District Edibles Blue Raspberry 100mg Indica Gummies

By Tricia Cleppe Updated March 8th

When I first started eating cannabis edibles, I thought the point was to get so high that the only thing I could responsibly do was sit on the couch and binge watch a new TV series or go to sleep. But as my consumption matures, I realize more and more that a subtle high that leaves me lucid enough to function is a better option for me.

The only problem is that I am a little lady with a pretty low tolerance for edibles. Like when the undisputed champ Mike Tyson fell to underdog Buster Douglas, even a 10 mg gummy can surprisingly knock me out. So when a friend recommended District Edibles, promising a mellow indica gummy that wouldn’t have me seeing stars, I was immediately interested.

District Edibles makes scratch-made, gluten-free gummies in six flavors with two flavors in each category (sativa, indica, hybrid), including tropical punch and sour apple. Compared to many other gummies on the market, District’s Edibles are low in sugar – a huge plus for people like me who aren’t into overly sugary treats.

I brought home a package of District Edibles Blue Raspberry Gummies (10 mg each). And after a long day at work, I decided to give one a try before heading to dinner with friends.

Packaging, Labeling & Product Design

I’ve got to give it to District Edibles, their packaging is totally unique. A hard, plastic, child-resistant container about the size of a cigarette pack houses these edibles and is adorned with metallic gold, deep purple, and black color scheme. For environmental purposes, I’m not usually a fan of plastic packaging. But District Edibles makes sure their plastic is recyclable and I can also re-use this packaging as a joint holder! Win-win.

When I try to open this package I run into problems, even with the instructions printed on the package. The box is a little bulky in my small hands, so I find it difficult to squeeze the two latches at the same time. Luckily, District Edibles provides a comedic and helpful 30-second video on their Instagram to help the packaging-challenged consumers like me. Just like the video shows, I lay the package flat on the table giving me more stability, squeeze the two latches on the side, and pull straight out – the packaging easily opens.

The labeling gives me just enough information to be compliant and informative but doesn’t go the extra mile. The top of the container is clearly marked with a deep purple sticker and “indica” printed in all caps. On the front, the District Edibles metallic gold logo is placed right in the center, with a tamper-proof seal below. They include all the required labeling for compliance, including government warnings, amount of THC per box and per serving (100mg total, 10mg per gummy), ingredients, net weight, and lab testing info.

District Edibles includes a note saying the cannabis oil used in this product is purified using CO2 and/or ethanol. I would love to know more about the actual strains used and how they were grown, more details on the cannabinoid content, and some way to verify lab testing results.

Quality and Ease of Use

The gummies themselves are stored in a plastic and foil blister pack reminiscent of a gum package. And the back of the blister pack has a fun, unique design that looks like a control panel of a rocketship, matching their astronaut-themed branding on their site and social media. I easily pop one gummy out and I’m ready to blast off! I’ve got dinner in an hour with friends, so I’m hoping these help ease the tension of a long day at work but won’t have me drooling on myself at the dinner table.

I’m used to seeing gummies in circular or square shapes, but these District Edibles have a unique “X” shape. Despite the “blue raspberry” flavor, the color is actually more of an emerald green. Because each gummy is a 10 mg serving, I have no problem dosing these. If I wanted a smaller dose, I could easily bite off a corner of the X, although it would be hard to tell exactly how much THC I’d get.

They use real gelatin in these (vegans, beware) so the texture shapes up to be more like Jell-o, wiggling in my hand as I observe it. Despite my less-than-positive experiences with Jell-O shots in college, I’m happy to report these gummies go down a lot easier than those shots ever did. Unlike most cannabis gummies on the market, these are not overly sweet – a huge plus for me who doesn’t want to be overwhelmed with sugar! Overall, the flavor was subtle and tart at the end, not at all what I was expecting. The subtle taste is enjoyable enough, it just doesn’t pack much of a punch.

Potency, Effectiveness & Affordability

After one 10 mg gummy and about 30 minutes of waiting, I begin feeling the subtle high. Very similar to the flavor, the high is enjoyable but doesn’t knock me off my feet. It’s exactly what I’m hoping for in this current scenario – it eases tension in my shoulders, melts away stress from a long day, but keeps me totally lucid. I’m able to sit at dinner and carry on a meaningful conversation with friends without falling asleep in my ramen. The effects are so subtle that I could even see using these District Edibles indica gummies at work. That’s a big statement coming from a woman who has such a low edible tolerance!

The accessible $14 price tag on these District Edibles gummies knocks it out of the park. For the subtle but lucid high, unique texture, light flavor, and smart packaging, $14 feels like a steal. I can definitely see myself purchasing another pack of these for those days I need a bit of a boost, but can’t allow myself to fly all the way to the moon. I wish I knew about these sooner!

Nugg Score: How the Nugg Team Rates This Product

Packaging: 5/5

  • These are some of the most well-protected edibles I’ve found.
  • They come packaged in a hard-plastic, child-resistant container that you can reuse as a joint holder when you’re done with your gummies!
  • It’s slim and pocket-ready and houses your gummies in a plastic and foil blister pack, kind of like a pack of gum.

Labeling: 3/5

  • While there is a lot of extra information on their website, the labels on the package seem like they’re pretty much the bare necessities for Adult Use compliance.
  • On the front is the brand name, opening instructions, Indica classification, flavor, net weight, amount of pieces in the box, amount of THC per box and per gummy. On the back are government warnings, a list of ingredients, usage instructions, batch number, manufactured-on date, and best-by date.
  • I’d like to know more about the oil: How was it extracted, what strains were used? I would have also liked to have seen a QR code or some sort of way to verify lab results and a full profile of cannabinoids detected.

Easy to Dose: 4.5/5

  • Because these are made in 10 individual 10 mg doses, they’ll be easy to dose if you’re comfortable with dosing in the 10 mg increments.
  • If you’re sensitive to small doses of THC or need to microdose, you might struggle to accurately cut these down further.

Discretion: 5/5

  • Package is so small and dark, it’s easy to keep hidden when dosing throughout the day.
  • If you take the blister pack out of the external package, there is nothing cannabis related printed on it, which means you can eat these out in the open, easily, without any judgmental eyes looking at you.

Taste: 3/5

  • I assumed this was going to be really sweet, but I was wrong.
  • Didn’t overwhelm my palate, but sometimes it’s nice to not to have to eat something so flavorful just to get to your medicine.
  • Blue raspberry taste was subtle and the gummies had a little bitterness as an endnote.

Texture: 5/5

  • Great texture for a gummy candy… not chewy, more like a Jell-O texture.
  • Wiggly and smooth and broke down easily in my mouth.
  • Didn’t leave any residue behind on my hands or get stuck in my teeth.

Effectiveness: 5/5

  • More of a subtle hitting edible, but I really liked the effects!
  • Got me high in all the right places, but also kept me lucid and clear-headed.
  • I was able to maintain my wits about me and have clear, thoughtful conversations.

Versatility: 1.5/5

  • I can’t think of anything to do with these besides eating them right out of the package. Maybe you can garnish a frilly drink with them or suspend them in Jell-O.

Consistency: 5/5

  • District Edibles is always precise in their formulations, making this an edible that will give you a consistent experience every time you buy it.

Price: 4/5

  • For $14, this is a good price for a gummy that provides effective, consistent results, and is easy to eat and easy to dose.
  • The taste could be a little better, but I appreciate that it wasn’t overly sweet.
  • Overall it was a good experience for the price.

Overall Rating: 4.15

District Edibles Blue Raspberry Indica gummies are an affordable and subtle edible option that I thoroughly enjoyed. The packaging is unique and protective, the gummies have a fun texture unlike any others I’ve tried reminding me of a much, much more enjoyable Jell-O shot. The high hit me in all the right places. This feels like an adult edible, one that you eat before a dinner party; it’s not the kind of edible I used to eat right before consuming an entire pizza and watching two seasons of The Office. The flavor is pretty underwhelming, but I like that these aren’t overly sweet. I will use these again anytime I need some pain or stress relief, but don’t want to drool on myself. My biggest issues have to do with labeling: I would love to see more information about the strains used to make the cannabis oil and a full cannabinoid content summary. But for $14, I will absolutely purchase these again.

Are you ready to try these blue raspberry indica gummies from District Edibles? If you live in California, see if your address is available for delivery today!

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