Pennsylvania Cannabis Laws & Regulations

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In 2016, Pennsylvania passed its first medical marijuana laws, officially allowing the sale of non-smokable cannabis by state-licensed dispensaries to registered medical marijuana patients. In 2018, Pennsylvania began allowing the sale of dried flower, but it must be used in a vaporizer. Smoking medical marijuana remains illegal in the state. Today, Pennsylvania’s medical cannabis market is one of the strongest in the nation. 

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Is Weed Legal in Pennsylvania?

YES, but only for medicinal purposes for people with a licensed medical marijuana card in Pennsylvania.

Weed Legalization in Pennsylvania

Governor Tom Wolf signed Pennsylvania’s medical cannabis laws into effect in 2016, though it would take almost two years before the state opened its medical marijuana marketplace in 2018. 

The state’s medical marijuana program originally specified that only non-smokable forms of cannabis could be sold in licensed dispensaries. In August 2018, after overwhelming feedback from medical marijuana patients, the state allowed the sale of cannabis flower in licensed dispensaries. Interestingly, smoking medical cannabis remains illegal in Pennsylvania. Medical marijuana patients are expected to use a dry herb vaporizer which produces a warm vapor from cannabis flower.

As of 2022, the consumption of cannabis is legal for medicinal use in the state of Pennsylvania.

Where to Buy Legal Weed in Pennsylvania

Qualified patients aged 18 and above can purchase cannabis from PA medical dispensaries. Pennsylvania doesn’t allow patients under 18 to receive a medical marijuana card, but they may have a designated caregiver, such as a parent.

There is no sales tax on marijuana purchases. Instead of charging medical marijuana patients a tax at the dispensary, Pennsylvania charges a 5% gross receipts tax to growers and processors when they sell products to a dispensary for resale.

Is Cannabis Delivery Available in Pennsylvania?

NO, marijuana delivery is not available for either medicinal or recreational purposes in the state of Pennsylvania. However, Pennsylvania does allow curbside pickup for medical patients outside of a licensed dispensary, and dispensaries can offer transportation from a patient’s home to the dispensary.

Where Can You Legally Use Weed in Pennsylvania?

Cannabis can be legally used in the following areas in Pennsylvania:

✅ Private properties such as residences

Cannabis CANNOT be consumed in:

❌ Public spaces

❌ Businesses that lack a license for commercial cannabis consumption

❌ Motorized vehicles in motion, for both driver and passengers

❌ Federal land, like national parks

What are the Restrictions on Cannabis Possession in Pennsylvania?

For the state’s home cultivation program:

At-home cannabis cultivation is not allowed in the state of Pennsylvania. All cannabis products must be purchased from an approved dispensary.

For medicinal use:

Pennsylvania allows patients to purchase a 90-day supply, in accordance with their physician’s recommendation.

During vehicular transportation:

  • Cannabis may either be in a sealed container, or
  • Stored in the trunk of the vehicle
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