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Fast, easy process.
Pay only if approved.

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The #1 Medical Marijuana Platform in the World
With Over 600,000 Patients Served

The #1 Medical Marijuana
Platform in the World
With Over 600,000
Patients Served

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Quick, Simple, and Affordable for Maryland

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Easy Online Process

Click the green "GET YOUR CARD" button at the top of the page anytime between 8am and 10pm any day; including weekends. Enter your details and kick back in the virtual waiting room for a few minutes till the next doctor is available to see you.

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Fast Certification

After your doctor approves you, just enter your MMCC Patient ID Number on our confirmation page so your doctor can upload your certification. Once uploaded, you can print out your temporary certificate and head to your dispensary.

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Truly Dedicated Customer Care

Don't worry if you get stuck during the certification process. Our customer service team is here to help. Customer care agents are available from 8am till 10pm daily to answer your questions and help you navigate through Maryland's medical marijuana system.

Your Maryland Medical Marijuana Evaluation Includes

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One-year Certification

Yearly certifications with NuggMD are quick and painless, and you only need to register with the MMCC's patient applicant portal once every three years.

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Safe Online Payment System

Our payment process is secure and safe. You can pay with AmEx, Mastercard, Visa, or Discover. As always, you'll only be charged if you're approved for medical marijuana treatment.

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Private and Secure Service

With NuggMD, your personal records are confidential and secure. Patient health records are protected by both HIPAA and state law.

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Extended Hours

NuggMD works on your time. We know your life is busy, so we're available any time between 8am and 10pm daily, including weekends.

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Quick and Simple Certification

If approved, your doctor will start your certification once you enter your MMCC Patient ID Number for processing. We understand that you're in a hurry to feel better.

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First-Rate Customer Service

Your health is our first priority. Our CS team has helped over 800,000 MMJ patients get their certification in 13 different states, and they've got the experience and know-how to help you too!


How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Maryland


You'll need an MMCC Patient ID Number so your doctor can upload your certification once you're approved for cannabis treatment. Registration with the portal is quick, easy, and only needs to be repeated every three years.


With NuggMD, your evaluation costs just $149 and can be completed entirely from the comfort of your own home.


Once you're approved, your doctor will upload your certification to the MMCC's patient registration portal. Then the state will prepare your temporary ID.

You don't have to wait for your ID to arrive in the mail before you can go to the dispensary. As soon as you're approved in the state's system, you can print out your temporary card and head to the nearest dispensary!


More About Cannabis in Maryland

Medical cannabis was legalized in Maryland in 2013 by state law, but the Natalie M. LaPrade Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission didn't become fully operational until December 2017.

Governor Martin O'Malley decriminalized possession of 10 grams or less in 2014. Such a possession charge is now equivalent to a traffic ticket with a $100 fine for first-time offenses and $250 for the second offense. All violations after that are a $500 fine, but it's doubtful that many people face this problem because it's so simple to get a medical marijuana card in Maryland. Marijuana paraphernalia is also decriminalized. 

Efforts are underway to put a recreational legalization initiative on the ballot in 2022. The Maryland House of Delegates formed a bipartisan workgroup to develop the proposed legislation. If you support the legalization of recreational cannabis in Maryland, you can contact your legislator and let them know you support legalization efforts in the state.

    How to Become a Patient Caregiver in Maryland

    Patient caregivers can purchase and administer cannabis for a registered patient. A caregiver may serve no more than five registered patients at any given time. 

    Caregivers must be at least 21 years old and must register with the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission. Only legal guardians or parents may serve as caregivers for minors.

    It costs $50 to register as a caregiver. You can review the registration process on the state's caregiver process overview page.

      More About Maryland

      Maryland is bordered by the recreationally legal state of Virginia and Washington D.C. Known as the Chesapeake Bay State and the Old Line State, Maryland was one of the original 13 colonies of the early United States. 

      The state is a popular tourist destination due to attractions like the Harborplace, Camden Yards baseball stadium, and the Baltimore Aquarium. Maryland's historic district is particularly trendy among history buffs due to the state's role in the Civil War. 

      Proponents of full cannabis legalization in the state can expect to see a fully functional legalization referendum on the ballot in 2022 if the legislative workgroups can iron out the wrinkles in a proposed law during the current legislative session.


      Frequently Asked Questions

      How much does it cost to see a Maryland medical marijuana doctor?

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      It costs only $149 to see a NuggMD medical marijuana practitioner in Maryland. There's never a charge if you aren't approved for medical marijuana certification.

      Does Maryland charge a registration fee for the MMCC ID card?

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      The state charges a $50 fee for a three-year registration. This fee is in addition to the cost of your evaluation. 

      Does NuggMD Maryland have a refund policy?

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      You will not be charged for your evaluation if you're not approved for medical marijuana treatment. We provide a full refund within 30 days for Maryland residents if their certification isn't completed with the MMCC. Because your certification is immediately valid once entered into the MMCC's online registry, a refund will no longer be available once your doctor uploads it.

      If you need a refund before your certification is completed, please email with the subject line "Refund Request" and a brief description of your issue. We want to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your purchase being that you, the customer, are the most important thing to us. Once you're refunded, you'll have to receive a new evaluation if you change your mind and wish to continue the certification process with the state. Once a refund has been initiated, please allow for 3-5 business days for the funds to transfer back to the card you used for the transaction. If any issues arise, please feel free to reach back out for further assistance.

      What are the qualifying conditions for medical marijuana in Maryland?

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      A medical marijuana certification may be issued if the patient has a debilitating or chronic disease that causes anorexia, cachexia, glaucoma, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), seizures, severe or chronic pain, severe nausea, severe or persistent muscle spasms, wasting syndrome, or another chronic medical condition that is severe and for which other treatments have been ineffective.

      Where can I buy medical marijuana in Maryland?

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       The only way to get legal cannabis in Maryland is to buy it from a Maryland licensed dispensary. Patients can't grow their own in the state. Personal cultivation may become a provision of upcoming legalization efforts, however, so check back for updates. 

      How much marijuana can I buy at a time in Maryland?

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      You can purchase up to a 30-day supply according to the amount your physician recommends. The 30-day limit is a rolling limit and not monthly by the calendar. So, if you purchase a 30-day supply on January 8th, you'll have to wait until February 8th to buy some more instead of February 1st.

      How many caregivers can I have in Maryland?

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      A patient can have up to two caregivers, and a caregiver can care for up to five patients. 

      What documents do I need to fill out my Oklahoma medical marijuana license application?

      You'll need the following documents to apply:

      1) Proof of Oklahoma residency, which can be satisfied by one of the following:

      • Oklahoma driver's license or ID
      • Utility bill from the month just before your application (no cell phone or internet bills)

      2) Proof of identity, which can be satisfied with one of the following:

      • Oklahoma driver's license or ID
      • Utility bill from the month just before your application (no cell phone or internet bills)

      3) A clear, color, digital photo of your full face

      4) Your Adult Patient Physician Recommendation Form dated within 30 days of application submission

      5) Your Medicare or Sooner Care card or proof of veterans status if you're applying for the discounted application fee of $20.

      Can I grow my own medical marijuana in Maryland?

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      No. At this time, the only way to obtain cannabis is to purchase it from a licensed dispensary.

      Can I use my medical marijuana card from another state in Maryland?

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      No. You must be a registered patient in Maryland to buy medical cannabis in the state.

      Can my employer fire me for using medical marijuana in Maryland?

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      There are no employment protections for medical or recreational marijuana users in Maryland. You can get fired for testing positive for cannabis whether you're using it medically or not.

      Does becoming a medical marijuana patient in Maryland protect you from federal prosecution?

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      Yes, patients should begin the process 30 days before their current license expires.

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