ATC

Need Help? Nugg's Here for You

NuggMD's team of stellar customer service reps answer hundreds of questions every day using live chat and email. Our outside the box thinkers are eager to answer your queries. If there is an answer, they'll find it for you. 

On a rare occasion, we might not be able to help. When that occurs, the information below will put you in touch with local and state legislators, as well as other advocacy organizations. Don't see your favorite on the list? Let us know. We're happy to add any reputable source to the list. 

We recommend using the list to better familiarize yourself and become active in medical marijuana legislation. The battle for cannabis reform continues. We can't rest after making a few great strides. 

Additional Resources

Frequently Asked Questions About Medical Cannabis in New Jersey

How much does it cost to get a medical marijuana evaluation with NuggMD in New Jersey?

It only costs $149 to get a New Jersey MMJ evaluation with NuggMD! The required yearly follow-up visits only cost $99 per visit thereafter.

How much medical marijuana can I possess in New Jersey?

Patients can possess up to three ounces per month.

Do I need to get a medical marijuana card to use marijuana in New Jersey?

Yes, New Jersey requires every patient to have an active license if they plan to use medical marijuana legally.

How long does it take to receive an email from the state upon registering?

The state is required to respond within 30 days of your application's submission, reviewing each in the order they are received. You will be emailed once a determination is reached, providing you with the next steps.

Can I register and make my payment from a phone or tablet?

Yes, recent registry updates now allow patients to use most major devices when making a payment through the registry. 

What do I need to prove residency?

New Jersey's Medicinal Marijuana Program only accepts a recent utility or cell phone bill, as well as documents from the IRS or State Tax Office. All other paperwork will not be approved.

Can I register with a PO Box in New Jersey or elsewhere?

No, all documents must contain a physical address in New Jersey to qualify.

The physician misspelled my name and/or address. How do I edit this information?

You won't be able to make any corrections to your profile after your physician enters your information into the system. Instead, call the Customer Service Unit at 609-292-0424. Hours of operation are between 8AM-5PM, Monday to Friday. 

If I add a caregiver after receiving my NJ MMP ID, will their card be good for 2 years upon receiving it?

No, your caregiver's effective period will end on the date designated on your license. 

Where do I get fingerprinted for my background check?

You can find information on how to complete the fingerprints and background check portion at the bottom of the registration page, where you are asked to attach any required documents. There, you can set up appointments to complete the background check.

I have been fingerprinted before for other reasons, do I need to be fingerprinted again to be a caregiver in New Jersey?

Yes, the state requires each applicant to submit a fingerprint sample for the program.

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