How to Roll a Blunt

How to roll a blunt
By Rachel Sims Updated July 9th

Fact-checked by Alexandra Arnett, MS

Key Takeaways

  • Rolling blunts is complex but manageable with practice.
  • Supplies needed include a blunt wrap, cannabis flower, and lighter.
  • To roll: Grind cannabis > Prepare blunt wrap > Fill wrap > Roll blunt > Seal blunt > Enjoy!

Imagine taking a deep, flavorful puff that combines the earthiness of cannabis with the rich, aromatic notes of a tobacco leaf. That’s the allure of the blunt wrap: a favorite among cannabis consumers for its slow burn and tasty flavor profile. But there's a stark difference between knowing how to smoke one and knowing how to roll a blunt. Mastering this skill allows you to control the quality and ingredients of the final product. It also adds a personal touch to smoking sessions (and makes you invaluable in smoke circles!).

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What is Blunt?

A blunt is a type of cannabis cigar, typically rolled using a tobacco leaf wrap. Unlike joints that use rolling papers, blunts combine the earthiness of the cannabis plant with the rich, aromatic notes of the tobacco leaf. The result is a unique blend that entices a niche part of the cannabis community. 

The name "blunt" comes from the Phillies cigar brand. They made a cigar called the Blunt, which is wider than a classic cigarillo. It was machine-manufactured instead of hand-rolled, making it more affordable. Eventually, consumers hollowed out the cigars and filled them with cannabis instead. The practice became particularly popular in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Then, blunts gained even more widespread popularity within the hip-hop culture in New York City. From there, the blunt became a cultural phenomenon. Its ability to slow-burn and make its way around smoke circles several times made it ideal for many social settings.

Blunts are generally thicker and longer than joints, allowing the user to pack more cannabis per roll. The flower inside a blunt wrap can burn slowly and evenly for a more prolonged smoking experience. That makes them ideal for group smoking sessions, especially larger ones. Blunt wraps come in various flavors, giving consumers more versatility than with rolling papers.

Why Roll a Blunt?

Why roll blunts?

There are advantages to learning how to roll a blunt and several factors that set blunts apart from other options.

  • Slow Burn - One of the most appreciated qualities of a blunt is its slow burn. Its thickness, often made from tobacco leaves, provides long-lasting smoke sessions. While spliffs and joints can go around the circle, blunts are ideal for sharing.
  • Larger Size - Besides taking longer to burn, blunts are often larger than joints. This makes them most suitable for extended sessions or larger group settings. 
  • Complex Flavor - The combination of cannabis flower and a blunt wrap creates a unique and rich flavor profile. For some, tobacco from the leaf adds an earthy, robust taste that complements the cannabis. Consumers can customize the flavor further with the many flavored blunt wraps available.
  • Effect Combo - If the blunt has a tobacco-based wrap, smoking it may provide the combined effects of cannabis and nicotine. For some users, the result is a unique buzz that's more potent than the THC in cannabis alone. Nicotine might enhance cannabis' intoxicating nature or add a stimulating effect.
  • Terpene Enhancement - Blunts can potentially enhance the experience of terpenes, aromatic molecules that contribute to each strain's flavor, aroma, and effects. A blunt's rich, flavorful smoke can tease out some terpenes' unique profiles. For some cannabis enthusiasts, it's a more aromatic experience with each puff.
  • Gain Experience - Rolling a blunt is an art form to many. The process of rolling, lighting, and smoking can be a ritualistic experience. It might also be a skill to whip out at the right social gathering. The hands-on approach means that consumers can customize their blunts to their liking, from the amount of cannabis to the type of wrap used.

Reasons Not to Roll a Blunt

Even with their appeal, blunts aren't for everyone. Depending on preference and even health concerns, there could be better alternatives. As with all things, consider the pros and cons of blunts.

Health Concerns

Using tobacco in any capacity (like the tobacco in blunt wrap leaves) increases the health risks of smoking. These include respiratory and circulatory system problems, among other tobacco-related health issues. Smoking blunts can also lead to chest pain, most often caused by bouts of coughing.

Likewise, the nicotine within tobacco is an addictive substance. Frequent blunt smokers may develop a dependence on it.

These increased risks might be, in part, why some consumers are comparing edibles and vaping vs. smoking. The alternatives might be a more appealing option for long-term use.

The Smell

A delightful scent to some might be a significant downside to others. Blunts have a predictable and strong odor, delivering a more pungent smell than other smoking methods. In certain environments, they might not be the best idea.

More Potent

Because blunts can hold more flower than joints, they can lead to higher THC consumption per individual session. While that can have its perks, it might also lead to greening out. Smaller consumption methods like joints might be more appropriate for those who prefer milder effects or have a low tolerance. 

Skill Issue

Some may find blunts more challenging to roll because they’re thicker and larger than joints. It takes practice and skill, which can deter some beginners. Investing in a blunt roller can help, but it also adds an extra step and expense to the process.

Higher Cost

A pack of blunts is usually cheaper than a pack of rolling papers. However, blunts are often sold individually or only in small packs. Meanwhile, rolling papers come with 20 or more papers per pack.

Blunts also use more flower per roll than joints or a bowl. That could increase the overall cost of smoking over time.

Preferring Alternatives

Lastly, some consumers might just prefer something other than a blunt. There are joints, spliffs, bowls, edibles, vapes, and more to cater to various preferences and health considerations. Many of these might offer a cleaner and potentially healthier cannabis experience than blunts.

What You Need to Roll a Blunt

Supplies to roll blunts

Rolling a blunt can seem complex at first, especially for beginners. The process requires attention to detail, and of course, practice makes perfect. It involves several steps and tools, but once you've got the hang of it, it becomes a straightforward and enjoyable part of smoking. Each supply necessary to roll a weed blunt ensures a smooth, satisfying smoke.

Supplies Needed to Roll a Blunt

Here’s a list of the essential supplies you’ll need to roll a blunt.

  • Blunt Wrap - This can be a pre-made blunt wrap or a cigar/cigarillo that you split open and empty. Regardless, it's the outer layer that will hold the cannabis. If you don't have one handy, you might look into rolling paper alternatives instead.
  • Cannabis - The flower you choose for the blunt can help determine its burn speed, potency, and more.
  • Blunt Roller - Though optional, a blunt roller is useful for ensuring a consistent roll.
  • Weed Grinder - A quality weed grinder is essential for breaking down cannabis into even pieces.
  • Rolling Tray - The right rolling tray can keep supplies organized and prevent messes.
  • Blade or Knife - If you're not using pre-made blunt wraps, a blade is perfect for splitting cigars or cigarillos. There are also specific tools for the job if those are accessible.
  • Lighter - A lighter can help seal the blunt after rolling, even before lighting up to smoke.
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How to Roll a Blunt

Knowing how to roll a joint isn’t quite the same as being able to roll a blunt. Even for experienced joint rollers, learning how to roll a blunt can be a rewarding experience. Follow these step-by-step instructions to master the art of blunt rolling.

Step 1: Gather Supplies

The bare necessities are a blunt wrap and enough cannabis flower to fill it. Feel free to use a pre-made blunt wrap or hollow out a cigar.

The rest is optional, but it can make the experience more enjoyable. For example, a rolling tray can also help keep the workspace tidy. Likewise, a blunt roller can make rolling much more manageable for beginners or those seeking a perfect roll.

Step 2: Grind the Bud

A grinder can help break down flowers to ensure an even burn and also make the rolling process easier. Grind the cannabis finely for a smooth, even consistency.

Not sure how much to grind? A standard blunt holds around a gram of cannabis. Some like to pack it tighter or add more to fatten the blunt, so start with one gram and go from there.

Step 3: Prepare to Roll

If you’re using a pre-made blunt wrap, carefully unroll it. If you’re using a cigar, use a small knife or your fingers to cut it straight open lengthwise. Then, empty the tobacco inside. This creates an empty wrap ready for cannabis.

Step 4: Moisten the Wrap

Lightly moisten the blunt wrap with water or saliva. This will make it more pliable and easier to work with. It'll also reduce the chance of the wrap cracking or breaking during the rolling process.

Step 5: Fill the Blunt Wrap

Place the ground cannabis evenly along the entire length of the blunt wrap. Make sure the distribution is consistent to promote an even burn. Use as much or as little cannabis as you prefer, but leave enough space to encase it once it's rolled completely. Keep in mind that overstuffing can make rolling and smoking more difficult.

Step 6: Shape and Roll

If using a blunt roller, place the filled wrap and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Otherwise, hold the wrap in your non-dominant hand. Starting at one end, gently fold the wrap over the flower. Tuck the edge of the wrap under the bud and roll it slowly. Use your fingers to shape and compact the flower as you go.

Step 7: Seal It In

Now that it's rolled moisten the exposed edge to seal it, pressing down with your fingers as you move. Make sure the seam is secure to prevent it from unraveling during the smoke session.

Step 8: Bake the Blunt (Optional)

Some enthusiasts like to “bake” the blunt to secure the wrap further and improve its burn.

Hold a lighter under the blunt and rotate it slowly, being careful not to burn the wrap. This step is optional but can enhance the overall smoking experience.

Step 9: Enjoy!

Your blunt is now ready to smoke. Light one end and take slow, steady puffs to start it off right. Remember, blunts can be potent and are often best to share with friends.

Other Options for Blunts

Do I need a blunt roller?

Everyone is different, so there are bound to be consumers who prefer other options. If learning how to roll a blunt seems too complex, there are convenient alternatives.

Pre-Rolled Blunts

These are ready-made and filled with cannabis, saving consumers the effort of rolling. Some cannabis cigars are larger and more luxurious versions of blunts. They're often pre-rolled with premium cannabis and sometimes even infused with concentrates. They're worthy options for those who don't want to roll themselves.


Some users may prefer not to smoke at all. Edibles offer a smoke-free alternative. With so many different types of edibles available, there are plentiful options for every consumer.

How Readily Available Are Blunts in Stores?

In some areas where cannabis is legal, blunts have become widely accessible. That includes Canada and states like California, Arizona, Nevada, Michigan, Massachusetts, and Missouri.

Dispensaries in these areas offer a variety of pre-rolled blunts and cannabis cigars. It makes it easier for consumers to find a ready-to-smoke option without the hassle of rolling.

Is Rolling More Cost-Effective than Purchasing Blunts?

DIY does require the initial investment in supplies like a grinder and rolling tray. However, these are reusable and tend to help save money in the long run. For this reason, rolling your own is generally more cost-effective than buying a pre-rolled option.

Learning how to roll a blunt can be much more cost-effective, especially as practice makes perfect. Depending on preference and budget, both options provide a great smoking experience.

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The information in this article and any included images or charts are for educational purposes only. This information is neither a substitute for, nor does it replace, professional legal advice or medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. If you have any concerns or questions about laws, regulations, or your health, you should always consult with an attorney, physician or other licensed professional.

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