Cannabis Rescheduling Survey Responses

By NuggMD Team Updated March 8th


Methodology: conducted this poll using its opt-in email list of 2.2M cannabis users from Dec 11 to Dec 18. It is non-scientific and contains selection bias.
P (population size)35,000,000Yahoo News/Marist polling on national cannabis use
N (sample size)19,335Size of distribution to's email list
n (respondents)795Number of respondents
Confidence level95%Per SurveyMonkey Sample Size Calculator
Margin of error3.5%Per SurveyMonkey Sample Size Calculator

Survey Results

1) If the DEA reschedules cannabis to Schedule 3, how do you expect this action will personally affect you as a patient? (n:795)
It would make it harder to get cannabis22028%
It would make it easier to get cannabis20025%
It wouldn't change my level of access37247%
I don't use cannabis30%
2) Would you rather use FDA-approved cannabis products sold at pharmacies or traditional botanical cannabis products sold at legacy cannabis dispensaries? (n:795)
FDA-approved product14218%
Traditional botanical products61277%
3) Would you prefer that there be one national market for the cannabis trade or many different state markets? (n:795)
One big, national market21527%
Each state runs its own separate state market55269%
4) Do you trust dispensaries to pass on to consumers any tax savings brought about by new regulations? (n:795)
Yes ("1")55870%
No ("0")23730%
5) If your only option to purchase cannabis legally was to buy it at a pharmacy with a prescription, what would you do? (n:795)
Buy it from a pharmacy43455%
Use the illicit market to obtain cannabis25632%
Not use anything516%
6) Do you trust current state tracking and tracing regulations to keep black-market cannabis product out of the legal market? (n:789)
Yes ("1")36246%
No ("0")42754%
Non responsive6N/A
7) Do you trust the existing, state-mandated testing systems to provide clean cannabis that’s safe to consume and properly labeled? (n:789)
Yes ("1")64281%
No ("0")14719%
Non responsive6N/A
8) Rescheduling cannabis to Schedule 3 would not remove criminal penalties for selling recreational cannabis. Removing it from the Controlled Substances Act would remove the penalties. In light of this fact, do you prefer Schedule 3, or removal from the CSA? (n:785)
REschedule to Schedule 311615%
DEschedule (i.e., remove from CSA)66985%
Non responsive10N/A
9) Do you trust the federal government to impartially enforce the penalties for illegally selling Schedule 3 cannabis products, or do you believe the existing pattern of racially disparate enforcement will continue? (n:778)
Yes, I trust the government to impartially enforce penalties.13417%
No, I believe the existing pattern of racially disparate enforcement will continue.64483%
Non responsive17N/A
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