How to Become a Medicinal Marijuana Caregiver in Iowa

how to become a mmj caregiver

Medical cannabis caregivers are an essential part of many state MMJ programs. They help procure, transport, and administer cannabis when patients can’t. Some Iowa patients need, or are required to have, a caregiver. 

But how can you become a medicinal marijuana caregiver in Iowa? What steps do patients need to take? And how do Iowa caregiver rights differ from a patient’s rights?

Keep scrolling to learn about the process, responsibilities, and regulations for how to become a caregiver in Iowa.

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How to Become a Medical Cannabis Caregiver in Iowa

medical marijuana caregiver

Registering as a caregiver in Iowa involves roughly the same process as filling out a patient application, with a few caveats.

  1. Adult patients* with caregivers will need to fill out their patient application before the caregiver can fill out theirs
  2. The patient will receive a patient application number that they will give to the caregiver so they may complete their application.
  3. Submitting the patient and caregiver applications on the same day (or close to each other) can help expedite the process.

*If the patient is a minor, only their caregiver will need to apply with the state. The minor will still require a completed healthcare practitioner evaluation form.

Iowa Caregivers: What Do They Do (and Who Qualifies)

Iowa medical marijuana caregivers can procure and help administer cannabis to their patients, but they can't cultivate it. Caregivers (and patients) should carry their medical cannabidiol card with them anytime they are in possession of medical cannabis products.

To qualify as a caregiver, someone must:

  • Be a resident of Iowa or a neighboring state.
  • Be at least 18 years old.

Caregivers cannot:

  • Use the patient’s cannabis.
  • Be the patient’s doctor.
  • Purchase more than the maximum amount allowed for the patient.

Whether caring for adults or minors, Iowa’s medical marijuana caregiver application fee is $25.

Learn more about how to become a caregiver from the Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH).

State Laws for Iowa Caregivers and Their Patients

Designating a Medicinal Marijuana Caregiver in Iowa

The IDPH stipulates that primary caregivers must be designated by the patient’s evaluating physician. Patients who are minors, disabled, or otherwise unable to visit a dispensary to obtain or administer medical cannabis themselves should have a designated caregiver to purchase products on their behalf.

Cultivating Cannabis as an Iowa Caregiver

Caregivers in Iowa are not allowed to cultivate cannabis for themselves or their patients. 
Learn more about Iowa’s cannabis laws and regulations, visit our Iowa patient FAQs, or speak with a member of our highly-rated customer service team for additional guidance on how to designate a caregiver and how to get your medical cannabis card in Iowa.

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