The Top 10 THC Drinks [Updated for 2024]

top THC drinks
By Andrew Ward Updated July 8th

Fact-checked by Alexandra Arnett, MS

The variety of cannabis consumption methods has exploded in recent years. With legalization ramping up in the United States and worldwide, scientists and creative entrepreneurs continue finding new and exciting ways to consume cannabis. And one of those exciting sectors is THC-infused drinks.

In this article, we explore some of the top THC beverages and how you can safely and effectively enjoy a THC beverage in 2024.

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What are THC Drinks?

A THC beverage is exactly what it sounds like: a drink infused with psychoactive THC. These increasingly popular drinks act like an edible and often have similar effects.

Most cannabis beverages can be made using a distillate, isolate, or full-spectrum concentrate.

The wide variety of offerings and the booming market have positioned THC drinks to move from consumer trend to industry mainstay, similar to how dabbing did when it first caught on. 

What are the Pros and Cons of THC Drinks?

thc drinks

Like any method of cannabis consumption, THC beverages come with their own set of pros and cons depending on the effect and experience you’re looking for.

Pros of THC Drinks

More Sociable

A standard dose for most cannabis products is around 10mg, with effects often arriving up to 2 hours after consumption. This outcome allows consumers to stagger their dosage over a prolonged period while they drink, creating an experience similar to consuming alcohol. This connection is likely to grow as more states approve consumption lounges.


Cannabis community ethos calls for sharing whenever possible. Similar to how you would pass a joint, you can pour servings of a THC beverage to friends so you all can enjoy the effects together.

Dosage Options

A standard dosage may be 10mg, but producers have rolled out a wide range of beverage options catering to every type of consumer. Today, you can find 2.5mg dosed drinks, CBD:THC beverages in a variety of ratios, and higher-dosed beverages containing anywhere from 20 to several hundred milligrams of THC in a can. 


Dosage Caution

As the last entry notes, dosages can vary wildly depending on the product. Consumers are encouraged to read the packaging carefully to know precisely how much THC and other cannabinoids are in their infused beverage. 

Dosage Uncertainty

Finding your exact dosage can be difficult with a beverage. Like halving an edible, you may have an idea of what the dosage may be, but this inexact method can quickly go wrong, especially with high-dose beverages. The risk can be offset by preemptively calculating your desired dose and serving size, then using a liquid measuring cup.

Difficult To Find

Consumers may encounter roadblocks when trying to find their favorite THC drinks. In some cases, the beverage cannot be imported, produced, or infused due to licensing or interstate commerce laws. Sometimes, a brand is sold in-state but may not be carried by retailers in your area. Online options may be available but only for certain brands and customers. And many dispensaries dedicate shelf space to gummies and chocolates, allowing room for only a few THC beverage brands.

THC Drinks vs. Other Cannabis Products

Cannabis affects each person differently. But in most cases, consumers report comparable onset times and effect duration.

Product typeTypical PotencyOnset TimeLength of High
THC Drinks10mg THC per servingUp to 2 hours6-12 hours
Edibles10mg THC per servingUp to 2 hours6-12 hours
Smoked Cannabis10-30% THCAlmost immediate2-6 hours
Vape60% THC or higherAlmost immediate2-6 hours
THC Pills10-20mg THC per servingUp to 2 hours6-12 hours
THC Inhalers2.5-5mg THC per doseAlmost immediateUp to 6 hours
THC Topicalsnon-intoxicating15-30 minutesnon-intoxicating

THC Drinks vs. Alcoholic Drinks

Stark similarities and differences exist between THC beverages and alcoholic drinks. While both offer multiple consumption options and produce intoxicating effects, the alcohol industry has operated legally for decades in America. Thus, the offerings are more diverse at this time. 

And let's not forget that a THC beverage's effects will almost certainly take longer for you to feel than they would with an alcoholic beverage. 

So which is safer? 

Some lawmakers and countries still claim that cannabis is a gateway drug that leads to other risky behavior. But, it is actually alcohol that has more proven links to dangerous outcomes. Analysis conducted in 2022 by the National Center For Drug Abuse Statistics found that 95,000 Americans die from alcohol-related symptoms each year. Drunk driving claims 10,500 lives each year, and 47,500 deaths are attributable to long-term health issues caused by drinking. 

Then there's the issue of hangovers. These painful and sometimes nauseating side effects are often linked to alcohol. However, THC drinks and other forms of cannabis can cause “weed hangovers” with similar, though often more docile, symptoms than you would find in an alcohol-based reaction. 

The Top THC Drinks for 2024

Top THC Drinks for 2023

Consumers are buzzing over their favorite THC beverages this year. We’ve compiled a list of some of the highest-rated options in 2024, from syrups and dissolvable THC to soda, lattes, and more!

1. St Ides Wild Raspberry High Tea - 100mg THC

If you enjoy sipping on teas like Arizona or Peace Tea, you’ll enjoy these infused High Teas from St Ides. Made using nanoemulsion technology, this Wild Raspberry High Tea from St Ides has 100mg of THC per can and has a rapid onset of effect. St Ides High Teas also come in Mango and Peach flavors.

2. Levia Raspberry Lime Sativa Seltzer - 5mg THC

A seltzer with zero sugar, zero calories, and only 5mg of THC, these are perfect for social gatherings, boosting your mood and focus, or getting active.

3. Tonic Mandarin Orange Tonic - 100mg THC

This 12oz 100mg THC Mandarin Orange Tonics from Tonic drinks are made using a liposomal encapsulation technology that, similarly to nanoemulsion, can speed up the onset of effects. Perfect for a hot summer day and the bottle also includes a dosing strip to help you control the effects.

4. Lil’ Ray’s Lemonades - 1:1 THC/CBD

Made with fast-acting cannabinoid oils, these lemonades from Lil’ Ray’s come in several different flavors, Lemonade, Pineapple, Mango, Strawberry, Huckleberry, and Citrus Kush. Because these are 1:1 drinks, they make for a perfect introduction to cannabis-infused beverages.

5. Hapy Kitchen Blackberry Stone’d Fruit Syrup - 1:1:1 CBD/THC/CBN

Packing a whopping 250mg of THC in each pouch, these Stone’d Fruit Syrups from Hapy Kitchen are also nano-enhanced for faster onset of effects. These syrups are made with real fruit, live resin cannabis extract and are Vegan, GMO-free, and Gluten-Free. 

6. Ripple Dissolvables - Pure 100mg

Quick dissolvable powders like Ripple's Pure allow consumers to dose any beverage they like with THC. Each pouch contains 10mg of THC, providing you with a standard amount you would find in most cannabis products.

7. Mary Jones Soda

Jones Soda has been a long-time favorite for scores of sugar lovers, thanks to an array of flavorful beverages and colors. The brand's summer 2022 rollout of their 10mg per bottle Mary Jones – available in four delicious flavors – had the cannabis community buzzing. Shortly after, they announced the release of their 100mg THC cans and a new 10mg flavor, Grape Soda. 

8. Keef Energy - High Octane 100mg

If coffee isn't your thing, but caffeine is, then an infused energy soda may be right up your alley. Keef’s High Octane delivers a perfect blend, combining your needed energy with 100mg of cannabinoids in every can.

9. Lagunitas Hi-Fi Hops Hi-Fi Sessions - Hoppy Chill

The favorite beer brand entered the cannabis space with this citrusy, tropical number containing 10mg of THC and approximately 2mg of CBD per can. If you're a fan of Lagunitas hops, you'll likely be a fan of Hi-Fi.

10. House of Saka

Wine and cannabis lovers that worry about combining the two don't have to worry any longer. With an array of flavors and various doses available, House of Saka provides consumers with an alcohol-free wine steeped in luxury and THC.

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Cannabis-infused beverages are an exciting and evolving space. With that excitement comes public education and questions. These are some of the more common inquiries.

Are THC drinks legal everywhere?

No. Each state’s laws vary regarding cannabis regulations and the sale of infused beverages. Check with your state or country before buying or making any infused drinks. 

Where can I buy THC drinks?

If THC-infused beverages are legal in your state, you can purchase them in several ways. You can use a delivery service (if available near you), order directly from the company, use a third-party retailer, or visit a dispensary that carries the brand.

What substances should I avoid mixing with THC drinks?

Additional research is required, but the general rule is not to mix cannabis with other intoxicating substances, such as alcohol or medications.

How long do THC drinks last?

In most cases, consumers report the effects of THC-infused beverages lasting around 6 to 12 hours, but results vary by person.

Can I make my own THC drinks? 

You bet! You can make THC drinks at home using a variety of methods. One of the simplest options is to pick up a bottle of infused syrup, tinctures, or dissolvable THC pouches to mix into just about any beverage. 

The information in this article and any included images or charts are for educational purposes only. This information is neither a substitute for, nor does it replace, professional legal advice or medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. If you have any concerns or questions about laws, regulations, or your health, you should always consult with an attorney, physician or other licensed professional.

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