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Andrew Ward
September 28, 2021

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Dosage calculated for home made edibles

Edibles are a long-time favorite of the cannabis community. Thanks to recent production advancements, edibles are now reaching heights unlike ever before. Medical and recreational consumers alike enjoy edibles for many reasons, ranging from their slower onset time to the increased potency found in many products, especially those using extracted oils.

While edibles have far more pros than cons, their potency can be a drawback to some, particularly new consumers or anyone with a lower tolerance. These consumers can find themselves accidentally consuming too much THC. And if they don't have some CBD on hand, they may be in for a less than enjoyable next few hours. 

It's vital to use the right amount of cannabis when making edibles. Otherwise, concoctions can end up with ineffective edibles lacking the needed THC, or on the other hand, create products far too potent.

Avoid any of the uncertainty with an edible calculator. 

What is an edible calculator?

Edible calculators are helpful tools that ensure you use the right amount of cannabis in your edible recipes. Dosing is such a critical part of edible production because too many tend to forget potency change. Our bodies process edibles much differently than smoking--with the digestive system breaking down THC into 11-hydroxy-THC, creating a long and more potent experience.

Instead of eyeballing your cannabis measurements, use a weed edible calculator. This helpful digital tool uses a series of parameters to determine the proper dose for your next infusion. A quality edible dosage calculator considers several factors.

Let the edible dosage calculator do the work, giving you an approximate number of milligrams of THC needed to dose each portion of your edibles properly. 

Why is a THC edible calculator important?

We all make mistakes. Even the best chefs, mathematicians and project managers out there slip up from time to time. It's not a big deal to make a mistake in everyday life, but there is a bit more pressure when making marijuana edibles.

It takes precise science and math to create edibles these days. The DIY days of winging it and seeing what happens won't work in today's legalized pot and health-conscious consuming landscapes. Generating accurate figures requires processing several data points and figures. Making just one error in the process can undo all your otherwise accurate work. Why go through all that when technology helps streamline the process? 

In short, edible potency calculators remove most of the potential for human error.

Start low! Edible dosage calculations are always just an estimate

A THC edible calculator gives you an accurate approximation of your ideal milligrams per serving. However, it is still an estimate. While accurate, it can be wrong for some people. As such, it's always advised you use the "start low, go slow" method when consuming, otherwise known as microdosing. The process calls for a low starting dose between one and five milligrams and working up from there. This approach avoids overdoing it on THC, which can lead to a range of adverse effects, by incrementally building up. 

Start by consuming your first edible and waiting 45 to 60 minutes to assess how you feel. If you're feeling good and want some more, go for it; but repeat the same small dosing and other steps, doing so until you reach your desired effects. 

But why start low if the calculator is mainly accurate? Several factors can alter the exact dose in a batch, including: 

  • How long and hot the flower was decarboxylated
  • The precise percentage of the flower--not what is listed on its bag but what the lab report states
  • How accurate your measurements are

Avoid adverse outcomes by rounding up on edible calculator measurements to be safe--assume the flower is slightly more potent than the figures indicate. 

What information do I need to use an edible dosage calculator?

THC edible calculator results may vary depending on the calculations used. At a minimum, your calculator should factor in: 

  • Amount of cannabis product used
  • THC and CBD percentage in the product (For the most accurate results, use lab tested flower)
  • Amount of oil or butter used in the recipe
  • How much of the infusion used in the recipe
  • Number of servings

Decarboxylation and THCA vs. THC - Why you can't just use raw flower

Despite assertions saying otherwise, you can't get high from eating raw cannabis flower. Cannabis flower, in its raw form, among other compounds, contains the cannabinoid THCA. It does not contain THC, which is responsible for the psychoactive "high" felt in our heads when consuming. 

The difference in name is small, but its effects are quite different. Unlike THC, THCA doesn't produce any of the outcome users are typically looking for in a psychoactive remedy. The THCA in flower is only converted to THC when heated through a chemical process called decarboxylation, which involves heating cannabis flower above 105°C/221°F to create the conversion. 

Keep in mind that burning or smoking cannabis can also convert THCA into THC. However, a few more steps would be required to turn burnt flower into a suitable edible ingredient. 

Do I really need an edible dosage calculator? Can't I just eyeball it?

You can if you prefer, but it's a gamble not many know how to win on. Consider the math: 

Edible dosing is always discussed in milligrams. One mg is 1 millionth of a kilogram. You don't have much room for error. There've been plenty of mishaps where a standard 10mg dose ends up double or triple the potency due to a minor human error. As such, it's better to play it safe.

Consider doing so even if you have a strong tolerance. Unless making a batch just for yourself, your guests may not stack up to your tolerance. Be sure to factor in your guests when determining the adequate dosage.

What's the best edible calculator?

One of our personal favorites is this edible calculator by Hempster. Not only is it simple to use, just enter the grams of cannabis, percentage of THC and CBD, and the amount of oil you're infusing the cannabis into. It does the rest!

Even better, they have awesome recipes on the page like Ganja Pepper Shrimp and Butternut Hasselback Squash. It will calculate the amount of THC per tablespoon and even lets you input  the number of servings for your recipe.

If you'd like to learn more about how edibles differ from inhaled cannabis, and whether they might be a better option for your condition, NuggMD's state-licensed physicians are always happy to help. Just head over to NuggMD.com to see a doctor online from the comfort of your own home today!

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