2024 Election Poll

By Tyler Elson Updated May 8th

Press Contact: Andrew Graham

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Cannabis Voting Bloc in Swing States

cannabis voting bloc in 2024 swing states
StateTotal Accessible Pro-Weed Voters2020 Presidential MarginCan Cannabis Voters Swing the State?
New Hampshire35,77859,277No
North Carolina197,01674,483Yes
  • According to our polling, 91% of cannabis users who plan on voting in the 2024 election care about cannabis policy and regulation.
  • Of these likely voters, 59% say they are more likely to vote for a pro-cannabis candidate regardless of party affiliation.
  • Cannabis voters outnumber the margin of victory in 7 of 8 battleground states, making them a key voting bloc that could swing the presidential election red or blue in November.

Poll Results

1: How likely are you to vote in the presidential election in November?
Will vote55776%
Likely to vote7811%
Unlikely to vote365%
Will not vote203%
Note: The remaining questions reflect the opinions of likely or committed voters only. All respondents are regular users of cannabis.
2: When deciding whether or not to participate in the 2024 presidential election, how big of a factor is cannabis policy and regulation?
It is the only issue I care about376%
It is one of several issues I care about29947%
It is one of many issues I care about23938%
I care about other issues more, but cannabis is a minor factor518%
I care about many issues, and cannabis is not one of them91%
3: Which of the two major political parties do you believe has better ideas for the country?
Republican Party16627%
Democratic Party23138%
Neither – they are the same21435%
4: Which of the two major political parties do you believe has better ideas for cannabis policy?
Republican Party10016%
Democratic Party34656%
Neither – they are the same17328%
5: If the general election choice was between a generic Democrat and a generic Republican, how would you vote?
It depends – I could go either way20133%
The Democratic candidate23438%
The Republican candidate13121%
Another candidate356%
Would not cast a vote for president163%
6: Assuming a general election choice between President Biden, the Democratic candidate, and Donald Trump, the Republican candidate, how would you vote?
Another candidate10116%
Would not cast a vote for president254%
7: Do you believe elected officials need to understand the cannabis markets and culture in order to effectively legislate around it?
Unsure/No opinion508%
8: To what extent do you believe elected officials as a whole understand the cannabis markets and culture?
They do not understand the market or the culture at all23537%
They understand the market to some degree, but not the culture22736%
They understand the culture to some degree, but not the market325%
They have some understanding of the market and culture12720%
They have a strong understanding of the market and the culture142%
9: President Biden is 81 years old and Donald Trump is 77. If the candidates at the top of the ticket were younger, do you believe that would improve politicians’ understanding of cannabis markets and culture?
Unsure/No opinion13121%
10: If a presidential candidate were to endorse pro-cannabis policies, such as legalization, would that increase your likelihood of voting for that candidate?
Yes, this would make me more likely to vote for that candidate regardless of their party37259%
Yes, but only if the candidate were a Democrat10917%
Yes, but only if the candidate were a Republican6610%
No, I am locked into my preferred candidate or party8814%
11: How do you believe elected officials from each major political party want the cannabis sector to evolve?
Both parties want a vibrant legal market that drives economic activity13621%
Both parties want to suppress the legal use of cannabis18229%
Democrats want a vibrant legal market, while Republicans want to suppress legal use25140%
Republicans want a vibrant legal market, while Democrats want to suppress legal use6610%
12: Most Americans support legal cannabis. Why do you think that cannabis has not been legalized federally? (Choose all that apply.)
Legislative process moves slower than public opinion25841%
Interference from anti-legalization interests24639%
Courts and regulators block progress20833%
There are more important problems to solve6610%
No legislative champions with enough power11218%
Legislators don't care what voters want23136%


Methodology: used first-party data to conduct this poll. It is an online questionnaire sent to a random list of opt-in respondents, all of whom consume cannabis regularly, conducted from March 25 to April 3.
P (population size)35,791,267Number of cannabis consumers nationally (Source: NSDUH)
n (sample size)635Likely and committed voters who responded
z-score1.9695% confidence level
Margin of error (+/-)3.89%

Full data set and demographic break-out available upon request.

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