• Miracle Alien Cookies,
    Hybrid 22% THC 0.5% CBG

At a Glance

Feelings: Uplifted, Relaxed, Euphoric,
Negatives: Anxious, Dizzy, Dry Eyes,
Commonly Used For: Anxiety, Stress, Depression,
Calming Energizing
Low THC High THC

MAC Strain Overview

Miracle Alien Cookies, better known as “MAC #1,” “the MAC,” or “Miracle Cookies,” is truly out of this world. Gassy yet sweet, this cross merges the exotic genetics of Alien Cookies with Colombian and Starfighter (Miracle 15). Created by Capulator, it is nowadays enjoyed worldwide. Earthy cinnamon flavor notes combine with orange and lavender to tickle the taste buds and nose hairs into another universe. 

Freckled with glistening globs of THC-rich trichomes and resin, this floral, stress-relieving strain won’t cause you to hallucinate and see UFOs. The MAC strain will, however, grant you an uplifting and euphoric experience. THC levels are on the high side at approximately 23% to 27%, so take it slow. Plus, with the occasional 1% CBG, you may expect a peaceful night’s sleep and physical relaxation with this balanced cultivar.

Strain profile, effects, and common uses are based on customer reviews. Further research is needed, and effects may vary by user. Information on this page does not constitute or replace medical advice.


Uplifted Relaxed Euphoric Anxious Dizzy Dry Eyes


Cinnamon Lavender Orange


Limonene Caryophyllene Myrcene Linalool Pinene


22% THC 0.5% CBG

MAC Strain Effects & Common Usage

The Miracle Alien Cookies cultivar is known by many to make you melt into the sofa with full-body relaxation. Meanwhile, CBG will release its analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects. 

Uplifting. Boost the mood with limonene. Studies show that this primary terpene enhances serotonin and dopamine production, potentially enhancing mood. 

Euphoric. Intense THC levels may leave you feeling euphoric and in a fit of “the giggles.”

Relaxing. Small doses of THC and CBG may soothe tired muscles and calm the mind.

Anxiety. Some studies demonstrate caryophyllene and CBG’s anxiolytic capabilities. This strain’s secondary terpenes, pinene and linalool, are noted in research to produce anti-anxiety effects

Depression. Citrusy limonene can be a mood stimulator—additionally, linalool and caryophyllene may also have antidepressant effects.

MAC Strain Dosage Recommendations

At 23% THC (and sometimes more), the MAC weed strain is better suited to experienced consumers. Experienced consumers ought to start slow and low, working their way up as necessary and cautiously.

The right dosage can vary greatly from one user to the next. If you have questions about finding the right dosage or product type for your needs, consider consulting with a medical cannabis doctor, or you can request a consultation with NuggMD’s Cannabis Concierge.

Cultivation Tips

Space Needed 4’9 feet height
Growing Environment 40%-50% humidity, warm environment (68-78 degrees Fahrenheit)
Flowering Time 9 to 10 weeks
Yield Medium
Recommended Level Experienced