Microdosing Weed: Why more people want less cannabis (at once)

By Andrew Ward Updated October 24th, 2022

Microdosing weed is a popular consumption method which gained in popularity over the past few years. The trend is likely to continue as legalization spreads across the U.S. and beyond.

People want to experiment more than ever before. Experimentation includes sampling a variety of products to find which work best for your specific wants and needs. Some of those products can pack a punch, with high THC doses becoming increasingly commonplace in recent years thanks to advancements in cultivation and extraction technology. That’s where microdosing plays an integral part.

Microdosing is consuming smaller amounts of weed over a staggered period.

So, let’s get down to brass tacks: What is microdosing?

Simply put, microdosing is consuming smaller amounts of pot over a staggered period. For some time, microdosing often meant eating a corner of an edible or taking smaller hits and seeing how you felt in a half hour. Typically, the dosage to aim for was around 5mg for typical consumers, but the process was inexact to say the least. More recently, product developers advanced their production methods, especially with edibles.

Microdosing has never been easier. Today, consumers don’t have to do as much guessing. Instead, they can purchase a product with its dosage information listed on the packaging. Some products are made to suit low dose consumption, typically around 5mg per piece. In other cases, products are more simple to divide and thanks to more reliability in THC distribution across a product. Now, consumers can pop in a piece, wait a short while and see how they feel.

Microdosing makes cannabis therapy more tolerable for some.

Microdosing weed has numerous beneficial effects. The method is an ideal introduction to a new type of consumable. It’s just as excellent at providing someone with a low-dose of THC at any point in their day. With ample benefits, store owners and consumers alike should be aware of microdosed cannabis options and what it can do for them.

The safest way for newcomers to figure out a dose

Cannabis affects each of us differently. The uncertainty is similar in other consumables as well, from medicine to alcohol. We may determine a loose idea of our own ideal dose of cannabis, but numerous factors play their part.

New cannabis consumers often feel the effects of cannabis at small doses of 10mg or less.

There are rather standard parameters people use to determine their ideal dose. It’s often safe to assume that a consumer with a larger body mass requires more THC than a smaller person. However, a person’s tolerance and experience with cannabis can alter ideal dosage. It typically takes a cannabis consumer 50 to 100mg to feel the intoxicating effects of THC. But a newcomer, even one larger in size, may only need 10 milligrams or less to start feeling the effects which makes microdosing an ideal introductory method for anyone.

Microdosing cannabis allows newcomers to sample cannabis without being thrust into the deep end of the plant’s psychoactive effects. Instead of doing a standard dosage, a microdose enables you to follow the classic “start low, go slow” method that was briefly discussed above. The process calls for consuming roughly between 2.5 and 5mg per dose. Wait 45 to 60 minutes and assess how you feel–working your way up with additional doses each half-hour after until reaching your desired feeling. Don’t be shocked if it takes several hours when beginning. Your onset time will drop as you become more acquainted with your ideal dose and can take more at a time.

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Microdosing cannabis is for everyone

There are some misconceptions about microdosing that incorrectly exclude scores of consumers who could benefit from a small dose. All too often, many view microdosing as something only suited for new consumers. While microdosing weed is certainly recommended for newcomers, the method can work for any person, no matter their tolerance, size or other factors.

Anyone hoping to ease into the effects of cannabis can benefit from microdosing. Microdosing has the potential to help a medical patient trying out a new treatment option to an office worker looking to ease their pains without being so medicated that they can’t perform their job.

While mostly anecdotal at this point, scores of consumers report additional benefits from microdosing, often reporting:

  • Reduced anxiety
  • Boosts in creativity
  • Feelings of relaxation
Many cannabis consumers report increased relaxation and creativity with microdosing.

Keep in mind that while microdosing weed does work for just about everyone, experienced consumers may want to consider a larger dosage to use as their tolerance is likely already elevated to a certain degree. The process still works, but the dosage may need adjusting to suit their needs.

Better product control makes for easier microdosing

It may be gaining in popularity in recent years, but microdosing is far from new. The concept is one that has been practiced for a lengthy period. Its current popularity boost is bolstered by the spread of legalization as well as more potent cannabis. Each has played their part in advancing the accuracy of microdosing.

The days of guessing and checking how we feel about dosages are waning. That said, improvements are still needed to weed out improper actors, especially in CBD. Despite the lingering concerns, the trustworthiness and accuracy of microdosed products are continually rising. Thanks to this evolving landscape, users who want to avoid THC intoxication can microdose with the knowledge of precisely how much they’ve consumed.

If you’re a current cannabis patient, or are considering becoming a medical marijuana patient, NuggMD is here to help. NuggMD doctors are always happy to help patients find the best dosing and timing schedule for their particular condition.

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