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How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in New Hampshire

To get a medical marijuana card in New Hampshire, you must:

1) Be a resident of New Hampshire

2) Be diagnosed with a qualifying condition by a medical provider (you can find the list of conditions in the FAQ below)

3) See a medical marijuana doctor to get a written certification for cannabis use

4) Fill out New Hampshire’s Application for the Therapeutic Use of Cannabis

5) Submit your application, along with the written certification form, proof of NH residency and $50 to:
NH Department of Health & Human Services
Therapeutic Cannabis Program
29 Hazen Drive
Concord, NH 03301-3857

Any New Hampshire-licensed advanced practice registered nurse, physician or physician assistant can provide a written certification.

You can also get a written certification from a physician or advanced practice registered nurse who is licensed in Vermont, Maine or Massachusetts. Physician assistants from other states cannot provide written certifications.

Any out-of-state practitioner who provides a written certification for a New Hampshire patient must be the caring for your qualifying condition and be primarily responsible for that care.

About Medical Marijuana in New Hampshire

Unlike most other states with legal medical marijuana, New Hampshire adopted an MMJ program through the legislative process. Governor Maggie Hassan signed the state’s medical marijuana bill into law in July 2013. The bill allowed access to cannabis for chronic or terminal diseases and debilitating medical conditions, but only allowed this option after all other treatment attempts had failed. It was one of the strictest medical marijuana bills at the time and did not allow for patients to grow their own medicine.

Just six months later, the state made history when the legislature voted in favor of HB 492, which would have legalized recreational use, but the bill was unfortunately killed in March with an “inexpedient to legislate” vote.

Cannabis was then decriminalized in 2017, with possession of up to ¾ of an ounce only a $100 fine and no misdemeanor charge for a first or second offense, and a $300 fine for a third. A fourth possession charge within three years is a misdemeanor with a penalty of up to one year in jail.

The state is now refocusing their efforts to support HB 1648, which would legalize possession for adults and allow limited home cultivation. The bill is very similar to Vermont’s legalization law.

Frequently Asked Questions About Medical Marijuana in New Hampshire

How much does the Registry ID card cost in New Hampshire?
The card costs $50, and replacement cards cost $25. Caregiver cards also cost $50. Doctor's evaluation fees are a separate charge, if any.
Is there a list of qualified conditions in New Hampshire?
Your medical provider must certify that you have a qualifying medical condition established in law, as follows: ‍
  • Moderate to severe chronic pain; OR
  • Severe pain that has not responded to previously prescribed medication or surgical measures or for which other treatment options produced serious side effects; OR
  • Moderate or severe post-traumatic stress disorder; OR

Any combination of a qualifying diagnosis from (1) AND a qualifying symptom or side effect from (2):

1. Cancer; glaucoma; positive status for human immunodeficiency virus; acquired immune deficiency syndrome; hepatitis C; amyotrophic lateral sclerosis; muscular dystrophy; Crohn’s disease; multiple sclerosis; chronic pancreatitis; spinal cord injury or disease; traumatic brain injury; epilepsy; lupus; Parkinson’s disease; Alzheimer’s disease; ulcerative colitis; Ehlers-Danlos syndrome; or one or more injuries or conditions that has resulted in one or more qualifying symptoms under (2); AND

2. Elevated intraocular pressure; cachexia; chemotherapy-induced anorexia; wasting syndrome; agitation of Alzheimer’s disease; severe pain that has not responded to previously prescribed medication or surgical measures or for which other treatment options produced serious side effects; constant or severe nausea; moderate to severe vomiting; seizures; or severe, persistent muscle spasms.

Will I be put on a government list if I become a medical marijuana patient in New Hampshire?
New Hampshire maintains a registry of patients, but they protect the privacy of the database. It's not available to the public. Police are given access to it in order to verify patient status, but are only given the minimum necessary information.
Can I designate a medical marijuana caregiver in New Hampshire?
Yes. Your caregiver will need to submit a separate caregiver application and submit a $50 fee. They will need to be issued a registry card before they can begin their duties.
Where do I purchase medical marijuana in New Hampshire?

You'll need to designate an Alternative Treatment Center on your application. You'll only be able to purchase cannabis at the ATC that you've designated. Here are your choices:
Prime Alternative Treatment Centers of NH 
Phone: (603) 262-5035

Sanctuary ATC
Phone: (603) 346-4619

Temescal Wellness
Phone: (603) 285-9383

How does a minor become a medical marijuana patient in New Hampshire?
Minors under the age of 18 must have a custodial parent or legal guardian apply for them. The guardian or parent will also need to be designated as a caregiver. Both parents can be the caregiver. They will need to obtain two written certification forms from two separate medical providers, and at least one of them must be a pediatrician. Guardians who are not the custodial parent will need to submit proof of legal guardianship.
How long is a medical marijuana card good for in New Hampshire?
Up to one year, unless your doctor establishes a shorter time.
How do I contact the medical marijuana program in New Hampshire?

The contact address for the Therapeutic Cannabis program NH Department of Health & Human Services is:
Therapeutic Cannabis Program
29 Hazen Drive
Concord, NH 03301
You can find their website here:

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