How Marijuana Will Change Your Life, According to Reddit

By NuggMD Team Updated March 8th

More sex, better moods, less pain. Ever wondered how marijuana can improve your life? Now that cannabis is legal in 37 states, people who’ve never before indulged in the sweet leaf are finally giving it a chance.

We were curious what they had to say, so obviously we turned to Reddit. After four hours and twenty minutes of rifling through stories of people trying marijuana for the first time (and how their opinions on cannabis changed after that first experience), we came up with a list of the 20 best testimonials from new cannabis-users on Reddit.

Almost all these newbies had major misconceptions about marijuana before trying it, so their reactions are priceless. But overall, its clear marijuana is used by different people in different ways to improve their lives in different degrees. Bottom-line, cannabis will change your life.

“It Changed Our Life”

I’m probably late to this party, but I fall squarely into this category and thought I would share my thoughts.

My wife and I are “responsible” adults (32 and 36) who never drank, smoke or used any drugs up until about 3 months ago. We live in WA and after pot was legalized we both joked around about how now we should try it while in reality both of us were seriously interested. One day I went to one of the local recreational shops and picked up some chocolate for us to try. My wife was surprised to see it, but clearly very excited that I actually went through with it.

It really was better than I could have imagined. We were happy, giggling morons and loving every minute of it. We were also extremely uninhibited in talking about other things that we secretly wanted to do (mostly in bed). Since that night we have had a much more passionate love life and more satisfying relationship trying new things that we were always afraid to bring up because we thought the other would disapprove. We have children so we can’t get high everyday, but we have gotten high a couple of times per month and look forward to it each time.

“My Wife Loves ‘Happy’ Me”

So I held out on smoking weed because the whole “smoking” thing was a buzzkill to me after watching my grandma die when I was 6 of lung/breast cancer and emphysema. So I give in at the ripe old age of 39 and it was glorious. I was so high you could have shot me in the stomach and I would have thanked you. Have smoked a dozen or so times since then and it is amazing. My wife loves “happy” me.

High Smiley Face

“He Laughed & He Cried & We Listened to Johnny Cash”

Back in the late 90’s before medical marijuana was really a thing, they told my 79 year old grandfather who was dying of bone cancer to see if he could find some weed. My grandmother approached my cousin and I and we procured some good shit and came over with a bong.

My grandfather was very conservative and fought in WWII and never did any illegal drugs and was under the opinion that anyone who smokes pot was a total loser. He never suspected my cousin and I (or my dad for that matter) smoked because we had jobs and went to college and got good grades. He was brainwashed by the war on drugs to think that only losers smoked pot.

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Johnny Cash Smoking

Anyway we got him really high and he laughed and he cried and we listened to Johnny Cash and it was a pretty amazing experience for all of us. It wasn’t so much getting high that was a revelation for him, it was the fact that he understood finally that people can smoke weed and not be total drugged out losers. He even talked about how dumb it was that it was illegal because it was just a plant and obviously not as dangerous as he was led to believe.

As far as therapeutic effects, this guy had nausea so bad that he was taking a 750 dollar a pill anti nausea medication that didn’t work. The weed relieved his nausea and my grandma even made us all pancakes. Before that he was pretty much living off morphine and hard candies.

We left the bong and the weed and he used it daily for the last two weeks of his life. I wish he’d have known earlier how it could change his life.‍

“My Bladder Problem of 10 Years Is 90% Better”

Cannabis Improves Bladder Control

I’m 54 and moved to Colorado last fall. Never tried it before. What I can report so far:

  1. A bladder problem I’ve had for 10 years is about 90% better. Much better than what Flomax or Uroxatral was able to do.
  2. Enhanced enjoyment of music and funny videos on YouTube.

Edibles work best for me.

I’m sold.

Believe it or not, cannabis has many health benefits for people who suffer from OAB (Overactive Bladder), as evidenced by a recent study.

“Before Marijuana, I Had Trouble Staying Conscious”

Before, I would have said people use the “medicine excuse as a reason to smoke it.” Now? I am sold.

  1. My anxiety is better controlled.
  2. I sleep better and wake refreshed.
  3. My bladder spasms issue is resolved. Helps my Fibromyalgia.
  4. Helps my nauseousness 80% of the time (depending on strain).
  5. It has lowered my number of seizures from like 30 a month down to about 8-10 (still working on the right combo of homemade tincture and nightly vaporizing).
  6. My allergies are calmer (this was a surprise for me, not expecting it).
  7. My muscles finally relaxed and they don’t spasm constantly.
  8. My depression is better overall just because I can deal with life better. Although I do have my days where I struggle hard.
  9. My back doesn’t kill me anymore… although if I don’t get enough, I still have numbness down my legs some.
  10. I can feel my crotch again (TMI, I know) so I can tell when I have to pee. No incontinence since about a week after I started.
  11. My wild and crazy sleep cycles seem to be chilling out, although they still happen.

Before this, I was on a lot of medications.

Gabapentin, trying different AED’s, clonidine, Benadryl (daily), Ranitidine, Cyclobenzaprine, Methocarbomal, and others I can’t remember.

My list is now Marijuana (Daily), Lasix (as needed for swelling), Benadryl (only as needed), Epi pen (as needed)

Before Marijuana, I had trouble staying conscious… I mean, can you blame me? Every medicine knocked me out. I was awake about 4-10 hours a day. Now, I am awake about 12 hours or more a day.

It has changed my life!

Just like this Reddit user, many first-time cannabis users discover how many different health benefits marijuana can provide them. From better bladder control, to relaxed allergies and reduced pain, marijuana is evidenced to have many health benefits.

“Helped My Uncle See the Mountains like He Always Wanted”

Not me directly however my Uncle has recently been diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer (<6 months). My mom took him on a road trip and they passed through Colorado in the middle of their trip. Until that point, he was in unbearable pain, irritable, couldn’t sleep, eat, or be remotely comfortable. I wouldn’t typically peg my mom as a marijuana supporter but she was desperate and went to a dispensary. She cried when she told me how the man helped her pick out individual items to help with each of his issues. Hard candies to soothe his throat so he could eat, etc. After a restful nights sleep, they were able to take a short hike the next day together and enjoy the last few days of their trip. My mother is now a big time supporter after experiencing it first hand through my Uncle. She has expressed how grateful she is that they were able to make it through his last big trip and see the mountains like he always wanted.

Cannabis Changed the Life of This Dying Man
It’s no secret that cannabis opens your eyes to many of nature’s most intricate details, which might otherwise go unappreciated.

“I Found Myself Happier, More Introspective & Had No More Anger Issues. A Year Later & I Smoke 5-6 Nights a Week”

40-something here. I didn’t smoke in high school because pot was a gateway drug that led to a path of destruction and GOD would disapprove. I didn’t smoke in college because pot robbed your memory and took away your edge, preventing you from being competitive. In my 30’s many of my friends smoked but I abstained because of those old beliefs (Thank you, D.A.R.E. program!). A year ago I began dating a girl who smoked on occasion and one night in bed she offered me a toke. It was harsh, and the Coke can did little to improve the experience. I FUCKING LOVED IT! I had never laughed so hard. It made me horny. And that night we had a blast. The next day I had no hang over, felt nothing disagreeable, and I hadn’t been struck by lightning. A few days later we smoked again and it was even more awesome. I found myself happier, more introspective, and had no more anger issues. A year later and I smoke 5-6 nights a week. I have a respectable home grow, and have become a connoisseur of high quality bud. I make edibles and have an ever growing glass collection. My new hobby provides tons of enjoyment and my circle of friends has grown considerably (in part, because I always share good bud.) I see nothing but good that comes from mmj and now think that we’ve been robbed of an incredibly valuable asset by big pharma’s push to criminalize it so many years ago.

So yeah, pot is awesome, I’m perfectly healthy, and the magical sky faerie couldn’t care less. Marijuana rocks.

“It Makes Everything Better. Food Tastes Better, TV Is More Entertaining, Sex Is Amazing. Marijuana Changed My Life”

I went to the store and bought about $15 worth.

I took it home and got pretty damn stoned. I played with my dog and it was AWESOME. I ate dinner and it was RAD. I had sex with my wife and I WAS FUCKING BLOWN AWAY by how great it was.

Marijuana Enhances Food, Music, and Sex

It makes everything better. Food tastes better, TV is more entertaining, sex is amazing. It was straight up awesome. The benefits of marijuana are clear to me now.

Then I went to sleep. I woke up and I felt 100% great. No hangover, no jonesin for another hit, I went to work and rocked it for that day.

It really made me pissed off that it was ever illegal in the first place. I think of all the lives ruined over a plant. A plant that makes sex with your wife better.

Think about that. There is a plant that makes sex EVEN BETTER and it is illegal in 95% of the world. That is straight up bullshit.

Now I smoke once or twice a week. With all the taxes and everything it costs about $3 each time I get stoned. THREE. FUCKING. DOLLARS.

FUCK!! I’m pissed now. I better smoke some weed and calm down.

“I Prefer It a Lot More to Pain Pills; Pain Pills Are Super Addicting While Pot Really Isn’t”

I didn’t really feel much effects from smoking it. But my mom bought this pain cream, and it is soooo good. My mom actually uses it, she has arthritis, and I prefer it a lot more to pain pills, pain pills are super addicting, while pot really isn’t. I enjoy the fact that you have to be 21 to get it, and dispensaries are very tight on that fact, because I do believe in the negative cognitive components it creates in teenagers. But overall, I see how cannabis is a life-changer.

Cannabis Can Replace Prescription Pills
While cannabis doesn’t reduce anxiety for everyone, it’s very effective for some, and indica strains are more commonly used to treat anxiety.

But for pain relief, it’s the best you can get. And if you get a medical marijuana card it is cheaper. (And you will find that a lot of MDs here actually will recommend it— NOT PRESCRIBE) my moms orthopedic surgeon actually told her to tell my dad to bring some to the hospital when she got her knee replaced (her ortho was wrong- you can not bring MJ into hospitals-some federal regulation)

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“I Didn’t Lose My Job. I Didn’t Lose Memories. I Didn’t Get Dumber”

I grew up hearing nonsense from DARE and seeing all of my friends be those annoying “stoner” stereotypes. As I got older, I decided to try it because my neck and back are pretty screwed up and nothing the doctors did were helping. It helped my pain A LOT. Relaxed all the muscles that were causing me issues. I didn’t lose my job. I didn’t lose memories. I didn’t get dumber.

Plus, The Wall finally made sense.

The effects of cannabis on one’s memory are still disputable, but a wealth of information on the subject can be found with a simple Wikipedia search.

“My Wife Tried Marijuana for the First Time”

My wife tried it for the first time. I took her to jack and the box and the guy on the intercom asked her if she wanted to try to Asian chicken salad. She burst out laughing; like ridiculous laughing and began to cry so we had to get the fuck out of there. She said all she could imagine was cartoony chickens with slant eyes and couldn’t get it together. So far so good.

“My Desire for Microwave Bean Burritos Has Gone Up”

My desire for microwave bean burritos has gone up.

Marijuana Increases Appetite
Cannabis Burrito

“It’s No Different Than Going to the Store to Pick Up a 12 Pack“

It’s no different than going the store to pick up a 12 pack, other than no hangover, false confidence or achy joints the next morning. Folks who wad their panties over it probably got all their knowledge of the plant from Reefer Madness. I started smoking right around the time Colorado passed the law and later moved to the dank state right before the law was in effect. My dispensary is adjacent to a police station. To me, I remember having preconceptions about alcohol as a kid from DARE and shit, but when I started drinking they vanished. When I wanted to try weed I probably had some notions or prejudice toward smokers but that’s all gone. Biggest issue with smoking? Finding work that doesn’t piss test for it. And that’s it.

Earlier this year, the Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Act was proposed by lawmakers, which contained two bills. The first bill, introduced by Rep. Jared Polis, D-Colo., is meant to end the federal ban on marijuana, and instead regulate and tax it much like alcoholic beverages. The new rules would allow each state to create its own laws as long as they fit within the broad national framework. The other bill, introduced by Rep. Earl Blumenauer, D-Ore., would create a federal tax on all legal pot sales.

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“I Liked It Better Than Alcohol & Definitely Felt More in Control of Myself“

I was in Oregon when it was legalized this summer- you still can’t purchase it without medical, but if someone gives you some or if you have a plant you’re fine (full legalization comes soon). I smoked with a friend because I always wanted to, for curiosity’s sake, and now I feel marijuana has changed my life. It was great- I liked it better than alcohol and definitely felt more in control of myself despite smoking a bit too much for the first time. My opinion didn’t change at all, I still think it should be legal and I really want to get back out to Oregon or somewhere that it’s legal for a vacation to smoke again.

Marijuana is Safer Than Alcohol

“It Was Really No Big Deal, It Was Really a Let Down Compared to What I Thought It Was“

Anger at prohibition:

I obeyed the rules and never did cannabis because of the warnings. I did it, and realized I have felt ‘high’ many times in my life through sleep deprivation and/or medicine. It was really no big deal, it was really a let down compared to what I thought it was based on all the dangers people talked about. I have done it and really it is such a simple thing I don’t get how anyone can think it is the horror they claim it to be (excluding abusers, anyone can abuse anything). I just really wish it did not smell so bad, but that is a side thing.

“When I Get Stoned, I Get Horny. It’s Single-Handedly Saved My Marriage“

I’m late to the party, and it’ll probably get buried…but anyhoo… I’ve lived in Colorado all my life. Never was interested in smoking it when I was younger. Fast forward to 3 years ago. Got diagnosed with ovarian cancer, had a hysterectomy and along with my uterus, I lost my sex drive. Don’t use weed while on chemo, but decide to try it once it got legalized for rec. I use edibles and when I get stoned, I get horny. It’s single handedly saved my marriage.

Weed and sex

This Redditor isn’t the first to claim that cannabis has improved her sex life (or saved her marriage for that matter). In fact, a study from the University of Buffalo shows (loosely) that couples who smoke weed together have much fewer domestic violence incidents.

“Everything Seems a Lot Funnier Than Before“

Well everything seems a lot funnier than before.

“Fish Nibblers“

A cashier at White Castle yelled at my wife one time because she couldn’t stop laughing at “fish nibblers.”

White Castle Fish Nibblers

“Put Me to Sleep, Had Wild Vivid Dreams“

Marijuana Causes Vivid Dreams

-Had vivid dream like video as soon as I closed my eyes.. I was awake but as soon as my eyes closed I could see like I was dreaming….if that makes any sense.

-Put me to sleep -had wild vivid dreams

-Asked my wife to “let me munch on her box”… I would never say or even think this normally… I laughed at saying this for 6 minutes straight.

“I Am Dead“

I injected one marijuana and now I am dead.


Judging from these testimonials we can conclude that cannabis:

  • is not a big deal
  • has been misrepresented for decades by the War on Drugs and Reefer Madness
  • may be able to replace dangerous or addictive pharmaceuticals for some patients as effective medicine (do NOT change your medical treatment regimen without consulting your doctor first)
  • may lead to uncontrollable laughter
  • will improve your sex life
  • enhances your sense of everything
  • will help you understand the meaning of “The Wall”

So, how did your first experience with cannabis change your perspective? Did marijuana change your life for the better, or could you go without it?

Disclaimer: these stories are in the words of the original posters and may not reflect the views of NuggMD or its staff. Links to related content were added by NuggMD in an effort to provide additional information to readers.

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