LA Kush CBDiesel 2:1 CBD 1g Cartridge

By Max Ballou Updated March 8th

Finding a one gram of 2:1 CBD:THC vape oil is a blessing, like finding a Taco Bell drunk at 2am (though it might feel like a curse come morning).

LA Kush‘s 2:1 CBDiesel is a hybrid cross between Harlequin, a strong CBD strain, and Turbo Diesel, a majority sativa mix of Sour Kush and Sour Diesel. This morning my stomach feels queasy (chronic stomach pains) so I’m hoping the cartridge will save me from more time in the bathroom without getting me high.

Is this LAK CBD cart the answer? Does it pair well with my cup of almond milk matcha tea? (I’m not an L.A. stereotype, coffee worsens my gut.) Let’s find out.

Packaging, Labeling & Product Design

la kush cbdiesel cartridge review

The Los Angeles Kush CBDiesel cartridge comes in a thin royal blue cardboard box stamped with the brand’s silver foil logo.

Inside, it’s encased in a clear plastic tube with a stopper resting on a thin cardboard bed. You can clearly see the oil through the cardboard cut-out. And while the thin material seems like it could easily be crushed under pressure, it seems to keep the cart safe enough.

While the cart is transparent, it’s information is not. Aside from a government warning, a statement that it’s 510 compatible and solvent-free, brand/Snapchat info, the derived strain name, the 2:1 CBD:THC ratio and net weight, there are no specifics! You don’t get any cannabinoid percentages (not even THC and CBD) or ingredients; there’s no batch number, date of manufacture, or best by date.

Although there are no results on the label, LA Kush offers its lab testing results on their website, provided by Cannalysis.

Design wise, the cart itself is stamped with another LAK logo reminiscent of the old L.A. Kings one, a nice touch that really stands out if you’re a SoCal native. The beautiful white glass mouthpiece, which I’d never seen, feels more comfortable on the lips than plastic.

Quality, Ease of Use

Many cartridges are poorly constructed, but not this one. The long, white mouth piece and clever intake holes help you enjoy this CBD oil without much waste. This increased airflow makes taking a big hit easy and produces thick vapor that makes my nose tingle and causes a slight irritation in the back of my throat.

The clear light yellow oil runs back and forth pretty easily, so it’s not as thick as I hoped. Although you always get the same great oil and cartridge, you might find that the oil itself varies by cartridge. Some appear filled to the brim while others look a little short.

Potency, Effectiveness & Affordability

LA Kush CBDiesel Cartridge

I love to start my days with CBD-rich products. After vaping this cartridge, it’s marriage yields a nice body buzz that brightened my eyes better than a cup of matcha tea. You know that toasted dog waste feeling? Gone. My typical morning nausea subsided and my chronic aches and pains chilled out.

Because of the double CBD, the sativa-dominant THC didn’t cause my heart to race, something I worry about with Diesel strains. It just gave me a relaxed and uplifting head change that’s worth coming back for non-psychoactive relief and productivity.

Still, if you’re new to cannabis and not careful you might feel a little too easy breezy to get anything done. So if you’re looking to use this L.A. Kush cart during the day, start off with one puff and see how you feel after a few minutes.

In addition to its efficacy, LA Kush’s CBDiesel cart tastes terpy! On the inhale, I get that classic Diesel taste that isn’t as pungent or citrusy you’d think. On the exhale, it has that sweet and sour flavor I expect from CBD concentrates. Just keep your vape battery at a low setting for maximum enjoyment. Try it with your morning coffee, tea or OJ.

At $60, it’s a fair price for a full gram (1,000mg) of CBD-rich vape oil. If you’re into PAX pods, try NATIV’s ACDC 3:1 CBD Pax Era pod for a few dollars less.

Nugg Score: How the Nugg Team Rates This Product

Packaging: 3/5

  • Packaged in a thin, branded cardboard box; the royal blue with a silver foil stamp L.A. Kush uses to brand all their products exudes L.A.
  • Easy to see the cartridge through the cardboard cut-out, which increases the risk of cannabinoid depletion from light exposure.
  • Package seems like it would crush easily under pressure.

Labeling: 1/5

  • Incredibly limited labeling; no lab test results, no cannabinoid percentages, no batch number, no date of manufacture or best by date.
  • Contains a government warning, a statement that it’s 510 threaded and solvent free, some branding info and the 2:1 CBD:THC ratio.

Cartridge Quality: 5/5

  • Beautiful long, white glass mouthpiece with a glass tank and metal construction.
  • Provides great airflow and thick vapor.
  • Intake holes help you enjoy oil down to the last drop without much waste.

Taste: 4.5/5

  • An enjoyable terpy oil with that classic Diesel taste on the inhale.
  • Sweet and sour on the exhale that I’ve come to expect from CBD concentrates.
  • Overall great taste; just keep your battery at a low setting.

Ease of Use: 4/5

  • Compatible with all standard 510 threaded pen batteries.
  • Small enough to carry discreetly in your pocket.

Vapor Quality: 4/5

  • Ample airflow and thick vapor allow you to take a big hit, although I found that causes slight irritation in the back of my throat.
  • Pretty smooth as long as you take smallish hits.

Oil Quality: 3/5

  • Light yellow crystal clear oil.
  • Not as thick as I’d hoped for.

Effectiveness: 5/5

  • The high CBD kept my mind at ease while reducing the paranoia often accompanied with high THC strains.
  • Very effective for easing chronic pain and starting the day off with a can-do attitude.
  • An ideal product for anyone experiencing high stress, inflammation or heavy pain.

Consistency: 4/5

  • Always get the same quality cannabis oil and cartridge but the amount of oil varies per cartridge; some tanks look full while others appear a bit short.

Price: 4/5

  • $60 is an appropriate price for a whole gram of CBD-rich oil (if your cart is full to the brim). CBD vape carts are typically more expensive.

Overall Rating: 3.75

The Los Angeles Kush CBDiesel cartridge helped ease my nausea and alleviated my aches and pains. The delicious terpy flavors were exactly what I hoped for, yet needed to keep the temperature low to get them.

Although the oil was thin, the intake holes leave very little to waste; I felt productive and my mood was immediately elevated after taking a few puffs. If you’re okay with the lack of detailed product info and the possibility of not getting a cart full to the brim, this is worth a try.

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