Moon 100mg THC Blasted Toffee Hybrid Chocolate Bar

By Kyle Battle Updated March 8th

I huddled under my umbrella walking into the gym before work. It was leg day so I knocked out some leg presses and lunges before getting ready for my first meeting. Just after I got out of the shower, I received an email that the meeting had been postponed, meaning that I didn’t have to go into the office. Suddenly gifted with a whole day to fill, and soreness setting into my legs, I went to my favorite dispensary looking for edibles. That was when I first tried Moon 100mg THC Blasted Toffee Hybrid Chocolate Bar.

Its celestial themed packaging catches the eye and, about 30 minutes after a dose, I understood why. Not only does it taste great but the high is balanced and subtle. This bar shares many characteristics with its Instagram page: it’s artistically designed and other-worldly with a sprinkle of a psychedelic vibe.

But don’t just take my word for it, keep reading for my in-depth review of the Moon 100mg THC Blasted Toffee Hybrid Chocolate Bar.

Packaging, Labeling and Product Design

The packaging for Moon bars stands out on any shelf. The intergalactic font and modern text box overlay a background reminiscent of a storm on the moon with thick cumulus clouds and a crater-field and desolate horizon – all tinted orange. The back of the resealable package displays nutritional facts surrounded by multiple compliance warnings: one that the product is meant for people 21 years and older, one that it contains products known to cause cancer, birth defects and reproductive harm, one stating that nuts were used in the equipment to make the bar, and a final one stating that the chocolate bar contains milk.

The packaging also outlines how many doses are included in a single bar (10), social media handles, ingredients and a scale broken down into 10mg segments identifying the proper amount for a dosage. It also includes stickers identifying that the chocolate bar is lab tested, denoting the manufactured date, date packaged and the “Best By” Date, complete with ID numbers for the lab sample, the lot and the tester.

At the bottom, it recommends to eat one serving (10mg) and then wait 45 minutes for the effects to kick in.

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Once you open the packaging, you’ll notice the long, milk chocolate-colored bar broken down into doses. It looks sort of like one of those long Tootsie Rolls but more firm and with “THC” engraved on each of the ten doses. This product looks like a traditional chocolate bar, making it easy to confuse for any other chocolate bar, cannabis-infused or not. This makes it easy to keep discreet and take on the go without worry.

One thing that the packaging lacks is what exactly to expect. Beyond THC, toffee and chocolate being included, it doesn’t provide a terpene profile explaining what kind of taste or effects to anticipate.

Quality and Ease of Use

Once you bite into the bar, it has a smooth dark chocolate taste that’s not overbearing. As someone who doesn’t particularly like dark chocolate, the blend of chocolate, toffee and earthiness is perfect and I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it. Enhanced even more by proper refrigeration, the Moon bar is easy to handle and doesn’t leave an oily residue. It’s also not overly dry which is crucial to enjoying any chocolate product.

Potency, Effectiveness & Affordability

I started with one dosage to gauge whether or not I needed more, given my low tolerance for edibles, and I didn’t. After eating just 10mg, the high started to set in and I’d say that even those with a more mature edible tolerance would enjoy.

Black hole – Even as a lightweight edible consumer with a slight disdain for dark chocolate, this bar delivered beyond my expectations.

I broke the dosage into five small bites and, after about 30 minutes, it really started to kick in. My eyelids dropped, my sore legs grew heavier and I started to feel like a rogue comet and the corner of my couch was a black hole. Every muscle in my body relaxed, from the tiny muscles in my face, to my shoulders, down to my feet which I couldn’t muster up the energy to take out of my shoes. Overall, I felt similar to the effects of indica flower but much more subtle.

While I ate the chocolate bar directly, it can easily be used as a drink ingredient as well. I’d like to try it in a post-workout protein shake and it would also be good in a hot chocolate on a cold, rainy day. It can also be used in food recipes. It would make a for a great chocolate sauce to drizzle over a pastry like a croissant or turnover. You could also break the bar in two and create an enjoyable s’mores experience with that earthy-chocolate flavor. I purchased three total packages and, while all were similar in size and taste, the potency does differ slightly by batch.

At a price point of $20, the Moon 100mg Blasted Toffee Hybrid Chocolate Bar is a good value. With ten doses per bar, that equates to $2 each making it well worth the price, especially since one dosage makes for such a smooth body high. Even though there’s a lot of competition between cannabis-infused chocolate bars, this one stands out on the shelf and the taste and effectiveness all contribute to why it’s a great option.

Nugg Score: How the Nugg Team Rates This Product

Packaging: 4/5

  • Clever packaging that’s easy on the eye
  • Small and compact, child-resistant, easy to open
  • Consistent “intergalactic” theme throughout the branding

Labeling: 4/5

  • Lots of information crammed onto the packaging: compliance labels, advice for consuming and storing, refrigeration recommendation, cannabis-infused label printed large on the front.
  • Missing the exact dosage and lab testing results.

Easy to Dose: 3/5

  • Bar is divided up into proper dosages with scale on the back that outlines proper dosing.
  • Consumers are advised to start with one dose and wait two hours.

Discretion: 4/5

  • Easy to hide and eat this bar anywhere.
  • Besides “THC” carved into each dose, easily masked as any other chocolate bar.

Taste: 4/5

  • Rich but not overbearing dark chocolate flavor.
  • Smooth blend of cannabis, toffee and chocolate.
  • Slight cannabis taste, but not something that would stop me from eating this edible.

Texture: 4/5

  • Good texture, firm but not too hard or brittle
  • Fairly easy to eat; nice mouthfeel without being overly dry or oily.

Effectiveness: 4/5

  • Suitable high for beginners and advanced consumers alike
  • 30-minute delay for a heavy body high
  • Leads to deep relaxation after just one dose – perfect for anyone who has trouble sleeping.

Versatility: 4/5

  • Easily enjoyed alone as a chocolate bar or added to a number of baked recipes.
  • Can be melted into a chocolate sauce, topped on cupcakes or ice cream, added to brownies or

Consistency: 4/5

  • Similar size and taste, potency varied slightly from batch to batch
  • Consistent nutrition, ingredients, lab testing and cannabinoid content

Price: 4/5

  • At $20 for a pack (10 dosages), this is a great blend of taste and effectiveness for the price.

Overall Rating: 3.9

Regardless of whether you’re new to cannabis edibles or an experienced consumer, the Moon 100mg THC Blasted Toffee Hybrid Chocolate Bar is definitely worth a try. From its lunar and easily-recognized packaging, to the tasty blend of chocolate, toffee and marijuana, to the relaxing, full-body high that follows, this Moon bar is a low-risk option for choosing your next edible cannabis purchase. Just make sure to bring your spacesuit because you’ll soon find yourself leaving Earth’s atmosphere.

If you live in the Los Angeles area and are ready to try Moon’s THC Blasted Toffee Hybrid Chocolate Bar, click to see if Nugg Club can deliver to your address!

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