District Edibles Sour Apple 100mg Hybrid Gummies

By Max Ballou Updated May 11th

When I’m in a go-go-go place in life, I look to edibles to help me grounded during the evenings. And for me, 10 milligrams can feel like a lot or a little, depending on the potency of the edible itself. Generally, I’d say that is a great baseline, and I can always dial it up by eating more. District Edibles is a brand known for its consistency, so I trust them to give me a “true” 10 mg product. I reach for them whenever I need to chill out but still be functional.

Shaped a bit like stars and surrounded by a charming rocket launch motif, I felt prepared to get spacey with these little green gummies. They look like something you’d find in a Kevin the Minion’s fanny pack on his way to Coachella – but in a good way.

Packaging, Labeling & Product Design

However, I’m not sure Kevin would actually be able to crack into this packaging, as these gummies are some of the most well-protected edibles I’ve seen.

Your 10-pack of gummies comes in a hard plastic container with a tamper-proof, child-resistant design. I love that it’s fully recyclable and that it doubles as a joint holder with space for joints rolled in classic 1 ¼ sized rolling papers. To me, this tells me District knows I like my weed in multiple formats and helps me live my best life even after I’ve finished their product. It’s slender and pocket-ready and houses your gummies in a plastic and foil blister pack, kind of like a pack of gum. While the inner graphics are in keeping with a fun and light-hearted space theme, the graphics on the outside are more refined and “adult” looking, resembling an element on the Periodic Table and paired with a light blue background.

While there’s a lot of extra information on their website, the labels on the package itself seem like they’re pretty much the bare necessities for Adult Use compliance. On the front is the brand name, opening instructions, a Hyrbid classification, flavor, net weight, and amount of pieces in the box. On the back are government warnings, a list of ingredients, usage instructions, batch number, manufactured by, manufacture date, best by date, and amount of THC (100mg per box) and CBD (0 mg per box), and per gummy. There are nutrition facts on the bottom of the package, web addresses, and a graphic showing you can recycle the container.

I like that the ingredients are listed as "cannabis oil (purified using CO2 and/or ethanol)," but I’d like to know more about the oil. When they say “purified using…” does that mean the same thing as “extracted using…?” What strains were used? I would have also liked to have seen a QR code or some sort of way to verify lab results. A full profile of all of the cannabinoids detected would also be helpful.

Quality & Ease of Use

Because these are made in 10 individual 10mg doses, so they’ll be easy to dose if you’re comfortable dosing in those increments. If you’re sensitive to small doses of THC, you might struggle to cut these down further accurately. If you don’t need it to be too precise, these gummies' “+” shape makes it easy to bite off just a knob and look at it as roughly 2.5mg THC.

Because the package is so small and dark, it’s easy to keep hidden when dosing throughout the day. If you take the blister pack out of the external container, there is nothing cannabis related printed on it, which means you can easily eat these out in the open without any judgmental eyes looking at you.

As soon as I broke the seal and opened the box, I could immediately smell the familiar sour green apple fragrance. I would have assumed these would taste as deliciously sweet and fruity as they smelled, but I know the smell has ultimately set me up for disappointment in taste with the other District gummy flavors I’ve tried in the past.

And honestly, I wrinkled my nose upon laying one of these on my tongue. This Atomic Apple variety was probably the worst tasting of all of the District gummy flavors I’ve tried. You get a slight hint of that classic sour apple taste (you might compare it to a green apple jolly rancher), which quickly gets sunk by an overpowering, spicy, weedy taste. It wasn’t so bad that I couldn’t continue eating them, but they certainly weren’t great. They did start tasting a little better as I continued to eat through the pack after my taste buds acclimated. However, it left a bit of a weedy aftertaste in my mouth. On the upside, when I can taste the cannabis like this, I can safely assume they used more of a full spectrum extract, which I know has more of a medicinal benefit for me (as opposed to a distillate). Heck, medicine isn’t necessarily supposed to be tasty!

Though the package was a bit oily, these are a great texture for a gummy. Not chewy, per se, but more like Jell-O with a bit more density. It was wiggly and smooth and broke down easily in my mouth. I like District’s commitment to the clean and easy chew factor.

Potency, Effectiveness, and Affordability

I started feeling the effects kick in about an hour after consuming them, lasting about 4½ more hours. It was an enjoyable high that eased my body and uplifted my mind. It wasn’t at all flighty, which is my biggest fear with hybrid edibles (I’m usually an indica guy for that reason). It made me feel good and medicated while still keeping me bright and functional – no couch lock! District Edibles is always precise in its formulations, making this an edible that will give you a consistent experience every time you buy it.

I spent my time with the medicated focus baking my grandma’s famous Cherry Tart for my cousin’s going away dinner. I must’ve been really in tune with the flavors, ratios, and baking times because my cousin and brother both agreed that I must’ve “channeled grandma.” After all, it was the best tart I’d made since Grandma passed, and I’d made it many times before this one. Did these hybrid gummies really help me to channel my grandma? I like to think so. I’ll certainly be consuming these gummies the next time I’m baking from Grandma’s cookbook!

The gummies are definitely more limited in terms of their versatility. I can’t think of anything to do with these besides eating them right out of the package. Maybe you can garnish a frilly drink with them or suspend them in Jell-O.

For around $18, it’s a decent price for a gummy that provides potent, enjoyable, consistent results and is easy to eat and dose. The taste could be a little better, but I understand that medicine doesn’t always taste great. The potency is worth the price, though it would be a better value if it were a few dollars cheaper. I’ll be buying them again next time I do some baking, for sure.

Nugg Score: How the Nugg Team Rates This Product

Packaging: 5/5

  • Top-notch reusable packaging is slim and pocket-ready.
  • Eye-grabbing aesthetics don’t sacrifice the product’s security.

Labeling: 3.5/5

  • Just enough info for Adult-Use compliance, but not much more.
  • The label includes the brand name, hybrid classification, flavor, milligrams of THC (100), ingredients, batch number, manufacture date, best-by date, etc.
  • I would like to have seen a QR Code to verify lab results and a more specific description of their extraction process.

Easy to Dose: 4.5/5

  • Extremely easy to dose if you’re looking for 5-10mg.
  • Trickier if you’re sensitive to THC and want less than 5mg as a microdose option (try nibbling off a “knob”).

Discretion: 5/5

  • Between the clever packaging design and the small size of the gummy itself, these are a breeze to eat on the go.

Taste: 2.5/5

  • Spicy, weedy taste with hints of sour apple, but not nearly enough.
  • Overpowering cannabis taste as I consume and afterward as well.
  • On the upside, I know District uses full-extract cannabis oil, which increases its overall potency!

Texture: 4.5/5

  • The package was slightly oily but edible with an excellent “chewy” texture, with nothing left in your teeth.
  • Jell-O consistency with a bit more density.

Effectiveness: 5/5

  • Perfect blend of uplifting for my mind and relaxing for my body.
  • It's not too racy for those of you worried about trying a hybrid.
  • Gummy would be ideal before a workout or utilized during a day out-and-about on an excursion, like walking around a new city or a museum visit.

Versatility: 1.5/5

  • There's not much to do with these unless you’re thinking of garnishing a cocktail or making an ice cream sundae.

Consistency: 5/5

  • The experience was as consistent as it could be.
  • Each gummy is a true 10 milligrams, making it a good buy in my book.

Price: 4/5

  • A fair price: 10 gummies for $18, not including tax.

Overall Rating: 4.05

With District gummies, there’s a lot to like here if your top priority is potency, but you want an edible that won’t take you under. I only wish they tasted better! I recommend buying a sidekick pack of gummies to wash the taste of these down. Otherwise, these gummies had good texture and thoughtful, consumer-friendly packaging.

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