Cannabis 101: Smell Proof Bags for Weed

Smell proof bags for weed
By Andrew Ward Published May 21st

Fact-checked by Alexandra Arnett, MS

Cannabis flower remains the most popular consumption method, even as a wave of options becomes legally accessible. Flower comes in a number of strains, offering consumers a plethora of unique experiences and outcomes.

While flower is beloved for its varied effects, flavors, and aromas, it sometimes isn’t ideal for filling the room with weed smells. When those times arise, smell proof bags for weed are the ideal solution, whether you are keeping your stash at home or on the road. 

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What are Smell Proof Bags for Weed?

Smell-proof bags sometimes referred to as stash bags, are innovative bags and storage containers meant to keep pungent cannabis aromas from escaping into the surrounding area. They are made from materials like activated carbon and feature airtight seals. Smell-proof bags ensure that no air enters the container, nor do any weed odors make it out of the bag.

Due to their UV-protected, airtight design, smell-proof bags are also ideal for keeping flower and other cannabis products fresh

Many different smell-proof bags for weed are now available. An ideal option should not only keep the smells in but also be durable over several uses. Smell-proof bags are meant to be taken on the road, into nature, or anywhere else someone wants to discreetly carry their cannabis. 

Are Smell Proof Bags for Weed Really Smell Proof?

Are smell proof bags for weed really smell proof?

Smell-proof bags are engineered to prevent strong aromas from escaping. This feat is made possible by an array of materials and construction methods focused on reducing or eliminating odor leaks. 

Smell-proof bags are often lined with activated carbon, which serves as a barrier. Activated carbon is a highly absorbent material that plays a critical role in trapping odor molecules. 

Activated carbon is joined by airtight seals to create a duo of effective odor-proof methods. Airtight seals keep air from flowing out of the container or into it. They also help keep the product fresh, as oxygen exposure is one of the key natural elements that accelerates cannabis flower degradation. 

The durable and moisture-resistant material mylar also plays a critical role in many smell-proof bags. Much like activated carbon, mylar adds an extra layer of odor protection to a bag. Additionally, mylar is known for extending a product's durability and longevity. Materials like nylon and canvas are also regularly used to extend a bag’s durability through their tough material and waterproofing features. 

Making a smell-proof bag at home may not be possible. Activated carbon, mylar, and the airtight seal component materials aren't readily accessible in the home. 

Alternative materials may be suitable, but they could impact the bag's efficacy and durability. While many cannabis endeavors can be replicated in the home, making a smell-proof bag for your cannabis is probably one of the more difficult ones to pull off. Purchasing a quality product is recommended in this case. 

Advantages of Smell Proof Bags

Using a smell-proof weed bag has plenty of benefits. Some of the obvious and not-so-obvious potential benefits include:

  • Odor containment
  • Fresh storage solution
  • Discreet
  • Lightweight, easy to move
  • Durable (water and damage protection)
  • Versatile
  • Easy to clean

Using a smell-proof bag over more common bags and containers is recommended. Even when with pungent diesel strains, a smell-proof bag will keep the odor inside. By using this product, you won’t have to worry about reeking in public or filling your car with some hard-to-clear pot aromas. 

Using a generic item, like a Ziploc bag, won't result in any odor protection, nor will it protect your pot products from exposure to UV light if left out. A pill box or another similar airtight container may provide odor protection. However, most of these items will not store much cannabis, especially if working with long joints, spliffs, blunts, or just a large amount of cannabis flower. 

Drawbacks of Smell Proof Bags for Weed

Drawbacks of smell proof bags for weed

Stash bags don't have many unique drawbacks.

Many people's main concern is whether the bag is actually smell-proof. While you might want to save a few bucks on your bag, ensure it has the essential materials to ensure its effectiveness. It’s better to invest in a quality product that will last you a long time than replace it repeatedly. 

Quality bags will usually last several years or uses, whichever comes first. However, some bags may deteriorate sooner than others, threatening their longevity. In some cases, this expedited degradation is due to the user. Other issues are due to something entirely out of their control. 

Wear and tear can come from various errors during production, storage, and sale. It can also be accelerated by a lack of care on the part of the consumer. Regular cleaning and maintenance can play a part. 

Most smell-proof bags are durable and will last even without regular cleaning. Failure to keep your bag clean could result in accelerated wear and tear in some parts of the bag. 

Tips for Buying Smell Proof Bags

Picking up the right stash bag means finding what works for your budget, aesthetic, and goals. You want to find the most functional option within your budget while ensuring it actually keeps the smell contained inside the bag or container. 

When shopping for a smell-proof bag, look for the following:

Is It Smell Proof?

In addition to checking to see if the product was made with carbon-filter technology, take a few extra minutes to read or watch customer reviews and, if possible, try the product hands-on.


Bags made with nylon and canvas are more likely to be waterproof, providing higher protection from accidents and early deterioration. 


Versatility covers a bag's many components, such as the container’s potential for multiple compartments for extra storage. Other times, versatility applies to various bags, including their potential to function as standard travel, storage, or hiking bags. 

Cleaning and Maintenance

Most bags are made from materials that make cleaning easy, such as a quick wipe inside the bag. However, consumers of concentrates, edibles, topicals, and other consumption options may want to take extra consideration before buying. 

Top 5 Smell Proof Bags for Weed

Best smell proof bags for weed

Some highly rated storage bag brands many consumers have used include: 

Herb Guard

Herb Guard has an ample array of bags to choose from, including many affordable options. All of their options are touted as having state-of-the-art odor removal technology. 

Dime Bags

Dime Bags offers a range of options in various colors and price points, all ensuring odor-free travel.

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Skunk Bags

Skunk Bags has a collection of scent-secured bags, including handheld backpacks, duffles, and everyday use bags - all made with an L.A. flare. 

Stash Logix

Stash Logix carries a range of stash bags in several sizes at affordable prices—storage options, like humidity-censored storage jars and doob tubes, and headline accessories.

Revelry Supply

Revelry Supply has a number of smell-proof bags to choose from, as well as more unique options, including gear boxes and aprons.

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