How to Renew Your Medical Marijuana Card (State-By-State)

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By Andrew Ward Updated July 9th

Fact-checked by Deb Tharp

In most state programs, patients will need to renew their medical marijuana cards yearly. But some exceptions apply.

Read on to learn how to renew your medical marijuana card, how different state rules affect the process and costs, and how you can have the smoothest, hassle-free card renewal process possible. 

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Renew Your Medical Marijuana Card Early to Keep Your Perks

In just about every state, medical card holders have one or more advantages over recreational consumers. While these vary by state, some of the most common include:


Medical card holders often have priority over adult use consumers at the dispensary. In specific states during times of shortage, medical consumers will be allowed to receive a dispensary's remaining supply before it can sell to recreational buyers.

Skip The Lines

Depending on the location and time of day, a dispensary line can snake out the door, totaling waits of 30 minutes or more. But with a medical card, consumers in some states are permitted to skip ahead of recreational consumers, avoiding the line almost entirely. 

Possible Tax Breaks

Most states that have legalized recreational marijuana reduce or eliminate sales and excise taxes on medical products. In certain states, the reduced tax burden can mean significant savings every purchase. 

Higher Potency Products

A medical marijuana card may also allow you to buy products with higher potencies. In most states, adult-use edibles are capped at 10 mg per dose. But medical markets often see products reaching 20 mg or more. 

Higher Purchase and Possession Limits

Most recreational states allow medical marijuana patients to possess twice as much (or more) cannabis than recreational consumers.  For instance, in California, medical cannabis patients can purchase up to 8 ounces of flower, but recreational customers can only purchase one ounce.

How to Renew Your MMJ Card: State-by-State

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Most states have a similar medical marijuana card renewal process. You can complete the process independently, with a bit of time set aside for any document gathering, doctor appointments and other tasks. Or, you can use a digital platform like NuggMD to save time and effort.

The process and parameters typically resemble the following:

  1. Most cardholders are required to renew their card each year. However, some states have more extended periods, between two and three years.
  2. Most states recommend beginning the renewal process one to two months before the expiration date. Doing so allows ample time for the state to process your application and sort out any issues that may arise, so you can ensure no lapses in coverage occur. 
  3. Patients are required to see a physician for their renewal. Most, if not every state, allows patients to see a different doctor for their renewal.   
  4. Many states require patients to re-register with the state’s online patient portal.

Here's a state-by-state breakdown:

StateHow Often Do You Need to Renew?Do You Need a New Doctor’s Evaluation?URL to Renew Registration with the StateCost to Renew
ALEvery yearYesAlabama Medical Cannabis CommissionNot registering patients yet
AKEvery yearYesMedical Marijuana Registry - State of AlaskaEvaluation cost + $20.00
AREvery yearYesArkansas Department of HealthEvaluation cost + $50.00
AZEvery two yearsYesArizona Department of Health ServicesEvaluation cost + $150.00
CAEvery yearYesDepartment of Cannabis ControlEvaluation cost + up to $100.00
COEvery yearYesColorado Department of Public Health & EnvironmentEvaluation cost + $29.50
CTEvery yearYesConnecticut State Department of Consumer ProtectionEvaluation cost + free state registration
DCEvery yearYesAlcoholic Beverage Regulation AdministrationEvaluation cost + $100.00
DEEvery yearYesDelaware Health and Social ServicesEvaluation cost + $50.00
FLEvery 210 days(follow ups are usually around six months)YesFlorida Department of HealthEvaluation cost + $75.00
GAEvery two yearsYesGA Access to Medical Cannabis CommissionEvaluation cost + $25.00
HIEvery yearYesState of Hawaii Department of HealthEvaluation cost + $38.50 for a one-year card, $77.00 for a two-year card
IAEvery yearYesThe Office of Medical CannabidiolEvaluation cost + $25.00
ILEvery yearYesIllinois Department of Public HealthEvaluation cost + $100/one-year, $200/two-year, $250/three-year
LAEvery yearYesLouisiana Department of HealthEvaluation cost + free state registration
MAEvery 3 yearsYesCannabis Control CommissionEvaluation cost + free state registration
MDEvery 6 yearsYesMaryland Medical Cannabis CommissionEvaluation cost + $25.00
MEEvery yearYesOffice of Cannabis PolicyEvaluation cost + free state registration
MIEvery 3 yearsYesMichigan Medical Marijuana ProgramEvaluation cost + $40.00
MNEvery yearYesMinnesota Department of HealthEvaluation cost + $200.00
MOEvery three yearsYesMissouri Department of Health & Senior ServicesEvaluation cost + $25.00
MSEvery yearYesMississippi State Department of HealthEvaluation cost + $25.00
MTEvery yearYesCannabis Control DivisionEvaluation cost + $20.00
NDEvery yearYesNorth Dakota Department of HealthEvaluation cost + $50.00
NHEvery yearYesNew Hampshire Department of Health & Human ServicesEvaluation cost + $50.00
NJEvery 2 years, but renewals are annualYesNew Jersey Division of Medical CannabisEvaluation cost + $10.00
NMEvery 3 yearsYesNew Mexico Department of HealthEvaluation cost + free state registration
NVEvery yearYesNevada Department of Health and Human ServicesEvaluation cost + $50.00
NYEvery yearYesNew York Office of Cannabis ManagementEvaluation cost + free stage registration
OHEvery yearYesMedical Marijuana Control ProgramEvaluation cost + $50.00
OKEvery two yearsYesOklahoma Medical Marijuana AuthorityEvaluation cost + $100.00
OREvery yearYesOregon Health AuthorityEvaluation cost + $200.00
PAEvery yearYesPennsylvania Department of HealthEvaluation cost + $50.00
RIEvery yearYesRhode Island Department of HealthEvaluation cost + $50.00
SDEvery yearYesSouth Dakota Department of HealthEvaluation cost + $75.00
TXN/AYesTexas Department of Public SafetyN/A
UTEvery six monthsYesUtah Department of Health & Human ServicesEvaluation cost + $15.00
VAEvery yearYesVirginia Board of PharmacyEvaluation cost + $50.00
VTEvery yearYesVermont Cannabis Control BoardEvaluation cost + $50.00
WAEvery yearYesWashington Department of HealthEvaluation cost + $90.00
WVEvery yearYesOffice of Medical CannabisEvaluation cost + $50.00

How Do I Renew My Medical Marijuana Card Online? 

Renewing your medical marijuana card is simple with NuggMD and can be completed in minutes. 

  1. Log into NuggMD (or sign up for free) and enter your patient information.
  2. Wait for the next available doctor. You can complete the renewal evaluation in minutes, or take as much time as you need to ask any questions you may have. 

The entire process is completed for the same cost as a first-time registration.

Why Get Your Med Card With NuggMD?

Choosing NuggMD for your medical marijuana card experience is efficient, affordable, and zero-risk. If you aren’t approved for medical cannabis, your evaluation is free.

Easy and Secure Online Process  

Have your consultation on your time. We're open daily from 8 AM to 10 PM and accessible via the phone, tablet or computer. 

Rapid Results and Same-Day Buying  

Receive your doctor's determination in minutes. In many states, you’ll be eligible to purchase medical cannabis as soon as you receive your digital recommendation. 


We value your privacy. Records are kept confidential and always adhere to HIPAA regulations. Further ensuring your security, payments are performed through secure online processors.


Whether you don't like people knowing your business or you’re concerned about the lingering stigma surrounding cannabis use, have no worries. With virtual appointments, no one has to know about your visit other than us. 

Takes Work Off Your Plate

Working with NuggMD allows you to do less so you can enjoy your free time more. Rather than spend hours booking appointments and managing registration processes, let us take on the extra work, all for 30-50% less than similar services. 

Renew Your Medical Card Online Get approved today in minutes with the nation's #1 trusted medical card provider.
No appointment needed. Only billed if approved.

When do medicinal marijuana cards expire? 

medical marijuana card online renewal

In most states, med cards expire after one year. Depending on the state and the doctor’s discretion, your med card can expire in just a few months or last two to three years. NuggMD adheres to the rules of each state's market it participates in. 

How long is the physician's recommendation valid?

Recommendations typically last as long as your ID is valid. Check your state's website to confirm, or contact NuggMD’s incredible support team.

What happens if I don't renew my medical card?

Patients aren't allowed to participate in the medical market once their med card expires. Unless a state has an adult-use market, patients can no longer legally obtain cannabis. Avoid this outcome by starting your renewal process 30 to 60 days before your card expires. 

What are the requirements for renewal?

Most states require similar documents as during your initial signup. Expect to include your ID, proof of residency, and a doctor's recommendation.

What are the fees involved in renewing my med card?

Fees vary by state, including registration fees (optional in some states) and the cost of your medical marijuana evaluation (an evaluation is required in all states, but not in Washington DC for patients 21 and older). 

Do I need to update any information to renew my MMJ card?

You'll need to submit a new doctor recommendation to any state requiring it. States may require additional information. Be sure to consult your state’s medical cannabis website for more answers. 

The information in this article and any included images or charts are for educational purposes only. This information is neither a substitute for, nor does it replace, professional legal advice or medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. If you have any concerns or questions about laws, regulations, or your health, you should always consult with an attorney, physician or other licensed professional.

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