Qualifying Conditions for a Medical Card in Ohio

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Now that the Buckeye State has legalized recreational cannabis, more consumers than ever will have access in Ohio. The 24th state to legalize cannabis recreationally, many consumers are excited to begin purchasing cannabis.  Unfortunately, recreational sales won't begin until late 2024 at the earliest. So until then, the only legal way to purchase cannabis is with a medical marijuana card. Even after sales begin there will still be several notable advantages to getting an OH medical marijuana card.

For example, medical patients have access to more variety in safe, tested cannabis products. Plus, medical marijuana cardholders will typically have higher purchase limits compared to recreational users.

Another factor is age. Recreational law in Ohio is for consumers age 21 and older. Meanwhile, patients under 21 can only access safe, legal cannabis with a medical marijuana card.

And while it is legal, having a medical marijuana card adds an extra layer of legal protection. 

Finally, in the event of cannabis shortages, patients are often given priority access to cannabis supply. To qualify for the coveted Ohio medical marijuana card, consumers must meet certain prerequisites. This article delves into the qualifying conditions, patient qualifications, and next steps for getting your Ohio medical card.

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List of Qualifying Conditions for an Ohio Medical Marijuana Card

The Ohio medical marijuana list of conditions includes:

While there’s a broad range of qualifying conditions, most patients typically qualify under chronic pain or PTSD. 

Likewise, the Ohio State Medical Board holds an annual petition period where members may petition to add new qualifying conditions. 

In some cases, petitioned conditions may already be covered by an existing qualifying condition for a medical card in Ohio. For example, arthritis, chronic migraines, lupus, and other conditions already fall under “pain that is either chronic or intractable.”

Patient Qualifications for Medical Marijuana in Ohio

There are also several general qualifications for someone to become an Ohio medical marijuana patient.

Age: Applicants must be age 18 or older. If the patient is a minor, a guardian or caregiver must be designated. That caregiver must be at least 21 years or older.

Residency: Patients must reside in Ohio. If you’re not legally an Ohio resident, you won’t qualify as a patient.

Physician Recommendation: Patients must take their qualifying condition to a physician certified to give medical marijuana recommendations. The physician must be licensed in Ohio and registered with the state’s Medical Marijuana Control program. 

In short, the state provides a digital database of active, certified doctors for applicants to browse. NuggMD also works with certified doctors across the nation to help medical patients get evaluated, including in Ohio. After your evaluation, a certified physician can submit their recommendation for you to receive medical marijuana. You’ll need to show proof of residency and other documents to be given access to the patient registry. In the registry, you’ll complete your application and pay the patient fee (and caregiver fee, if applicable).

You Meet the Ohio Medical Card Requirements… Now What?

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So, now you know that you meet the requirements. The next step is to get that evaluation from a certified physician to start the application process. We offer a comprehensive guide with step-by-step instructions for how to get your medical marijuana card in Ohio.

Learn more about the benefits of a medical card in Ohio, the state's cannabis laws and regulations, or browse common OH patient FAQs.

What Medical Forms Do You Need When Meeting with a Physician in Ohio?

All documents may not be necessary, but it’s better to be over-prepared for your medical marijuana evaluation. Have the following forms and documents ready the day you’re set to meet with your physician:

Ohio ID or Proof of Residence

As of June 2021, patients may present any of the following documents to show proof of residence:

  • Driver’s license or other state ID
  • Birth certificate
  • United States passport or United States passport card
  • Consular report of birth abroad
  • Certificate of naturalization
  • Certificate of citizenship
  • Permanent resident card
  • I-797 Case Type of N-565

Then, you must provide two forms proving your Ohio street address. These can include W-2 forms, paystubs, bills, deeds, rental/mortgage statements, etc. The list is extensive.

Medical Records

If available, provide any medical records that help support your qualifying medical condition. These records may help the physician assess eligibility for an Ohio med card.

Physician Recommendation

Have handy the certification or recommendation from the certified Ohio medical professional who evaluated your condition initially if you're a renewing patient. The recommendation is crucial in order to secure medical cannabis access.

Together, these documents play a crucial role in the overall evaluation process of applying for a medical marijuana card in Ohio. Be prepared ahead of time so you can take your first step toward accessing medical cannabis with ease.

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