The Best Weed Containers to Keep Your Stash Fresh

Best weed containers
By Bethan Rose Jenkins Published April 10th

Fact-checked by Alexandra Arnett, MS

Much like fruits, vegetables, and other natural consumable products, cannabis requires proper storage.

The plant depends on the correct humidity levels for optimum freshness and potency. Exposure to excess air, cold, extreme heat, and light can cause cannabinoids (such as CBD and THC) to degrade, resulting in a less effective product. 

Poor cannabis storage conditions may also negatively impact the quality of the plant’s aromatic terpenes, which give cannabis strains their unique aroma and add to their therapeutic composition. Proper weed storage and long shelf life go hand-in-hand. 

The best weed containers also prove helpful in concealing the tell-tale smell of cannabis. Many consumers (and even non-consumers) may savor the pleasant aroma, but those tightly bound nugs can overpower a room if left uncovered. 

Fortunately, finding the ideal container doesn't need to be difficult. Let's lift the lid on the best weed containers for proper weed storage.

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The Importance of Proper Weed Storage

A great weed container will benefit you in more ways than one. Careful cannabis storage is a necessity if you want to safeguard your health, get the maximum potency from each bud, and make your stash last longer.

What are the most important reasons to store your stash in a high-quality weed container?

Maintain Cannabinoid Potency

Exposure to light, heat, and oxidation plays a significant role in the degradation process, with excess exposure damaging the plant material and lessening the overall effects.

The best way to prevent oxidation is to store weed in a cool, dark place with minimal moisture. Experts recommend storing dried cannabis products at 1–5 °C, but some experiments indicate that samples stored at 120 °F for up to 30 days can maintain their quality without impacting the chemical profiles.1

Preserve Aroma and Freshness

Terpenes emit a prominent scent. The specific smell of these fragrant plant-produced chemicals (also known as “terpenoids”) depends on the type of terpene(s) present in your chosen strain. Lack of terpenes means a dull odor and the absence of each compound’s therapeutic properties.

Likewise, if cannabis isn't stored properly, it will likely expire faster. The typical shelf life of well-stored cannabis is up to a year, but this may be cut in half (or more) if it is improperly stored. 

Protect Your Health

Mold spores can form on damp cannabis that faces high humidity exposure, thus posing a health hazard. Long-term mold exposure may cause a runny or stuffy nose, eye itchiness and redness, skin irritation, and shortness of breath. When choosing smell-proof weed containers, opt for packing materials with low water permeability to prevent moisture accumulation.2

Ensure Optimum Symptom Relief

If your weed isn't growing mold because it is too damp, it may become too dry, resulting in decreased potency and terpene loss. If you rely on medical cannabis for symptom relief - whether it's for pain, anxiety, or muscle spasms - the cannabinoid and terpenoid potency will influence the effects. Stale weed is unlikely to ease your symptoms as well as properly-stored weed.

What to Look for in a Weed Container

How to choose the best weed containers

Never overlook the importance of setting aside enough time to find the right weed container. Those precious trichome-twinkling nugs require very specific environments to thrive, not only during the growing stage but also after harvesting.

Cannabis is considered a highly perishable plant. During harvest, its moisture content ranges from 75–78%, but this reduces significantly after the drying phase.1

The main do's and don'ts of proper weed storage center around a number of factors that are specific to each consumer.

Size of the Storage Container

Are you a high-dose heavy-hitter, or do you prefer to consume cannabis in small quantities? Do you want to store a handful of buds while on the go, or are you looking for weed containers that can hold a month’s worth of supply? Ask yourself these questions before shopping for a container, most of which hold a minimum of one ounce.

Brand Credibility

The weed storage containers you use don’t need to come from a brand, but brand shopping is a good idea if you’re serious about extending your flowers' shelf life.

Container Material

Steer clear of plastic “baggies'' and plastic containers. Why? Plastic retains static that can harm fragile trichomes. Basic metal tins are no friend to cannabis, either, since they let in excess oxygen.

The most reliable material choices for weed containers are ceramic, glass, stainless steel, or natural wood containers.

Airtight-sealed glass jars are the top choice for keeping your cream-of-the-crop buds in pristine condition. Glass is effective at limiting oxygen exposure, and there is zero static charge. Moreover, glass containers are usually relatively cheap and can be found in most dispensaries and family homes. Mason jars are a simple yet effective option if you don't want to get too technical when searching for the best weed storage containers.1

Container Design

Big, small, wide, narrow, circular, square, clear, transparent - however will you decide? The best way to pick a design is to consider how much cannabis you want to put away temporarily and the reason(s) why you want to store it. Is your main goal to lock in the pungent terpenes? Do you want to prevent losing any treasured nugs on the floor each time you handle them? Or do you want a stylish storage solution to display prominently on your desk or mantel?

Packaging Quality

Several important things to consider when storing away your flower include making sure your packaging can prevent moisture and protect the fragile trichomes on the flowers. Research has shown that once cured, cannabis flowers stored in bags of Mylar lose moisture gradually after a few months.2

Price of the Container

A fairly good quality cannabis storage container will set you back at least $20, with top-of-the-range products valued upwards of $200. However, price doesn't always reflect quality, so shop wisely and always research a brand beforehand. 

Humidity Control

High humidity levels may result in moisture exposure, which can prompt mold growth, whereas low humidity will dry out the buds. Weed storage containers with humidity packs and specialty humidors can preserve your weed at an ideal relative humidity of 59-63%. Avoid storing cannabis in a refrigerator since this will cause the trichomes to become brittle and break. 

Additional Storage Container Features

Additional features you may wish to consider include color coding (to distinguish between different strains), easy-application labels (preferably ones that you can write on yourself to identify by cannabinoid potency, terpenes, and medical uses of each strain), and mini lights (so that you can see your stash in all its glory at nighttime, too!) 

Smell-Proof Containers for Weed

Law enforcement officers in Maryland can no longer use the smell of weed as probable cause to search a vehicle, but not every U.S. state follows this rule. This means that while you might think your nose hair-tickling stash smells like a dream (and let's be honest, it probably does), it could land you in trouble. If you have been pulled over, the best way to avoid getting your vehicle searched is to already have your cannabis in a highly-rated, smell-proof weed container. 

What's the difference between smell-proof and airtight containers? 

Airtight and smell-proof containers often refer to the same quality or feature. Airtight containers are designed to control cannabis odor and protect every single nug by keeping excess air, moisture, and pesky critters at bay. 

Are All Weed Containers Smell-Proof? 

Not necessarily, but well-built containers should be able to stop suspicious noses from detecting your weed. Smell-proof containers for weed guarantee discretion, so you can travel (within legal boundaries) without a green cloud of kush following you around.

Making a small investment in airtight containers for weed can also save you the hassle of getting rid of the smell of weed in your home or apartment. You may even be lucky enough to find a household item in your bathroom, kitchen, or garage that can trap cannabis odors and keep your weed safe. However, purpose-built containers are typically more reliable for preventing smell spillage.

The 5 Best Weed Containers

The Top 5 Weed Containers

Sure, there are plenty of DIY options at your disposal, including vacuum-sealable bags, Mason jars, and pill bottles. However, quality is everything when it comes to protecting your favorite plant.

Save yourself time window shopping by perusing five of the best weed containers on the market. Each container was chosen based on user reviews, build quality, and accessible pricing.

1. 250ml Glass-on-Glass Apothecary Jar from Infinity Jars ($35)

Infinity Jars offers the world’s most diverse range of impeccable quality, pigmented ultraviolet glass jars, apothecary containers, and bottles.

The simple yet sleek airtight design is eco-friendly, and the glass is manufactured inside a European lab for maximum smell-proof power. Suitable for storing cannabis and all types of dried herbs, the apothecary jar also features a lid that doubles up as a serving cup! This best-seller also has a 30-day money-back guarantee, so why not test it for yourself?

2. CVault Humidor Storage Container ($27.99)

Made with premium food-grade stainless steel, this bargain weed container is as simple and compact as it comes. Nonetheless, it does the job well and holds up to one ounce of cannabis. Also available in a three-pack, it is perfect for on-the-go use.

Alternatively, save yourself five bucks by opting for CVault's humidity-controlled storage container. The trusted brand’s airtight weed containers feature a silicone seal to keep your tightly packed nuggets of green goodness fresh. 

3. Re-Stash’s Stylish 8oz Evergreen Stash Jar ($24)

Let’s give five leaves (instead of stars) for this product’s sophisticated Mason jar revamp. This is not your average Mason jar, however. Resilient, durable, and CPSC-certified child-proof, Re-Stash’s Stylish 8oz Evergreen Stash Jar features a lid made from 30% farm waste. The patented product is BPA-free, and the sunlight-blocking design will shield your weed from damage or deterioration. Plus, there's a storage clip in the center to hold your rolling papers or humidity pack. 

4. Stori Stash Box ($40-$189)

This stash jar from Stori eliminates excess oxygen and UV to create a safe haven for your trichome-blanketed flowers. Shield your stash from harsh exterior elements that may otherwise cause cannabinoids and terpenes to degrade and make the most of your weed’s potency, flavors, aroma, and the unique properties of each strain.

The Stori Pods and Tubes are masterfully crafted using food-grade aluminum, and the lid of each weed storage container is big enough to hold a humidity pack. Color-coded label caps allow for easy organization with this award-winning product. 

5. Herb Guard 1oz Stash Jar ($34.99)

Herb Guard's range of airtight, UV-filtering, and smell-proof jars will disguise the scent of even the stinkiest cheese. The eye-catching, deep-tinted jar is made from black glass and is as sleek as it is practical. Some of the impressive features include Airtight lids, ultraviolet light filtering, varying size capacities up to 2 oz, and protective locking pouches. These weed container products also include jar labels and a disposable humidity pack. 

Your health and stash are at stake when you store cannabis long-term, and choosing an efficient and durable weed container is crucial. Before you buy your next cannabis storage container, read customer reviews or check tutorials online to find out what other cannabis consumers are saying.

Many dispensaries also offer a selection of storage products, so be sure to ask your favorite budtender on your next visit.

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The information in this article and any included images or charts are for educational purposes only. This information is neither a substitute for, nor does it replace, professional legal advice or medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. If you have any concerns or questions about laws, regulations, or your health, you should always consult with an attorney, physician or other licensed professional.

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