Utah Cannabis Laws & Regulations

state of Utah
Updated August 8th, 2023

Weed Laws in Utah

Utah is located in the heart of the American West, and it shows in the state’s history. Utah was originally home to the Ute Native American tribe, which gave the state its name,  and it was later populated by members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, better known as the Mormons. In 1869, Utah became the state where the East and West Coasts of the United States were finally joined when the first transcontinental railroad was completed.

Utah is known for its natural beauty. The state is home to the Wasatch Mountains and some of the nation's most stunningly beautiful desert land. The iconic rock spires of Monument Valley and the striking natural architecture of the Arches National Park are both found in Utah’s desert land. Utah is also known for its skiing. You can visit Utah Olympic Park from the 2002 Salt Lake City games and even ride some of the tracks the athletes used.

Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah all meet in one location known as the Four Corners, the only place in the nation where the borders of four states all meet at perfect right angles. Utah also shares borders with Idaho, Wyoming, and Nevada. Interestingly, four of Utah’s neighbors, Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona, and Colorado, all have legal adult-use cannabis for recreational purposes. Utah’s relatively limited medical marijuana program may soon face some pressure to expand given this close proximity to readily available legal cannabis.

state of Utah

Is Weed Legal in Utah?

YES, but only for medicinal purposes in the state of Utah, for people with a licensed medical marijuana card.

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Weed Legalization in Utah

Utah has a long history of cannabis prohibition. It took until 2018 for the state to finally put medical marijuana on the ballot. The ballot measure, known as Proposition 2, passed by a narrow margin of 52.75% to 47.25%.

Unfortunately, almost immediately after Proposition 2 was passed by the people, the Utah state government rushed to pass HB 3001, which severely limited the state’s medical marijuana program. It removed the ability of Utah patients to grow their own medical marijuana, limited the total number of licensed dispensaries in the state, and required dispensaries to hire pharmacists to regulate the dosages patients could purchase.

Utah still has restrictive rules, like the ones barring patients from smoking their medical marijuana. But more recently, in early 2022, Utah passed SB 0046. While it wasn’t a major step forward, it guarantees employment protection for Utah medical marijuana patients.

As of 2022, the consumption of cannabis is legal for medicinal use in the state of Utah.

Cannabis Tax in Utah

Adults aged 21 and above with a valid medical marijuana ID can purchase cannabis from state-licensed dispensaries.

Utah doesn’t collect a tax on the sale of medical marijuana, and medical marijuana products are exempt from Utah sales tax.

Is Cannabis Delivery Available in Utah?

YES, but only for medicinal purposes in the state of Utah, for people with a licensed medical marijuana card.

Where Can You Legally Use Weed in Utah?

Cannabis can be legally used in the following areas in Utah:

🗹 Private properties such as residences

Cannabis CANNOT be consumed in:

X Public spaces

X Businesses that lack a license for commercial cannabis consumption

X Motorized vehicles in motion, for both driver and passengers

X Federal land, like national parks

What are the Restrictions on Cannabis Possession in Utah?

Recreational cannabis is illegal in Utah. 

To cultivate your own cannabis plants at home requires a recommendation from a qualified physician.

For medicinal use:

  • Dried cannabis:  3.9 ounces / 113 grams
  • Cannabis concentrates: 0.7 ounces / 20 grams

During vehicular transportation:

  • Cannabis may either be in a sealed container or
  • Stored in the trunk of the vehicle
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Frequently Asked Questions About Marijuana in Utah

Is medical marijuana legal in Utah?

Yes. You need to be evaluated by a state-licensed physician and be approved with a qualifying medical condition.

Who can recommend medical marijuana in Utah?

Any medical doctor, physician’s assistant, or advanced practice registered nurse can recommend medical marijuana to patients with a qualifying condition in Utah.

What forms of medical cannabis are legal in Utah?

Utah does not allow smoking medical cannabis. Medical cannabis is sold as tablets, capsules, concentrated oils, liquid suspensions, transdermal creams, gelatinous cubes, dried flower, and wax. The dried flower can only be sold in one-gram blister packs and is only to be used in a vaporization device.

Does Utah have employment protections for medical marijuana patients?

Yes. Per Utah law, employers must treat medical marijuana like any other prescribed medication.

How much does a medical marijuana card cost in Utah?

Medical marijuana cards cost $15 in Utah.

How long is my medical marijuana card good for in Utah?

Utah medical marijuana cards last for 6 months.

Does Utah accept medical marijuana cards from other states?

Yes. You’ll need a qualifying condition under Utah law, and you’ll need to register with the Utah Department of Health for a non-resident card. You can only request a non-resident card for two 21-day periods per year.

How long will the application process take for a Utah medical marijuana card?

For anyone over 21, the process usually takes up to 15 days. For anyone under 21, the process can take up to 90 days because it needs to be reviewed by the state’s Compassionate Use Board.

Where can I purchase medical marijuana in Utah?

You can purchase medical marijuana at any state-licensed dispensary in Utah.

The information in this article and any included images or charts are for educational purposes only. This information is neither a substitute for, nor does it replace, professional legal advice or medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. If you have any concerns or questions about laws, regulations, or your health, you should always consult with an attorney, physician or other licensed professional.

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