Cannabis Sizes & Prices 101: What’s the Cost (and Are Premium Brands Worth It)?

how much is an ounce of cannabis
By Andrew Ward Updated May 22nd

Cannabis is rapidly normalizing in our culture. That's almost always positive, but sometimes that fast pace can leave some consumers behind on critical questions. And one of the more "obvious" questions is:

How much is an ounce, gram, quarter, etc. of cannabis?

Newcomer or not, it's a fair question to ask, and the answer can determine how much you need to purchase during your next trip to the dispensary. 

In this article, we'll help you plan for your next shopping experience by looking at the average price of regularly available quantities of cannabis. We also explore what makes some strains more expensive than others, so you can get the most bang for your buck.

After touching the basics, we'll dive into three of the top names in the game: Cookies, Canndescent and dosist. 

Let’s start by diving into what prices you might expect and why top-shelf flower comes at a premium. 

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How Long Will Your Cannabis Purchase Last?

how long does cannabis last

Before considering how much an ounce of weed is worth, consider your own consumption tendencies. Otherwise, you could find yourself in an eyes-bigger-than-your-stomach scenario, with your wallet taking a bigger hit than you. 

Over-purchasing should be a concern even if the cost isn't. Buying too much can result in your cannabis supply losing its optimal freshness while it waits in storage. It's not the worst outcome, but less fresh cannabis can result in less enjoyable experiences.

How long your cannabis purchase will last depends on how much marijuana you need. When getting your MMJ card, a medical professional might offer dosage recommendations, but the answer to “How much cannabis do I need” varies per person. Numerous factors, like your daily diet and the amount of cannabis you usually consume, all weigh heavily into the decision. 

A gram of flower may satisfy a casual smoker, but what about a several-times-a-day consumer? Even if you aren't sure of your daily or weekly consumption, you may have an idea of how much you consume based on common terminology. 

  • 3.5 grams = 1 eighth (1/8) ounce
  • 2 eighths = 1 quarter (1/4) ounce
  • 2 quarters = 1 half (1/2) ounce
  • 2 halves = 1 ounce

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How Much Does Retail Marijuana Cost?

how much is an ounce of cannabis

Prices vary by state, city and dispensary. Medical cardholder status can also factor in certain marketplaces where reduced or zero tax rules apply. 

It's always a wise idea to check a company's website or app to get a feel for its prices. Or keep the following in mind as a jumping-off point. 

How Much is a Gram of Cannabis

Grams are suitable for lighter consumers or anyone looking to try a new strain without buying large quantities. Setting you back between $10 and $15 on average, a gram of flower should provide you with enough marijuana to fill two pre-rolls. Note that dispensary and strain choices may impact prices. 

How Much is an Eighth (1/8) of Cannabis

Eighths are an excellent choice for light-to-moderate consumers looking for greater price efficiency over buying single grams. Typically ranging in price between $25 and $35, an eighth should fill six or seven joints with enough left over for a dogwalker. 

How Much is a Quarter (1/4) of Cannabis

Offering a quarter ounce of pot in every purchase, “quarters” allow heavier consumers to get their hands on quality flower at a cost-friendly price. Totaling seven grams and roughly 14 joints, a quarter should set you back between $65 and $75 in most markets. 

How Much is a Half (1/2) Ounce of Cannabis

Halves are, naturally, double the order of a quarter and serve as an ideal choice for those consuming heavy quantities or using cannabis to make ample amounts of extracted products (where legally allowed). Running between $90 and $200, a half will provide you with 14 grams of flower suitable for filling about 28 pre-rolls. 

How Much is an Ounce of Cannabis

Ounces are often the cut-off point for public possession laws in America. Containing 28 grams of flower good for roughly 56 joints, buyers should expect to drop upwards of $200 to $500 in many markets, with some charging more.

Why Do Some Strains Cost More than Others?

Quality often serves as the driving factor when setting price. But as mentioned briefly above, prices can vary for a multitude of reasons. So, how does a dispensary make such determinations, and is price really an accurate assessment of a strain’s quality

As a general rule, you can trust that dispensary professionals properly align price and quality. However, other factors can play a role. 

Small batch/craft cannabis is undoubtedly coming at a premium due to its master craftwork and limited run. The grower's location may also play a role—with high-quality Emerald Triangle cannabis often coming at a markup (as an example). 

The name of the brand, cultivator and the strain produced go a long way as well. Think about cannabis from Cookies, dosist and Canndescent. These leaders in the game, known for quality and consistency, come at a premium that consumers wouldn't tolerate if the product didn't stack up. The extra price becomes justified with a history of expert cultivation and safe products. 

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Are Premium Brands Worth the Price? (Cookies Cannabis, Canndescent, and dosist Review)

Cookies, dosist and Canndescent earned their reputations as premium brands by offering quality flower and unique experiences meant to pique consumer interest and turn them into regular consumers. 

Cookies Cannabis Review

Founded in 2012 by hip hop star Berner and legendary Bay area breeder Jigga, the Cookies brand has captured the hearts and wallets of consumers in California and numerous other state marketplaces. With a knack for social media and embracing the cannabis lifestyle through art, streetwear and ethos, it's not surprising Cookies is often considered consumers' favorite brands. In fact, the company registered as a clothing brand, allowing it to avoid certain regulations while targeting cannabis and non-cannabis audiences. 

Beginning with the iconic Girl Scout Cookies, the company has since gone on to produce over 50 strains, including crowd favorites:

Is Cookies worth the premium price? It depends on whom you ask. Many feel that Cookies is worth the cost, citing consistently great strains and quality genetics as critical points. Others push back, with some saying Cookies is consistent but not so much better than other top-shelf choices to justify its premium price.

We like to think of Cookies cannabis like Bose speakers. Sure, lower-cost options can do the trick–often very well. But for those seeking quality without any second-guessing, it's well worth the price point.

dosist Review

dosist changed the game when it came onto the scene in 2016 with a wide range of dosed products offering a range of emotions and effects in various THC:CBD ratios. Offering products in sleep, calm, bliss, and arousal, dosist goes beyond the "high THC" distinction many fall into, instead offering a "proprietary precision wellness technology."

Some have called dosist the "Apple of cannabis" for their product innovation targeting medical and adult use market segments. Rather than aiming to get people stoned, the company has formulated blends that aim to evoke specific outcomes like: 

  • Bliss
  • Sleep
  • Calm
  • Relief
  • Arouse
  • Relax

Is dosist worth the premium price? The higher than average cost associated with dosist may turn off some consumers. However, many who've used them have gone back for more, often citing its precise dosage, quality cannabis and its targeted formulas that have been verified by extensive lab testing. 

Like a specialty coffee house, dosist appeals to the discerning consumer who isn't satisfied with any old cup of Joe. With dosist, consumers get precisely selected cannabis formulations that aim to provide a consistent, reliable experience. With a range of formulations and ratios, dosist's price is justified for anyone seeking a reliable cannabis option.

Canndescent Review

Since 2015, Canndescent has set forth to "enrich the human experience" through a superior cultivation process equaled by stellar customer service. 

Resembling a beauty or fashion line more than a counterculture brand, Canndescent offers a sleek, sophisticated package and effects-focused flower. The company offers five types of feelings to choose from:

  • Calm
  • Cruise
  • Create
  • Connect
  • Charge

Is Canndescent worth the premium price? Combining the quality of Cookies and the effects-focused mindset of dosist, Canndescent offers the best of both worlds that should appeal to luxury shoppers. Taking the guesswork out of the buying process, Canndescent is direct with its roster of targeted, sophisticated, satisfying options. Some shoppers may miss the regular rollout of new strains or a deep menu. But those seeking the highest quality consistency will likely be okay with the trade-off. 

Other Tips to Save on Cannabis

Don't worry, bargain hunters. If you don’t care about premium brands–or if you want top-shelf cannabis at a discount–consider the following before making your next purchase:

  • Shop for deals. Be on the lookout for deals around holidays and other important dates. Signing up for a dispensary or brand newsletter can also lead to more sales.
  • Buy in bulk. In short: the more you buy, the more of a discount you'll see. Just don't buy more than you'll need or you risk wasting as much money as you save.
  • Try shake or popcorn. Okay, shake and popcorn receive bad reps and sometimes with cause. Still, highly sought-after strains can do the job in shake format. Yes, the nugs are smaller or nonexistent, and there may be some sticks and seeds, but good flower can transcend through most circumstances. 
  • Grow your own cannabis. If your state allows, grow your own marijuana. Home cultivation laws are made so that you can supply yourself with high quality flower at costs you won't see at the dispensary–that is, once you pay off any startup costs associated. Still, once ready to roll, home harvests can yield between 28 to a whopping 1,000 grams over the life of a plant.
  • Sign up for a subscription box. California consumers can bask in the glory of marijuana subscription boxes that offer numerous products at a fraction of their cost if sold individually. Plus, many boxes help you find new strains and brands you’ll love thanks to their expert product curators. 
  • Get a medical card. Tax savings are only one way to save with a medical card. Many dispensaries offer exclusive savings only available to medical cannabis patients.
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Discover how cannabis subscription boxes are revolutionizing marijuana shopping for California residents, and find our favorite marijuana subscription boxes.

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