The NuggMD Promise

We tirelessly pursue cannabis knowledge, so you have the best, most up to date information available.

The science of cannabis is still a work in progress.

In fact, it’s barely just begun.

Finding reliable information about cannabis is hard. Between budtenders, friends, and even speaking with your primary care physician, you’re constantly at risk of being misinformed.

For decades, we’ve had to rely mostly on anecdotal evidence to make our judgments about the efficacy of cannabis to help improve people’s lives. But over time and with a lack of clinical research to back it up, anecdotal evidence gets convoluted and is often promoted as undeniable fact.

We believe patients deserve better, and since our founding in 2015 we’ve held ourselves to the highest standards when recruiting physicians, journalists, and legal experts to join our team. It’s because of this network of passionate professionals that NuggMD goes beyond content creation and is able to conduct proactive surveillance for updates in the cannabis healthcare ecosystem.

How We Make Content Credible


Depending on the nature of a particular piece of content; either a cannabis-focused physician, legal expert, or researcher from our team will conduct a review to ensure the content is valid and complete.


Content reviews are prompted by new cannabis research (now coming from around the world) and practice recommendations coming from doctors nationwide.


Our Cannabis Concierge team ensures that new and existing content reflects the most accurate information. Content is regularly updated as laws and information change.

We sift through the sea of information, to bring you the truth.

The NuggMD Medical Team

Our medical team is composed of healthcare professionals from private practice, professional organizations, universities, and research institutions with extensive expertise and a commitment to patient wellness and education. Every member of the NuggMD network is committed to helping patients understand and use cannabis safely and effectively. That dedication extends not only to our online evaluations for patients across the country, but also serves as a vital function in ensuring the accuracy of our content via a Medical Review. 

Before content is published, it goes through our extensive editorial process to ensure information and sources are medically accurate, up-to-date, and unbiased. Our team of healthcare professionals and journalists proactively review the latest evidence and studies. And because medical learnings and cannabis information are constantly evolving, we review and update our medical content multiple times every year. This approach ensures our medical content is both current and thoroughly vetted.


Dr Maria Garcia MD Dr Brian Kessler MD

Maria Aurora (Mauri) García, MD

Oklahoma & Missouri Provider

Brian Kessler, MD

Pain Management & Sports Medicine

Dr. Garcia is a practicing, board-certified anesthesiologist. She practices in an academic setting supervising residents and certified registered nurse anesthetists. As an anesthesiologist, she has basic training in managing acute and chronic pain. She is also board certified in obstetrics & gynecology. She practiced in this field in a private practice setting for 9 years.

Dr. Garcia has been a provider for NuggMD since September of 2019. She is an advocate for medical cannabis as an alternative therapy for multiple conditions.

Dr. Garcia has a personal interest in medical mission work. She has traveled to Mongolia, Kosovo, Kurdistan, Zambia, and Tanzania to provide care for children with congenital heart defects with a non-profit organization, For Hearts and Souls. She has also traveled to Honduras to care for patients needing orthopedic joint replacements with Global Health Outreach.

Dr. Kessler has been practicing non-surgical sports medicine, pain management and rehabilitative medicine for the past 20 years. 

He began his career as an in-house trauma surgeon, covering multiple New York City hospitals and trauma centers. He also has extensive experience treating orthopedic, spine and head injuries. 

In 2000, Dr. Kessler became the owner and Medical Director of Spine and Sports Medicine, a large multi-specialty office in midtown Manhattan, treating acute injuries and chronic pain syndromes. He is an ardent advocate of medical cannabis for use in conjunction with other medical modalities.

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