Benefits of a Medical Marijuana Card in Ohio

Obtaining a medical marijuana card in Ohio offers several benefits for potential patients seeking alternative therapeutic options. Consumers may have any number of reasons to get a medical card. This guide looks at the benefits of having a medical marijuana card in Ohio.

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Reasons Ohio Residents are Getting a Medical Card

Medical cardholders gain access to a variety of medical cannabis products to help with symptoms of their qualifying condition. The medical marijuana card benefits go deeper than that, though. One may have several reasons to get a medical card.

Purchase and Possess Cannabis Legally

Ohio now has recreational cannabis for adults aged 21 and older but adult use sales won't begin till late 2024. Even after those adult-use sales begin, though, there’s easier and greater access for medical patients.

Access Safe, Tested Medicine

One of the many benefits of having a medical card is gaining access to legal medical dispensaries in Ohio. Utilizing products from these dispensaries helps ensure the cannabis is tested, safe, and accurately described.

Increased Legal Protections

Medical patients receive an extra layer of legal protection that isn’t available to recreational users. 

Proper Medical Guidance

As a medical cannabis patient, you can get support from OH caregivers and qualified practitioners who can answer healthcare and cannabis-related questions. Feel more confident asking questions about products, dosage, and potential interaction with other medications.

Tax Savings

When recreational sales do start in late 2024, medical card holders will be exempt from the 10% tax on recreational sales.

Ohio Medical Cannabis Patient Testimonials

Securing a med card has become a swift, hassle-free process in when you use NuggMD Ohio. Streamlining the application process, NuggMD ensures patients can access the therapeutic benefits of medical cannabis in a timely manner. 

These first-hand testimonials from Ohio medical cannabis patients demonstrate what it’s like to obtain your card through NuggMD.

5 star review

"I recommend this program! The process was very easy and straight forward. I appreciate all the help of NUGGMD team and their patience since I did have a lot of questions for them. 5/5 STARS!"

-Francesca V.

5 star review

"Very helpful and kind people to help you get a medical marijuana card, whole process was very easy and didn't take long at all."

-Ed M.

5 star review

"I got approved real fast. Met with the doctor virtually. He was very nice and told me what was good to use for my chronic back pain."

-Lisa S.

5 star review

"NuggMD was such an amazing help! They were so quick to answer all my questions & I mean I had a lot!! It was super easy to get approved for my medical card. The doctor was so nice."

-Alexa V.

Get Your Ohio Medical Marijuana Card the Easy Way

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Getting an Ohio medical marijuana card doesn’t have to be a long or stressful process.

You simply need to:

  • Sign up with NuggMD Ohio in less than 30 seconds.
  • Meet your state-certified cannabis doctor. It typically happens within an hour but can take as little as 15 minutes!
  • Once you’re approved, your physician will enter your information into the state's database and you'll receive an email to complete your state registration. Then simply print your card and begin shopping at any Ohio dispensary.

Learn more about how to get a medical card in Ohio, visit our Ohio patient FAQs, brush up on the state's cannabis laws and regulations, or speak with our high-rated customer service team to help overcome any obstacles or answer any patient questions you may have along the way.

Get Your Ohio Medical Card Online Get approved today in minutes with the nation's #1 trusted medical card provider. Get Your Med Card No appointment needed. Only billed if approved.
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The NuggMD Promise

We are a team of cannabis and technology professionals focused on connecting you with state-licensed doctors. We believe all people deserve access to medical cannabis if they think it might improve their quality of life. Since our founding in 2015, we’ve held ourselves and our partners to the highest standards to ensure every patient we serve is able to access reliable cannabis information, trustworthy medical practitioners, and proactive updates on the cannabis healthcare ecosystem and legislation that may affect their experience as a medical cannabis patient.

Whether you’re a cannabis connoisseur or thinking of becoming a first-time medical marijuana patient, our network of doctors will listen to your needs and give you an honest opinion about whether they think cannabis can help.

Billed only if approved.