All About Weed Box Subscriptions: Pros and Cons, and Best Recommendations for 2024

weed boxes pros and cons
By Andrew Ward Updated July 10th

Fact-checked by Deb Tharp

Sometimes, buying cannabis from a dispensary can feel like running an errand. Between dealing with traffic, waiting in line, searching for deals, and asking about products, there are times when buying weed feels more like a chore than an experience. 

Weed subscription boxes can be an excellent alternative. Think having premium-quality weed delivered to your door sounds good? Explore the best cannabis subscription boxes of 2024.

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What is a Weed Subscription Box?

Weed subscription boxes are pretty much like any other subscription box service. Depending on the subscription you choose, you can receive a variety of cannabis products each month, ranging from:

  • THC products 
  • CBD products 
  • Accessories 
  • Merch and much more

It only makes sense that subscription boxes have found their way into the hearts of many cannabis consumers. Shoppers have long shifted away from the traditional brick-and-mortar experiences for various reasons. With subscription boxes, buyers gain more access and choice over the products they bring home. Plus, you don't have to go to the store and deal with all that traffic.

Are Weed Boxes Legal in my State?

Best Cannabis Subscription Box

It all depends on your state's regulations and the products you're trying to get. With the US still banning cannabis on the federal level, states are left to make their own rules. Therefore, each state has different laws around shipping and receiving products. 

The general rule is that accessories and non-THC products are most likely to be allowed, but you still want to double-check. Most likely, though, you’ll be able to legally receive these boxes through the mail. 

Due to the current state and national laws, THC products are less likely to be allowed. You should be able to receive THC boxes from in-state brands if recreational cannabis and at-home delivery are legal. But, you still won't be able to legally order THC products across state lines due to federal prohibition.  

What are the Different Types of Weed Boxes?

Weed subscription boxes are a varied bunch that generally fall under four main categories:

  • Weed Subscription Boxes: These boxes typically include THC and may consist of other items like CBD, accessories, and other helpful pieces. Be on the lookout for services that allow you to customize your preferences so you can get the stuff you want. 
  • Accessories and Essentials Weed Boxes: These boxes include everything you need to enjoy a smoke without any actual cannabis. These boxes can include everything from rolling papers to pipes to lighters and a lot more, making them great for anyone looking to add to their collection.
  • CBD Boxes: Think of a weed subscription box but without the THC. CBD boxes can include a range of non-psychoactive items, from flower and pre-rolls to topicals and edibles and a whole lot more.
  • CBD Pet Boxes: CBD pet boxes, as the name suggests, offer pet-friendly products, including infused treats, oils, topicals and toys.

Pros and Cons of Weed Subscription Boxes

Before signing up, consider whether a weed box is right for you or if making a smaller purchase from a shop or delivery service may better suit your needs. Think of some of the pros and cons:


  • Each month you receive a new haul of cool stuff to sample and take home.   
  • You often get discounts on the products you receive and possibly other items.   
  • Hand-curated selections consider your preferences and make it feel like you’re working with a personal weed shopper.   
  • Occasional surprise items and add-ons to your box 


  • You may get too many products, forcing you to pause your box or get overwhelmed by stuff, albeit cool stuff.
  • Some boxes don't offer the items you hope to find.
  • You might find things you like more at dispensaries.  
  • The price sometimes isn’t justified. 

You may run into some other pros and cons as you consider your own personal needs a bit more. Ultimately, you want to find the product that best suits what you want and need. Find the subscription service that offers you fantastic products at a price you can afford. Be on the lookout for ones that also provide sweet deals and come with excellent customer service. You always want to avoid running into a problem with your box. But if you ever do experience one, you'll be happy to know you're working with a company that provides good customer support.

Services like Nugg Club try to address those cons by working with your favorite dispensaries and brands. They’ll allow you to choose from add-on items from the dispensary to your upcoming box. Need a refill a few weeks before your next shipment is due? Hit up Nugg Club's marketplace early and receive what you need whenever you'd like. And if you ever have a question, the support team is ready to assist.

Have questions about medical marijuana, specifically? NuggMD has helped over one million patients across the country connect with qualified medical practitioners and find the right medical cannabis products for their needs.

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The 11 Best Weed Subscription Boxes for 2024

There are tons of weed boxes to consider. With so many to choose from, NuggMD relies on consumer reviews and feedback on the top subscription boxes. And remember that many boxes are short-term or seasonal, and tons occasionally pop up. Check back for updates as 2024 progresses. 

But for now, here are what consumers like you have been saying:

Nugg Club cannabis subscription box

Best Overall – Nugg Club (THC)

Before you go and say our list is biased, we've got the awards to back it up! The folks at CBD Oracle called us the best overall box for our selection of products, price, value, and extra add-on products. Find out for yourself if you haven’t already! Be on the lookout for monthly themed boxes and partners like the Last Prisoner Project, so you get your THC while giving back to causes you care about.

Hempcrate CBD subscription box

Best for MMJ Patients – Hempcrate (CBD)

Hempcrate is a leader in CBD-focused boxes, offering a range of choices for CBD enthusiasts. Hempcrate’s CBD subscription boxes allow you to choose from several different packages focused on exploring various hemp products, health and wellness, pets, tinctures, or Delta 8.

Lucky Box Club THC subscription box

Best Premium Box – Lucky Box Club (THC)

Founded in 2017, this THC box service is family-run and one of the top premium brands around. By working with top California companies like Kiva, Marley Natural, Absolute Extracts and many more, Lucky Box Club has become a top choice for consumers who've got a little extra cash and want the best in weed. It’s no wonder they found their way into gift bags at the GRAMMYS.

High Society Box

Best for Hybrid Shoppers – The High Society Box (THC)

The High Society Box is the choice for shoppers looking to enjoy the benefits of online purchasing without giving up on going to the store from time to time. This box offers premium products in every box and discounts at numerous California dispensaries. The High Society Box is an excellent choice for all its perks.

 Daily High Club subscription box

Best Budget Option – Daily High Club (Accessories)

Anyone looking for accessory essentials without breaking the bank needs to head to Daily High Club. These accessory-packed boxes are all under $30, and each box contains numerous products, including dab rigs, grinders, lighters, sticker sets and much more. You can also pick up a goodie box of monthly RAW papers and tips if you're a heavy joint smoker.

SensiBox cannabis collectors subscription box

Best for Collectors – SensiBox (Accessories)

If you like your cannabis accessories to look like art pieces, then SensiBox is a stellar choice. Each month, their boxes are filled with craft pieces, including glass pieces, cool smoking devices, and a pipe shaped like an eggplant. 

hemper subscription box

Best for Accessories – Hemper (Accessories)

Hemper is billed as the number one premium box for smoking accessories and head shop items. It’s hard to argue the claim when the company offers fantastic value and a wide variety of products. Each monthly subscription box features a uniquely themed glass piece with carefully curated accessories. Hemper also offers a wide selection of high-quality dab rigs, vaporizers, cleaning tools, CBD, and Delta THC products. Make sure to take a look at the theme boxes as well, as they offer a lot of cool collectibles at an incredible value.

Cannabox weed accessories subscription box

Best for OGs (or Best for Surprises) – Cannabox (Accessories)

Cannabox is the originator in weed subscription boxes. Your Cannabox subscription features monthly themes and occasional surprises. Cannabox delivers monthly bongs, papers, and accessories in just about anything else pot smokers could ask for.

 canniBless subscription box

Best Box for Conscientious Shoppers – canniBless (Accessories)

Consumers love canniBless for monthly stash boxes that feature products that relieve, relax, and empower subscribers without breaking the bank. Five percent of each box sold goes towards social justice initiatives.

Stoney Babe subscription box

Best for Women – Stoney Babe (CBD, Accessories & Essentials)

The Stoney Babe Box is made for anyone who admires hemp and enjoys smoking. Boxes are curated to fit subscribers' smoking needs with accessories that make consuming cute. Subscribers have their choice from a variety of packs, including subscriptions starting at around $20.

Verma Farms subscription box

Best for Pet Lovers – Verma Farms (CBD)

Verma Farms has plenty to choose from for both humans and pets alike. But, their variety of pet-focused CBDs has to get a special shout-out. Instead of getting curated boxes, pet owners can subscribe and get discounts on monthly pet products, like various infused treats and CBD oil.

There's a box for every consumer. And with so many to choose from, check back in here from time to time to get caught up to date. 

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The information in this article and any included images or charts are for educational purposes only. This information is neither a substitute for, nor does it replace, professional legal advice or medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. If you have any concerns or questions about laws, regulations, or your health, you should always consult with an attorney, physician or other licensed professional.

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