What are Canna Bumps (and Are They Safe)?

What are Canna Bumps?
By Andrew Ward Published April 22nd

Fact-checked by Alexandra Arnett, MS

Many illicit drugs, such as cocaine, amphetamines, and heroin, can be absorbed through the nasal membrane by snorting the powdered substances. In the world of cocaine, this has traditionally been called a “bump.” 

In recent years, the idea of snorting cannabis was introduced into the mainstream through Canna Bumps, a snortable cannabis item made to resemble cocaine. It became a controversial topic in the cannabis community, with many consumers and advocates warning against the product.

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What are Canna Bumps?

The better question is, what were Canna Bumps? 

The product was a controversial and short-lived brainchild of THC Living and its parent company, CBD Living. With a close similarity to cocaine consumption, Canna Bumps isolated THC into powder form. The powdered product was offered in a glass vial, with a small spoon included to scoop and snort the cannabis.

Canna Bumps debuted in April 2021. By the end of the month, it had caught the attention of consumers and industry professionals, but in a different way than they had hoped. Cannabis social media and branding expert Alice Moon started the conversation, saying this is not what people want to see of the maturing industry. Consumers and professionals alike joined in the criticism not long after. 

One of the most telling points came when people asked if selling snortable THC aligned with the intentions of the cannabis reform movement. Considering the decades-long effort, the risks, and the consequences that reform fighters faced, many felt that powdered weed was a slap in the face while glorifying cocaine use. 

The enormous and largely negative blowback led to THC Living pulling the product by the end of the same month it was introduced.

Pros and Cons of Canna Bumps

Canna bumps were a bad idea

There weren't many, if any, pros to snorting cannabis. Consuming cannabis through the nose may produce a rapid onset of a high, but a smoked, vaped, or dabbed option also has a quick effect timeframe without carrying the same risks or negative connotation.

On the other hand, finding the cons of snortable cannabis products, like Canna Bumps, is relatively easy. They include:

  • Controversial: Brands need to stand out, and sometimes that means being a provocateur. Companies have to evaluate the ramifications of the shock value. A snortable cannabis option is near-pointless when other consumption methods deliver rapid onset without resembling an illicit drug with a high addiction potential. While some say that all press is good press, powdered cannabis proved that isn't always the case. 
  • Negative Public Perception: Cannabis continues to be stigmatized by far too many individuals. Consuming cocaine has a worse public perception than smoking cannabis, and rightfully so. The reactions towards an increase in people consuming white, powdery substances in public would not be favorable - even if it were cannabis. 
  • Possible Regulatory Blowback: The negative public sentiment about cocaine would definitely flow over into the cannabis space and possibly into state and federal regulations. At this precarious time, the laws regarding cannabis are far in its favor. Many felt that regulations could regress with controversial products, such as Canna Bumps, hitting the market. 
  • Possible Legal Battles: If a product like Canna Bumps hits the market, a lawyer, parent group, and/or lawmaker may challenge it. More than a few states may contest that a powdered product meant for snorting does not fall into the purview of their allowable products. Even if legal for now, some legal or regulatory action could be taken to revise those rules, much like the state laws surrounding cannabinoids like delta-8 and delta-10.

Is It Safe to Snort Cannabis?

Due to a lack of applicable studies, it's challenging to know whether snortable THC is safe or not. However, there is a firm understanding of the effects of snorting other drugs. Short-term effects often include: 

  • Blocked nasal pathways
  • Swelling of the nasal lining
  • Respiratory issues
  • Lung infection

Long-term effects associated with other snorted drugs can include dependence and addiction. Some heavy drug snorters have also developed a hole in their septum, sometimes leading to a nose deformity where plastic surgery is typically required to repair the issue.

The most dangerous outcome of snorting most drugs is death. Illicit producers often mix products with other substances, like baby powder, to improve product sales margins. This practice has become very dangerous, with deadly fentanyl introduced into the mix. The risk of using powdery drugs is extremely high.

With so many other cannabis consumption options to choose from, it doesn't make sense to snort cannabis even if the product remained on the market.

What Happens if You Snort Weed

Is snorting weed a bad idea?

There has not been a lot of research regarding snorting weed. However, initial animal-based studies into intranasal cannabis consumption indicate that the method is largely ineffective.

A 2023 study of three adult mouse groups revealed that nasal consumption of liquid Delta-9 THC did not produce beneficial results. In their analysis, researchers noted that just 1.7% of the THC reached the bloodstream, a considerable drop in concentration compared to traditional consumption methods. Researchers also noted that CBD consumed internally reached the bloodstream more often but varied depending on the formulation used.1

While further research could shed light on possible benefits, initial analysis suggests that snorting weed is not beneficial or effective.

When Are Canna Bumps or Snortable THC Dangerous?

Research has shown that snorting various drugs can lead to severe negative outcomes. While lab analysis is too limited to say with certainty, snorting cannabis (whether THC or CBD) could also prove detrimental to someone’s health.

The risks are amplified for anyone with nasal or respiratory ailments. Again, lab studies have yet to confirm much, but no evidence yet suggests that the practice of snorting cannabis is beneficial.

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Alternatives to Canna Bumps

Since there are no known benefits to snorting weed, other methods of consumption are recommended over snorting Canna Bumps or any other powdered weed product.

Those looking to avoid smoke can choose from various consumption methods, including tinctures, edibles, vaping, and even inhalers. Those looking for the rapid onset delivered by snorting can turn to dabs, vape cartridges, and flower for near-instant effects.

While cannabis innovation is almost always welcome, Canna Bumps quickly proved that not every idea is good.


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The information in this article and any included images or charts are for educational purposes only. This information is neither a substitute for, nor does it replace, professional legal advice or medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. If you have any concerns or questions about laws, regulations, or your health, you should always consult with an attorney, physician or other licensed professional.

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