How to Become a Medical Marijuana Caregiver in Ohio

how to become a mmj caregiver

Medical cannabis has been legal in Ohio since 2016, but sales of medical cannabis didn’t begin in the state until 2019. Still, in that short time, the state’s medical cannabis program and the market that supports it have gotten off the ground and are thriving. 

Like in most states, Ohio medical cannabis patients can designate caregivers to help them with their medication. For some patients, having a caregiver is a matter of convenience. For others, it’s a vital resource and patient benefit that makes medical cannabis practical and accessible. Caregivers purchase cannabis for patients and deliver it directly to them. They even help administer cannabis for patients who can’t. In order to do this, most states afford caregivers certain rights and privileges. Those rights aren’t the same as a patient’s.

If you’re considering being a caregiver or you’re a patient looking to designate one, you need to be familiar with those rights and privileges in your state. Even though the process of becoming a caregiver is straightforward, it’s still a good idea to know what the state requires before you start.

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How to Become a Medical Cannabis Caregiver in Ohio

Ohio takes most of the guesswork out of the application process for caregivers. Since you need a doctor’s recommendation, the doctor gets the process started, and caregivers can finish the process with a few simple steps online.

  1. The patient visits a medical cannabis physician for an evaluation. If the physician recommends medical cannabis, the patient can request a caregiver. If the physician approves, they will enter the caregiver’s information into the state’s database.
  2. The caregiver will receive an email from the state with instructions on how to register.
  3. Follow the state’s instructions and enter all the required information in the state’s portal. Pay the state’s required $0.01 fee.
  4. The state will review the application, including conducting a background check. If approved, you’ll receive your ID card in the mail.

What is a Medical Marijuana Caregiver (and Who Qualifies in Ohio)?

medical marijuana caregiver

The requirements to become a caregiver in Ohio are straightforward and similar to the requirements in other states. In Ohio, the recommending physician must add a caregiver for a patient. This is the only way to designate a caregiver in the state. If the physician feels that a caregiver is appropriate, they will enter the caregiver’s information into the state’s database, and the caregiver will receive an email with instructions to complete their registration with the state. A qualifying patient can have up to two caregivers in Ohio, and a caregiver may care for up to two patients.

In order to qualify as a caregiver in Ohio, a person must:

  • Be an Ohio resident
  • Be at least 21 years old
  • Be approved by the State Board of Pharmacy as the patient’s caregiver.

In Ohio, a caregiver cannot:

  • Use the patient’s cannabis
  • Be the patient’s physician
  • Purchase more than the patient’s maximum amount of cannabis

Ohio charges a $0.01 registration fee for cannabis caregivers.

Ohio Laws for MMJ Caregivers and Their Patients

Designating a Caregiver in Ohio

Ohio allows medical cannabis patients to have up to two caregivers at once, but they can’t designate them on their own. In Ohio, the physician who recommends medical cannabis needs to approve the caregiver and enter them into the state’s database. Some patients, like minors, are required to have a caregiver in order to receive medical cannabis. 

Once a caregiver has been entered into the state’s database, they’ll receive an email with instructions to complete the registration process online through the state’s portal.

Cultivating Cannabis as a Caregiver in Ohio

Unfortunately, home cultivation of cannabis is still illegal in Ohio, even for medical purposes. Patients and caregivers are not able to cultivate cannabis at home and will need to purchase it from a state-licensed dispensary.

Learn more about Ohio’s cannabis laws and regulations, visit our Ohio patient FAQs, or speak with a highly-rated customer service team member for transparent guidance. We can help you designate a caregiver and learn how to get a medical cannabis card in Ohio quickly and seamlessly.

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