11 Highest Rated Summer Cannabis Strains for Med Patients

summer indica and sativa strains for medical marijuana patients
By Anthony Pellegrino Updated April 30th

Whether you want to stay happy and energized during sunny days at the beach, kick back and relax on a warm evening with friends, or need help sleeping through hot summer nights, making the most out of this sunny season means finding the right cannabis strains to suit your needs.

For med patients, the perfect summer strain is about more than high THC and a fruity citrus flavor (though you probably don’t mind either). You might be searching for a strain to help alleviate pain or nausea. Or maybe you need something to increase your appetite or reduce feelings of anxiety.

To help you feel your best this season, we found 11 of the highest-rated summer cannabis strains that users report may also aid in alleviating stress, anxiety, pain, and other ailments. Whether you need a burst of uplifting energy to start your day, a calming social strain for a night on the town, or a sleepy indica to help you drift off each night, there are plenty of strains to try.

5 Best Daytime Strains to Stay Uplifted and Energized

best daytime strains

However you spend your summer days, there will be plenty of times when you want to be energized, alert, and happy. 

For medical marijuana patients, that can mean finding cannabis strains that help alleviate their pain or nausea without the couch-lock or fatigue that may come with other cultivars. 

The following popular strains are uplifting, energetic, and have been rated by consumers as helping alleviate pain, stress, fatigue, and/or anxiety

Pineapple OG, Sativa

Pineapple OG, or Pineapple OG Kush, is a Sativa dominant hybrid cannabis strain. It is believed that Pineapple OG is the result of a cross between Pineapple Express and some sort of OG Kush hybrid. Many medical patients who have tried Pineapple OG report a positive head with a nice body high that helps alleviate pain while keeping them energized and focused. And the strain’s sweet-spicy pineapple flavor and aromas of lemon, fuel, and pine make it an ideal complement for your next summer outing.

  • Rated 4.7 on Leafly
  • Dominant terpene: pinene
  • Energetic, focused
  • Many Pineapple OG users report that it helps alleviate pain
  • Tropical/citrus flavor that's perfect for a day at the beach

ATF, Sativa

Alaskan Thunder Fuck, which goes by the more family-friendly name ATF, is a famous Sativa known for its powerful odors of pine, menthol, skunk, and lemon. While the strain’s exact origin is unknown, it is said that ATF was initially produced by crossing a Northern California Sativa with a Russian ruderalis. It then went on to be crossed with Afghani cannabis strains to become what it is today. Beloved for its energetic, uplifting, and talkative effects – and with many reviewers saying it helped alleviate feelings of stress, anxiety, or depression – ATF is a top pick all summer long.

  • Rated 4.3 on Leafly
  • Dominant terpene: myrcene
  • Energetic, talkative, uplifting
  • 38% of users say it helps with stress; 28% say it helps with anxiety, 29% with depression
  • Sage & pine aromas perfect for a warm day spent in the woods

Doug's Varin, Sativa

While relatively rare, Doug’s Varin is explicitly bred for its high concentrations of THCV, a cannabinoid thought to aid in appetite suppression. Many users report the Sativa leaves them feeling stimulated and focused. In addition, two thirds of users claim it reduces fatigue and anxiety and more than half suggest it helps with inflammation and swelling. Doug’s Varin is known for its earthy, citrus, and pine aromas and flavors. 

  • Rated 4.9 on Leafly
  • Cultivated for high concentrations of THCV, which may suppress appetite
  • Produces feelings of energy, focus, and mental stimulation
  • 66% of users say it aids with fatigue and anxiety; 55% say it helps with inflammation and swelling
  • Flavors of lemon & pine

Nina Limone, Sativa

Nina Limone is a Sativa cross of Super Lemon Haze and Rebel God Smoke. This rare lemon-herb cannabis strain is known for its euphoric, social high, with half of consumers reporting it may help alleviate feelings of depression, stress, or anxiety. 

  • Rated 4.9 on Leafly
  • Dominant terpene: terpinolene
  • Produces euphoria and gregariousness
  • 50% of users report it helps alleviate depression; 37% report it relieves stress & anxiety
  • Flavors of lemon, lime, and herb

Girl Scout Cookies (GSC), Hybrid

Girl Scout Cookies is an indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain. GSC is produced by crossing Durban Poison with OG Kush, and is beloved for its combination of euphoric effects on the mind and body. Users report feeling elated and relaxed, with many noting a reduction in stress, anxiety, and depression. As the name suggests, the strain has a more dessert-like profile, rather than the citrus and pine notes found in the rest of this list. 

  • Rated 4.4 on Leafly
  • Dominant terpene: caryophyllene
  • Produces feelings of euphoria and stimulates appetite
  • 36% of users say it helps alleviate stress; 28% anxiety; 28% depression

3 Top Evening Strains to Stay Happy (and Hungry)

uplifting strains

There's nothing quite like those warm summer evenings, where the day winds down, the sun is low, and you’re ready to relax. But that doesn't mean you want to fall asleep quite yet. 

Here are our three favorite strains to melt away stress and help you get the most out of every beautiful summer evening (without feeling too tired or too charged).

Flo Limone, Sativa

Flo Limone is a Sativa cannabis strain cross between Flo, the winner of the 1996 Cannabis Cup, and Nina Limone (another strain on our list). The resulting flower is bursting with flavor that delivers an uplifting, social boost. According to half of users, Flo Limone helps alleviate pain and stress while stimulating the appetite, making it the perfect complement for an evening with friends grabbing drinks or food. The terpenes in the strain are responsible for its citrusy aromas and Moroccan hash-like flavors. 

  • Rated 4.7 on Leafly
  • Produces tingly, uplifting, and gregarious feelings
  • 66% of users say it stimulates appetite; 50% say it alleviates pain, and 50% say it aids with stress
  • Flavors of lemon, grapefruit, and citrus

Blue Dream, Hybrid

Blue Dream is a Sativa-dominant hybrid cross of Haze and Blueberry. It is beloved for its uniform high and relaxing, mood-boosting effects. Users report a pleasant balance between mental stimulation and relaxation of the body, with nearly a third of consumers noting Blue Dream helped reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. This is the perfect strain for those medical marijuana patients looking for something that can soothe the mind and body without leaving them couch locked. 

  • Rated 4.3 on Leafly
  • Dominant terpene: myrcene
  • Produces feelings of creativity, boosts mood, relaxation 
  • 38% say it helps with stress; 30% anxiety; 28% depression
  • Flavors of sweet berries

Chemdawg, Hybrid

Chemdawg is a hybrid cannabis strain that’s well known amongst both recreational and medical consumers. Chemdawg is famous for its powerful, diesel smell and incredibly potent effects. It’s a great option for med patients looking for stress and pain relief paired with a sense of creative euphoria. However, newer cannabis patients should tread carefully.

  • Rated 4.3 on Leafly
  • Dominant terpene: caryophyllene
  • Products strong feelings of euphoria, creativity, elevated mood
  • 39% of users say it helps alleviate stress; 31% say it reduces pain

3 Citrusy Indica Strains to Sleep Through the Summer Heat

summer indica

For many cannabis consumers, summer is the perfect time to slow down, relax, and catch up on your sleep. However, the higher temperatures can make it challenging to have a deep rest. Here are our three favorite indicas to help you sleep through the summer heat. 

Zkittlez, Indica

Zkittlez is an indica cannabis strain initially cultivated from a mix of Grape Ape and Grapefruit. Known for its sweet, tropical, candy-like flavors, users report feeling relaxed, happy, and focused followed by a strong sense of sleepiness. This makes it one of our favorites for winding down after a long summer day.

  • Rated 4.5 on Leafly
  • Dominant terpene: caryophyllene
  • Produces feelings of relaxation and focus followed by tiredness
  • 24% of users report it is excellent for stress; 22% anxiety; 19% depression
  • Flavors of grape, grapefruit, and berry

Tangerine Kush (Tangie Kush), Indica

Tangerine Kush is a cannabis strain named after its citrusy flavor profile and bright orange color. This aromatic indica leaves users feeling happy and relaxed before easing into a hungry sleepiness, so you have just enough energy to enjoy a late night snack before turning in. And with nearly a quarter of consumers reporting Tangie Kush helps reduce stress, anxiety, and pain, it’s earned a place as one of the best strains for late summer nights when you’re ready to drift off to sleep. 

  • Rated 4.1 on Leafly
  • Dominant terpene: myrcene
  • Produces an elevated mood followed by feelings of deep relaxation and hungry sleepiness
  • 33% say good for stress; 27% for anxiety; 24% for the pain to help you fall asleep and stay asleep

Fatso, Indica

Fatso is an indica cross between GMO Cookies and Legend OG. Fatso is a relatively new strain, known for its fascinating flavor profile and high THC. Users report Fatso has helped quiet anxious thoughts and promote relaxation and sleep.

  • Rated 4.6 on Leafly
  • Dominant terpene: limonene
  • Produces deep relaxation and sleepiness
  • 17% of users say it alleviates stress, 10% anxiety, and 10% report it helps manage PTSD symptoms
  • Flavors of zesty lemon

As medical marijuana patients and discerning recreational consumers have long known, cannabis is about much more than “getting high”. Whether you’re looking for pain or stress relief, a social lubricant, or a heavy indica to drift off to sleep, the best summer strain is the one that works best for you. 

Thankfully, finding such a strain is easier than ever! Many of these strains – or strains with similar genetics and effects – are available at local dispensaries. And your local budtenders or cannabis pharmacist can help guide you to other options if these aren’t available.

Making things even easier, in many states medical marijuana patients can browse dispensary menus online and take advantage of at-home delivery options. You can even sign up for a cannabis subscription box if you’re fortunate enough to live in the delivery area.

Now go find your next strain and get your summer in high gear.

The information in this article and any included images or charts are for educational purposes only. This information is neither a substitute for, nor does it replace, professional legal advice or medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. If you have any concerns or questions about laws, regulations, or your health, you should always consult with an attorney, physician or other licensed professional.

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