• Train Wreck,
    Sativa 18% THC 0.7% CBG

At a Glance

Feelings: Euphoric, Energetic, Creative,
Negatives: Paranoid, Dry Eyes, Dizzy,
Commonly Used For: Stress, Migraines, Pain,
Calming Energizing
Low THC High THC

Trainwreck Strain Overview

Trainwreck, or Train Wreck, is a legendary cultivar down to the genetics. It’s a powerhouse cross of landrace strains that include two stimulating cultivars, Mexican and Thai, with a heavy-hitting Afghani cultivar. There are a few stories of how its name came to be from the strain’s reputation for inducing intense mental invigoration to a train crash that happened on the hill where the original cut was cultivated in Humboldt. 

This cultivar is considered a 90% sativa, with user-reported effects of high energy, motivation, creativity, and. These are mellowed out when the experience settles into happy, lazy euphoria. Medical patients consume Trainwreck for issues related to stress, headaches, and inflammation.

Strain profile, effects, and common uses are based on customer reviews. Further research is needed, and effects may vary by user. Information on this page does not constitute or replace medical advice.


Euphoric Energetic Creative Paranoid Dry Eyes Dizzy


Spicy Woody Citrus


Terpinolene Humulene Caryophyllene Pinene Myrcene


18% THC 0.7% CBG

Trainwreck Strain Effects & Common Usage

Trainwreck has moderate levels of THC, which can be helpful in aiding symptoms related to inflammation and pain.

Euphoric. Trainwreck has moderate to high levels of THC, combined with pinene and limonene; this blend may help induce feelings of happiness and euphoria.

Energetic. High levels of limonene and pinene may help elevate mood and energy levels.

Creative. Many users report that Trainwreck can help promote feelings of creativity.

Anxiety. Terpenes like limonene combined with pinene may help lower feelings of anxiety, which could relieve stress.

Migraines. The anti-inflammatory effects of humulene, myrcene, and caryophyllene may help to ease symptoms of migraines.

Pain. The combination of cannabinoids like THC with other anti-inflammatory terpenes like myrcene, humulene, and caryophyllene may help to soothe pain.

Trainwreck Strain Dosage Recommendations

Trainwreck is a notoriously potent and stimulating cultivar. Novice users should take caution and consume in small doses. Even experienced users may want to be mindful of overconsumption to avoid the adverse effects of dizziness or paranoia.

The right dosage can vary greatly from one user to the next. If you have questions about finding the right dosage or product type for your needs, consider consulting with a medical cannabis doctor, or you can request a consultation with NuggMD’s Cannabis Concierge.

Cultivation Tips

Space Needed 5 feet height
Growing Environment 80% humidity, Moderate environment (65-85 degrees Fahrenheit)
Flowering Time 8 - 10 weeks
Yield Medium
Recommended Level Novice