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The #1 Medical Marijuana
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About Medical Marijuana in Maine

Maine is one of America's more progressive states when it comes to cannabis legalization. In November 1999, voters passed Question 2 of the ballot initiative with a 62% approval. The state also passed adult use laws with the 2016 Marijuana Legalization Act.

Adult use sales had been expected to begin in spring 2020 but were delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The first recreational dispensaries are now open as of October 9th, and more will be opening soon.

Under the medical program’s rules, a qualified patient cannot possess more than a single written medical provider certification at any time. Under state law, a consulting physician can provide patients with advisory opinions regarding the medical treatment of adults or the parent or legal guardian of a minor.

To certify patients, a medical professional must be an active, licensed physician in the state. They can apply online through the state's Medical Marijuana Certifications provider access page. They will need a license number and access code to create an account. There are no required qualifying conditions to get an mmj card in Maine, so the decision is entirely up to your physician.

How to Become a Patient Caregiver in Maine

Adults age 21 and over can apply to become a certified caregiver. Caregivers can assist as many patients as their limited harvest allows. State law states that applications and renewals will be answered within 30 days of their receipt. Approved applicants will receive their card within 5 days of approval. 

Unlike patients, caregiver registration is mandatory with the MMMP in most cases. The only exception is when a caregiver and patient live in the same home. To qualify, a caregiver must adhere to a criminal background check and fingerprint screening. Application fees vary depending on the number of plants grown, ranging in price from $240 to $1,200.

    More About Maine

    Located at the northern end of the East Coast, Maine is the 9th least populated state in the union. It's bordered by New Hampshire, the Atlantic Ocean and Canada's Quebec and New Brunswick. Known for its amazing seafood dishes, beautiful mountains and jagged coastline, there's always something to do no matter where you live in the state. 

    Residents can catch a game of hockey with the Maine Mariners, or explore scenic Park Loop Road in Acadia National Park. Those interested in a little more down-to-earth fun head over to Old Orchard Beach, New England's version of the Santa Monica Pier--or perhaps that's the other way around! 

    Maine became the fourth state to pass medical marijuana legislation when voters approved Question 2 in 1999. The state of 1.3 million people has seen much legislative opposition, mainly coming from former Governor Paul LePage, over the years. That said, the medical market has not been the focus of the hurdles.

    Instead, lawmakers have spent the past two decades expanding and revising the program. Then-Gov. LePage made efforts to upend the program but only led to a more robust market, including giving doctors the ability to recommend cannabis to patients even if their condition did not make the qualifying condition list. 

    Despite the hurdles, the medical market sold $29.1 million in cannabis products during 2019, according to Arcview Market Research and BDS Analytics. It expects to sell $23.3 million in 2024 as the adult use market grows.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can my own physician certify me in Maine?

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    Yes, Maine law requires patients to have a bonafide relationship with their doctor before receiving their recommendation. As such, patients should consider speaking honestly about their cannabis use with their medical provider as soon as possible.

    Will I end up on a government list if I become an MMJ patient in Maine?

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    As of January 5, 2015, Maine's certification system does not capture or store patient information.

    What documents should I have ready for my Maine MMJ evaluation?

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    Before their evaluation, patients are usually asked to provide their ID, proof of residence and medical records. Doing so ensures you qualify for the state program while allowing the physician to best understand your medical needs prior to the appointment.

    How much does legal medical marijuana cost in Maine?

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    The Health Commissioner generally controls prices. As such, prices can vary by dispensary.

    What if I'm only visiting Maine? Can I use my Out-of-state MMJ card?

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    Yes. You'll need to be from one of the states that Maine offers reciprocity to, and possess a valid state-issued ID from the same state as their MMJ card. You can find the list of states here:

    Can I lose my job if I become an MMJ patient in Maine?

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    Private employers cannot alter a person's job status based strictly on medical cannabis use. Consumption may be prohibited on company property, but the employer cannot take away a person's job for consuming the medicine. That being said, some employers are held to federal workplace standards and drug free workplace standards. Federal law will prevail in those situations.

    Can I lose custody of my children if I become a medical marijuana patient in Maine?

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    Unfortunately, yes. In Maine, there has been legal precedence set by the state Supreme Court that suggests a person could lose custody of their child due to medical cannabis use.

    Can Maine patients renew their cannabis certification before their current one expires?

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    Yes, patients should begin the process 30 days before their current license expires.

    What documents do I need to fill out my Oklahoma medical marijuana license application?

    You'll need the following documents to apply:

    1) Proof of Oklahoma residency, which can be satisfied by one of the following:

    • Oklahoma driver's license or ID
    • Utility bill from the month just before your application (no cell phone or internet bills)

    2) Proof of identity, which can be satisfied with one of the following:

    • Oklahoma driver's license or ID
    • Utility bill from the month just before your application (no cell phone or internet bills)

    3) A clear, color, digital photo of your full face

    4) Your Adult Patient Physician Recommendation Form dated within 30 days of application submission

    5) Your Medicare or Sooner Care card or proof of veterans status if you're applying for the discounted application fee of $20.

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