Rachel Sims

Rachel Sims is a dedicated writer with over 12 years of professional writing experience. After finding her home in the cannabis world 6 years ago, she’s since written content for hundreds of cannabis brands. From staying updated on clinical trials and published studies to keeping herself informed on the latest cannabis legal news nationwide, Rachel stays passionate about the industry. She tries to imbue that passion in every piece of content.

In addition to her work with NuggMD, Rachel’s content is featured on High Times, Joy Organics, and High There. She’s also the marketing director and head content writer for Ounce of Hope, a Memphis-based aquaponics cannabis dispensary. Through Ounce of Hope, Rachel helps advance the cannabis industry and advocates for cannabis legalization and regulation. When not writing, you might find Rachel attending local music events, playing Dungeons and Dragons with friends, or hanging out with her cat, Peppercorn.


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