How Much Does it Cost to Get an MMJ Card in Missouri?

By NuggMD Team Updated December 28th, 2023

Getting an MMJ Card in Missouri

Missouri's Amendment 2 is in full swing, and local dispensary owners are working diligently to prepare for the blitz of business from newly registered cannabis patients. There were 192 licenses awarded at the end of January, and we can expect dispensaries to start opening their doors for business as early as the beginning of spring.

Due to federal prohibitions, all cannabis sold in the state must also be cultivated in the state, lab tested, and tracked from seed-to-sale. This is why qualifying patients will still have to wait a few weeks before dispensaries are fully compliant and open for business. The state doesn't technically have a legal supply yet.

Don't ask where the cultivators are getting their first seeds and clones. It's like trying to figure out whether the chicken or the egg came first. It will just make your head hurt.

But meanwhile, why not plan for the near future? So read on to find out what the cost is to get a medical marijuana card in Missouri, how to find an MMJ doctor and the cost of the MO state registration fee.

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How Much Does it Cost to Get an MMJ Card in Missouri?

Becoming a medical marijuana patient in Missouri is much easier than most residents think. To get a cannabis recommendation, you must first obtain a physician certification from a state-licensed doctor. The hardest part of this process is finding the right medical marijuana doctor, so we did a little research for you below.

You must have a qualifying condition to get this certification, but in MO the list of qualifying conditions is extremely liberal.

If the evaluating physician grants you a cannabis certification, you will then need to apply with the state to receive your medical marijuana license, or MO patient ID card. There are associated fees for both the physician's evaluation and the MO state medical marijuana application.

Here Are a Few Missouri Medical Marijuana Doctors Consider:

Physicians vary by price, convenience and quality, and thankfully there are plenty to choose from in the state. Here are a few of the best physicians, their location, hours and prices:

Blue Bird Medical Marijuana Wellness Center

Description: Located southeast of Kansas City, Blue Bird Medical Marijuana Wellness Center is only open on Saturdays between the hours of 10 am and 5 pm.

Located: 676 SE Bayberry Ln Ste 105, Lee's Summit Mo 64063

Price: $195

Harrisonville Family Medical

Description: Established in 1986, Harrison Family Medical and its team of five physicians and four nurse practitioners serve an array of ailments for the entire family. They currently serve patients in the following counties: Jackson, Johnson, Cass, and Bates.

Location: 2820 E. Rock Haven Road, Rock Haven Medical Mall, Suite 100 (Cass Regional Medical Center Campus) Harrisonville, MO  64701

Price: $200

Midwest Health & Wellness Center

Description: Dr. Marc K. Taormina and the Midwest Health & Wellness Center aim to provide education on best practices for medicinal cannabis use. 

Location: 3601 NE Ralph Powell Rd, Suite B, Lee's Summit, MO 64064

Price: $200

Missouri Cannabis Clinic

Description: The Missouri Cannabis Clinic primarily serves patients in the Kansas City area. Their mission is to make medical marijuana accessible to patients who are looking for alternative paths to pain management.

Location: 4004 Washington St. Kansas City, Missouri 64111

Price: $199

Releaf Clinics of Kansas City

Description: Dr. Collins and Releaf Clinics of Kansas City focus on serving patients in independence and surrounding areas.

Location: 19201 E Valley View Pkwy suite c, Independence, MO 64055

Price: $195

The Most Affordable MMJ Card in Missouri

According to Missouri's Amendment 2, physicians don't need to conduct cannabis evaluations in-person. NuggMD Missouri provides low-cost virtual evaluations through our secure HIPAA-compliant software. Our video-based platform doesn't require that you drive anywhere—heck, you don't even have to leave your couch to get your evaluation.

Even better, they're a more affordable option. In Missouri, for a first-time, in-person cannabis evaluation, the average cost is $200. There are also various indirect costs associated with an in-office evaluation like

  • travel,
  • lost time from work,
  • potential exposure to patients will cold/flu,
  • just plain inconvenience.

Not to mention there are many other things you would rather be doing than slogging through cold weather to sit inside a stuffy waiting room.

NuggMD is affordable at only $199 for the same quality evaluation with none of those hassles, and it's free if you're not approved.

How Much is the Missouri State MMJ Card Registration Fee?

Once you've chosen your physician and received your evaluation, you'll have an additional $25 fee for your medical marijuana application with Missouri's DHSS.

If you want to become a primary caregiver, you'll need to designate your caregiver and have them fill out a state application as well. This costs the same as a patient application - $25.

If you'd like to cultivate as well, or your caregiver is going to cultivate for you, there's an additional $50 fee. Since your cultivation certificate needs to be applied for at the same time you fill out your application for the state ID, you should decide if you're going to cultivate ahead of time and make sure that you have adequate facilities that can be approved for cultivation.

Remember that if you don't submit your state ID application within 30 days of your evaluation, you'll have to redo your medical evaluation, which will lead to an additional cost. So it's best to apply for your state card as soon as you get your recommendation.

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