Bethan Rose Jenkins

Bethan Rose is a Welsh cannabis advocate, writer, and reporter based in Bali, Indonesia. She can usually be found crafting content in her hammock on the island, where she works closely with two lobbyist organizations – Lingkar Ganja Nusantara (LGN) and Herbal Medis Persada Indonesia (HEMPI). Her passion for the plant stems from her experience using cannabis to overcome an opioid addiction that she developed after undergoing two eight-hour scoliosis spinal fusions. 

Attaining an undergraduate degree in journalism and media studies at Bridgend College led to an editorial gig at her local magazine, Around Town. In 2015, she set off to Thailand solo with a one-way ticket and £300 in her pocket. Since then, she has supported her expat lifestyle writing for an ever-growing list of print and online publications, including Weed World Magazine, Global Cannabis Times Magazine, Ultra Health, Leafly, High Times Magazine, and CannaCurious Magazine.


Bridgend College, Journalism and Media Studies