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NuggMD California Reviews

NuggMD patients are spread across California: Los Angeles, San Diego, San Fransisco, and more.

Excellent service and knowledgeable, friendly people staffing the place.
The guy had good info and hooked me up with really tasty recomendations for a good price.
One thing I'll add is that when I left there I was happy with everything and could tell that these folks definitely cared about the patients' satisfaction.

James M.
Los Angeles, CA

Awesome place. A very down to earth atmosphere. The people are very nice and very respectful. They work on getting you approved very quickly. It only took me 20-30 min and I was approved. Thank you NuggMD

Sacremento, CA

Applying for my med card was super easy and fast. It was awesome that a great doctor was able to contact me so quickly! If you’re going medical, this is definitely one of the best and simplest ways to do it.

Alex N.
Los Angeles, CA

This is a great site. Fast service and card available to use immediately even before the actual card comes in the mail. I’m so excited right now I can wait to go make my first card holder purchase!!

Mia C.
Tahoe, CA

They are wonderful to work with! Been getting my card renewed here for the past 3 years. Super wonderful, friendly, outgoing, helpful people who get the process done in a great amount of time :).

Kyle G.
Los Angeles, CA

I was able to get my card within minutes of signing up. This is a very friendly and helpful company. I would recommend nuggmd over any other medical cannabis site.

Chris N.
Los Angeles, CA

Great experience as a first time applicant! Super friendly staff. Not just that but also super quick and convenient. Got my validation through that phone. Only took about 30min to get verified. Overall really satisfied!!

Francisco B.
San Diego, CA

I was very impressed with speaking to a live person not a robot and it was so easy Ive never done this before and was embarrassed but surprisingly it wasn't stressful. Ive smoked during my youth but not really for medical reasons which I honestly am trying. So to have a service really care for the customers is really important.💙

Misty L.
San Fransisco, CA

either you can’t or sick, of course the pandemic in the world we live in today.
This’s my 3rd year of worry free. The NUGG staff and Dr’s are amazing, kind and caring. Thanks team NUGG for all your work and the thousands of people out there that your helping.

Kasee M.
Los Angeles, CA

This is as sweet as the first roll of Lifesavers I had when I was a kid. I remember the smile! Thank you kind Doctors!

Roberto G.
Los Angeles, CA

I am amazed at how easy and fast the whole process was! They called me as soon as I had finished providing my information. Within a minute from ending the call, I received email verification along with the doctor’s letter. Very happy and thankful!!

Andrea J.
Los Angeles, CA

Very easy process, the hardest part is filling everything out and that only took like 5 minutes. It was super convenient for everything to be online especially because of covid right now.

Marycruz C.
San Fransisco, CA

NuggMD New York Reviews

From New York City to Syracuse, Rochester, and Buffalo; we're trusted across the state.

Excellent service. I was initially was going to see a doc referred by my pcp under large & well known hospital - said office was all over the place and had me wait a week to see a doctor for this. So I sought to find my own doctor and I was so glad I found this place! The entire process with NuggMD took less than 24 hours!!! Fast, efficient, and super professional. HIGHLY recommend.

Denise R
Syracuse, NY

NuggMD made the process to obtain a New York medical marijuana certification incredibly easy and fuss-free. From start to finish was within the same-day which was much quicker than I thought it would be. The customer service was friendly and supportive for each step. The cost is also more than reasonable.

I highly recommend NuggMD .

Mike F.
New York City, NY

I recommend this program! The process was very easy and straight forward.
I appreciate all the help of NUGGMD team and their patience since I did have a lot of questions for them! 5/5 STARS!

Francesca V.
Rochester, NY

Done in 15 minutes! What a great help. Nice folks as well. Thank you NuggMD!!!

Dillon F.
Albany, NY

NuggMd was such an amazing help! They were so quick to answer all my questions & I mean I had a lot!! It was super easy to get approved for my medical card. The doctor was so nice. If you live in NY state you should definitely use NuggMD to get your medical marijuana card. It’s not expensive at all & they even took 40$ off which I was so happy/thankful for!!

Alexa V.
Buffalo, NY

Could not have been an easier process! From online doctor interview to receiving temporaryHighly recommend great service a Dr from my area interviewed me within an hour of application. I do have a chronic condition that I am qualified for. They are professional and prompt with their responses to inquiries and I was impressed the Dr was very good and understood my needs and how much chronic pain I live with. Thank you for providing a valuable service ID card by email, it was so straightforward and quick. So happy I found NuggMD!

Don K.
New York City, NY

This service is AMAZING! I was certified by a doctor and had my card within an hour! I filled out some quick questions and provided documentation of my qualifying condition. That was sent to a certified doctor and I kept the browser open and waited about 10 minutes until I was greeted via video chat by the doctor. We talked about my condition and how MMJ could help, and I was approved immediately. 20 minutes later I got the card activated by the state MMJ department. I was blown away by how fast and easy this process was. 10/10 would recommend this service!

Mikaela M.
New York City, NY

I got approved real fast. Met with the doctor virtually. He was very nice and told me what was good to use for my chronic back pain.

Lisa S.
Albany, NY

Filled out the application and met with a doctor that same night! Doctor was very helpful and understanding. NuggMD kept communication with me the whole time via email and follow up phone call. Thank you!

Crystal M.
New York City, NY

I had the easiest time acquiring my certification due to the excellent customer service skills by all team members of this company. I'm very much satisfied with the service and I will recommend you to anyone and everyone I know. Thank you so much for this opportunity

Courtney L.
New York City, NY

Absolutely great experience. Very easy and fast. Staff replies quickly and I received my certification same day! Excellent service recommending to all my friends.

Marleny T.
New York City, NY

These guys made it super easy to get certified. Except for a few technological issues from my end, it was straightforward and quick. I filled out the application, talked to the doctor within 20 minutes, and had my certificate later that afternoon.

Allison M
New York City, NY

NuggMD Oklahoma Reviews

Oklahoma boasts a great market for medical cannabis patients in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and many other cities statewide.

The doctors of NuggMD were super helpful and I can’t believe how quick everything went! It was a short waiting time to speak with a doctor online, and from
there she was super helpful and so sweet! I had anxiety to meet with anyone in person, so being able to do this from the comfort of my own home helped me feel so much better and the process went so smoothly and got approved quick! Awesome service. :)

Jenny S.
Broken Arrow, OK

I was very pleased with the fast service that I received from NuggMD. I would use their service again.

Judy G.
Oklahoma City, OK

It only took me thirty minutes to fill in all the blanks with my info and maybe three to talk to the doctor! The most simple application process on the internet yet! Oh and I did the whole process in the backseat of a car 😂 that's how secure and easy this is. I would recommend this to all my friends who partake illegally!!!

Johnny A.
Brown Arrow, OK

was able to apply for the card within 24 hours of my Dr. Call.  Did it all online and was even less expensive than the "patient drives" without wondering if they are approving me for the money or if it will actually help me.  Thank you!  I will recommend you to everyone.

Jonathan A.
Oklahoma City, OK

Couldn’t recommend this service enough. All done online, super quick and easy. Live support always available. I spent maybe 15 minutes filling out the app and just a few minutes wait to speak with a doctor. Very painless and simple. Thanks NuggMD!

Jamie P.
Tulsa, OK

They were fantastic, very simple to use. Once you get to the waiting room, you can set your phone down and they will text you when the Dr is ready to see you.  The Dr was very professional but friendly. Made sure I didn't have any questions. All in all a very simple and pleasant experience.  10/10 would definitely recommend.

Crystal G.
Oklahoma City, OK

This website is so great! Super easy to use and they explain everything you need to do. The video chat with the doctor was quick and super easy, and the doctor was super polite and helpful! I've been waiting to get my card because I thought it'd be difficult but they made it so easy! They deserve 5 stars easily!

Selena C.
Oklahoma City, OK

The website and process to get certified was simple and quick.  The doctor's online appointment was also incredibly easy.  I was not looking forward to going through the certification process, but it was painless and easy.  The doctor was thorough and answered all my questions.  Would highly recommed NuggMD.   Thanks for all your help.

Mary M.
Oklahoma City, OK

They are Affordable ,Friendly, Fast and Knowledgeable. The whole process experience was wonderful. They explained the complete process and had a walk through on the process to submit to my state. The doctor really cared about my health concerns/issues. Don't waste your time or money anywhere else. Definitely use NuggMD.

Tia Goldenstein
Tulsa, OK

I was anxious about getting my card mainly because of the physician visit.  I scheduled it at around 8am monday morning, within 10 minutes the physician was speaking with me.  The video call lasted no more than 5 minutes.

By that same Monday at noon I had my OMMA application sent in (read ALL the instructions!), Thursday I was approved, next Monday I had my card in.  99$ as stated for NUGGMD (okc price) and $104 for the state of Oklahoma.  Very easy and now I can use what helps me legally.

Tulsa, OK

Getting my license was a very big step for me so finding this site was a blessing.  Signing up was easy and the virtual visit was very nice and pleasant. The Dr was very nice and understanding. I got my approval really quickly and was able to apply with state the next afternoon. All in all a really good experience.

Donna T
Oklahoma City, OK

NuggMD is pretty amazing! They were fast and gave instructions for everything, even how to take the picture for your card.

Morgan Mouse
Oklahoma City, OK

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